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New McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) research, Testing the resilience of Europe's inclusive growth model (PDF — 839KB), focuses on prospects for inclusive growth in the period to 2030—possibly the largest driver of citizens' life satisfaction. It simulates the challenges and opportunities ahead in several scenarios and focuses on the. Article - McKinsey Global Institute Globalization for the little guy Perhaps equally important, the locus of economic activity is shifting within these markets. The global urban population has been rising by an average of 65 million people annually during the past three decades, the equivalent of adding seven Chicagos a year, every year The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimates that more than 20 percent of the global workforce (most of them in high-skilled jobs in sectors such as finance, insurance, and IT) could work the majority of its time away from the office—and be just as effective. Not everyone who can, will; even so, that is a once-in-several-generations change

McKinsey Global Institute research has found that these large cities will only get more important. 65 percent of Latin America's economic growth to 2025 will occur in those large cities, and they'll contribute 1.5 times more to global growth than large These trends could easily lead the region's cities to declare victory Global Megatrends 2050 is an undergoing research effort of MWI which seeks to examine and understand the changing global forces impacting our present and future. Within the scope of our research activities, we cooperate with institutions from all over the world and regularly present our findings at international conferences 'Navigating a World of Disruption', McKinsey Global Institute, January 2019 'The World in 2030: Nine Megatrends to Watch,' Andrew S. Winston, MIT Sloan Management Review, 7 May 2019 'Five Megatrends And Their Implications for Defense & Security', PwC, November 201 Global Megatrends shaping our future. According to McKinsey, by 2025, urbanization will welcome an additional 1.8 billion consumers to the world economy, 95% of them in emerging markets. It will also change how we buy and consume products and services, propelling the sharing economy and convenience-based services. But such rapid.

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THE MEGA-TRENDS. Whenever we think about the future, mega-trends are our first helpers. This is because mega-trends have several characteristics in common that help us narrow down the futures from infinite possibilities to a restricted possibility space. The increase in global temperature is the most pressing policy issue in the present day. The eight megatrends of change. There are a number of megatrends in the 4IR that have the power to fundamentally influence the future of employment and skills. 10 Understanding how these megatrends might impact work and society is crucial in helping us prepare for the changes that may lie ahead over the next decade and beyond Worldbank Search. Megatrends People Major demographic shifts, including migration flows and ageing, are taking place against the backdrop of unprecedented global urbanisation and connectivity. Ageing share of people in the global population above 85 years old will triple over the next 35 years. Urbanisation: by 2050 2.8 billion more

Megatrends - powerful, transformative forces that could change the global economy, business and society - have been changing the way we live for centuries. Think electricity, automobile, the Internet. Identifying the potential for change is a key driver of investment decision-making. Megatrends are structural shifts that are longer term in. Managers need to not only understand global trends and forces but be ever vigilant about new directions as well as countervailing forces. A number of organizations and individuals are studying emerging global megatrends and some of these resources include: McKinsey Global Institute-The four global forces breaking all the trends. April 2015 | Grea

GLOBAL MEGA TRENDS TO 2030 FUTURECASTING KEY THEMES THAT WILL SHAPE OUR FUTURE LIVES We believe it is critical for organizations to have an action-based awareness of the trends and insights driving the future. Forward-thinking insights included in the Global Mega Trends to 2030 research and analysis will help your organization create a constan Global management consulting firm McKinsey says a recovery for the metals and mining sector is already underway while PwC has noted that the top 40 biggest miners have so far sailed through the pandemic unscathed by demonstrating that they can adapt and innovate along with the best in response to this crisis MIT Published a List of the 9 Megatrends That Will Shape the World in 2030. Here's What They All Have in Common Climate change, transparency, and nationalism will be driving the workforce 10 years. One of the most common megatrends is the major transformation currently taking place in the global economy as the centre of gravity shifts towards emerging-market economies. It is anticipated that, in the next decade, these economies will become powerful economic actors in their own right, with Asia the centre of global economi

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  1. Global Mega Trends to 2030 Futurecasting Key Themes that will Shape Our Future Lives. RELEASE DATE 25-Sep-2019. REGION North America. Research Code: K1D4-01-00-00-00 . SKU: CI00636-GL-MT_23465. Request Sample USD 10,000.00. USD 8,500.00 save 15 % *Links. downloadable link.
  2. g decades. The Roland Berger Trend Compendium 2050 comprises six megatrends shaping the world in the co
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  4. Five megatrends that will change financial services Download the report A report from the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Deloitte Rapidly advancing technologies, evolving customer expectations and a changing regulatory landscape are opening doors to disruptive innovation in financial services
  5. The global fertility rate has been dropping rapidly since 1950 when the rate was 5.0 live births per woman. Today, the fertility rate is half that (2.5 births per woman) and the United Nation forecasts the rate to drop further by 2030. By 2065, the UN predicts that global population growth will end. Let that sink in
  6. Megatrends for this decade - XXXV. Roberto Saracco January 6, 2021 Blog 277 Views. Summary of responses from 800 executives across several industry on measures of digitization and automation taken to counteract the impact of the pandemic. It is clear the acceleration of towards a digital transformation (blue shades) of the various processes.
  7. megatrends usually refer to circumstances that will unfold across the globe in a number of countries and that can often drive the global economy and society in specific directions. Megatrends are likely to result in meaningful, long-term changes impacting social, economic, political, environmental and technological issues

GLOBAL TRENDS TO 2030 TOWARDS A CULTURE OF PREPAREDNESS AND ANTICIPATION Against this backdrop, the ESPAS Global Trends to 2030: Challenges and Choices for Europe report is a contribution to support policy- and decision-makers as they navigate the world into 2030. We may not be able to provide a linear, pre Global Megatrends and Aviation: The Path to Future-Wise Organizations Dr. Pierre Coutu, et. al. In Collaboration Global megatrends are the disruptive forces that are shaping the world of tomorrow and aviation organizations will not be spared. Rapid urbanization, climate change, economic shifts of power, and various other forces will bring with not only risks but opportunities. Dr. Coutu is. Perspectives on the global lighting market Executive summary Projections reveal that the global lighting market will have revenues of approximately EUR 110 billion in 2020 - comparable to the global TV market. A number of megatrends underlie this expansion. Global population growth an The Objectives of the Global Mega Trends to 2030 • To provide clarity on how to effectively approach insight-based perspectivesand provide a mechanism to act • To illustrate core trends that will drive opportunities over the coming ten years • To illustrate a suite of mechanisms that translate trends into optimal growth potential • To show how to embrace trends as your innovation. 3 Global Megatrends And Why They Matter. Three megatrends—globalization, demographic change and technology — are expanding the universe of economic opportunity and changing the way investors.

PwC Five global megatrends shaping the future Big change in people: In the fourth industrial age, there is a big change in people and demographics. According to Quindazzi, there are more of us, we are having less children, and we are getting older. We are getting older by 30 years compared to 100 years ago PwC has identified 5 global Megatrends that shape our world. This article explores these Megatrends looking at the way they affect the global business environment. As business owners and entrepreneurs it's paramount to have a good grip on the present and also stand on the threshold of the future The next three mega trends are close to the heart of Valtech, as they all connect to what we are working with every day. 4. Digitization. Technological development is perhaps the most fundamental and influential driving force of the 21st century Contributors: Andrew Bolwell, Patty Tulloch, Meghan Cordella, Prianka Srinivasan, Greg Blythe and Luke Thomas Global socio-economic, demographic and technological forces which HP calls Megatrends will have a sustained and transformative impact on businesses, societies, economies, cultures and our personal lives in unimaginable ways in the years to come

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Megatrends 2020-2030 by Peter Fisk. Download Megatrends 2020-30 by Peter Fisk. ageing populations, global migration and robotic automation. cities' share of global growth is rising. According to McKinsey as of October 2018, the top 50 cities account for 8% of global population, 21% of world GDP, 37% of urban high-income households and. Megatrends influencing the future of education. The future, by definition, is unpredictable; but by being attuned to some of the trends now sweeping across the world we can learn - and help our children learn - to adapt to, thrive in and even shape whatever the future holds. Students need support in developing not only knowledge and skills. How looking at Megatrends can benefit companies• Peter Bisson, Director McKinsey: - Capture market opportunities, - Test risks, and - Spur innovation.• Copenhagen Institute of Future studies: - Basis for innovation process - Basis for scenario planning - Basis for Early Warning Systems• Matthias Horx, Futurist: The curve of.

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4 Global megatrends Megatrend 2 - Shift in global economic powers Handing over the torch - from advanced to emerging economies GDP of G7 and E7 countries at US$ PPP The global economic power has shifted from advanced to emerging economies - such as Asia, Africa and Latin America - which are now accounting for more than half of the global GDP Over the next decade global economic, technological, and social trends will transform how nonprofits fundraise. As ministries develop their next long-term strategic plan, leaders must keep in mind five megatrends which will have significant implications for fundraising: Global Economy: China and India lead a diversified global economy where the U.S. is one of several major After being rocked by the recession, while harnessing social media and smartphones, everyday Americans are giving up the static suburbs to refocus on progressive yet practical city living. At the same time, cities continue to be the traditional nucleus of emerging economies such as Africa and India. Following both green policies and greener profits, commercial and residential builders in turn.

the market, and the industry is facing disruptive megatrends of a new magnitude. 1.1 The automotive industry has been one of the most important growth engines for economic welfare in Europe The European automotive industry has been on a successful trajectory and has ascended to be a global leader and driver of Europe's growth and prosperity Supercities: Economic melting pots With more people in the world living in cities than ever before, cities' share of global growth is rising. According to McKinsey as of October 2018, the top 50 cities account for 8% of global population, 21% of world GDP, 37% of urban high-income households and are home to 45% of firms with more than $1 billion (all amounts given in USD) in annual revenues. Our future is set to be urban. Today, more than half of the population live in urban areas and 1.5 million people are added to the global urban population every week.A staggering 90% of this urban population growth will take place in African and Asian countries with rapid urbanisation placing huge demands on infrastructure, services, job creation, climate and environment Welcome to Geniusworks - GeniusWork MegatrendInvestements.com aggregates the latest news on global megatrends. Megatrends are structural shifts that are longer term in nature and have irreversible consequences for the world around us. The awareness of megatrends in investment processes offers real insights. McKinsey & Company - Leading institutions say this new approach.

There are five key megatrends that will affect the growth and profitability of players in the packaging industry over the next five to 10 years. Identifying them and learning how to capitalize on them was the subject of a presentation given by David Feber, Partner at McKinsey & Company, at The Packaging Conference, held February 4-6 in Las Vegas McKinsey Global Institute October 16, 2019 Innovation is of fundamental importance for Europe's economic and social system. In this discussion paper, we suggest five paths that could help the continent regain its competitive edge, focusing on ways to build on Europe's strengths rather than trying to play catch-up

Get Free Global Automotive Retail Market Kpmg 2,000 consumers from 30 countries reveals one development in particular: the divergence of the global automotive market, accelerated by COVID-19. A recurring theme in our study is the division of the Including KPMG's 21st consecutive 9 Global Automotive SAY GOODBYE TO ONE GLOBAL MARKET. megatrends. These are trends so pervasive and inex- Take global climate change, as an exam-ple. It is a force so debatable and unpredictable according to a major research study by McKinsey & Co. titled Urban World: Cities and the rise of the con-suming class. This migration to the world's cities i 3 megatrends for the factories of the future The research was conducted in collaboration with McKinsey & Company and scanned more than 1,000 leading manufacturers. It also involved visiting the most advanced sites to see what lessons could be learned. But the global wealth benefits of change rely on the combined efforts of organizations. According to Frost & Sullivan, Mega Trends are transformative, global forces that define the future world with their far reaching impacts on businesses, societies, economies, cultures, and personal lives.[1] Below is a brief discussion of the first six of the twelve megatrends identified by Frost & Sullivan analysts

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Vanguard's Megatrends is a research effort that investigates fundamental shifts in the global economic landscape that are likely to affect the financial services industry and broader society. A megatrend may bring market growth or destroy it, increase competition or add barriers to entry, and create threats or uncover opportunities Stefan Hajkowicz, director of the CSIRO's Data61 Insight team, wrote in his 2015 publication Global Megatrends, In a 2017 McKinsey podcast senior partners at the firm,. They are the underlying forces that drive change in global markets, and our everyday lives. Download a summary of the keynote and workshop Megatrends 2020-2030 by Peter Fisk Megatrend 1: Shifting. By Paul Romer. Any discussion about decline in the US should look to Britain for historical guidance. Like the US, Britain started from a position of technological leadership and absolute economic preeminence Source: PwC MegaTrends: 5 MegaTrends and Potential Impacts Strategy& Analysis. 10 1-1. Understand . Changes in . Megatrends Rise of technology Changes in the industrial structure. Increasing urban population. Accelerating digitalization of life and business. Higher processing speed. Evolution of artificial intelligence. Larger data capacity.

Sales Summit: McKinsey's Megatrends: Shaping the Future of Sales. Join McKinsey to learn what significant sales trends are impacting Sales and Marketing organizations today, how companies are taking advantage of the trends to drive efficiencies, and to gain competitive advantages. Lareina Yee, Partner at McKinsey will share her thoughts and the. The top 10 megatrends transforming businesses by Macy Bayern in Innovation on May 8, 2019, 4:00 AM PST At SAP SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, Svend Wittern discussed the biggest factors changing businesses to. McKinsey & Co has perhaps the most insightful view of the future, identifying the global forces inspiring a new narrative of progress which they cluster into 3 themes.. Shifts in global growth.

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McKinsey Global Institute report, The Internet of Things: Mapping the value beyond the hype (June, 2015) identified potential savings from human health and fitness alone of USD $170 billion to USD $1.6 trillion by 2025.2 Precision medicine and personalised care. The great promise of precision medicine ha 9 global megatrends can provide a solid foundation for an Bridging Global Infrastructure Gaps. McKinsey Global Institute. June 2016 Water is currently a US$600 billion market poised to grow to US$1 trillion by 20202 Well drilling Waste water treatment Leakage detectio The global company's challenge. McKinsey Quarterly. London: McKinsey. Report. Dixon, P. Grow Your Business - Urbanisation Impact On Customer Growth Strategy Top 20 Global Mega Trends and Their Impact on Business, Cultures and Society 2016 - Frost & Sullivan - Abu Dhabi Global middle class1 Billions of people 1.1 2.8 2025 4.2 2.1 2013 2.8 5.0 2030 SOURCE: United Nations World Population Prospects; McKinsey Global Institute CityScope 1 Annual personal income $3,600 and over 2.2 billion Latin America Asia-Pacific Europe US & Canada Middle East & North Africa Sub Saharan Africa 1. THE RISE OF EMERGING MARKET Summary This chapter focuses on the megatrends that impact competitive advantage. During the next decade, procurement will play a key role in helping companies cope with the new challenges and oppo..

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Global extreme poverty was expected to rise in 2020 for the first time in over 20 years as the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic compounds the forces of conflict and climate change. That could mean an additional 88 million to 115 million people moving into extreme poverty, with the total rising to as many as 150 million in 2021 Proactive companies analyze global megatrends to anticipate and leverage future opportunities in the marketplace. Limited body of academic research ex-ists to facilitate global megatrends forecasting. The objective of this paper is to identify important global megatrends that are being facilitated by the rise of the World Wide Web

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Tourism Megatrends. 4. Global aging population, 2014 vs 2050 . They are active travellers. Other than the availability of funds, time and health for travel, the older population has a greater desire to travel and to explore the world than previous generations. This is motivated by the widened availability of travel informatio Global megatrends. Megatrends and disruption are not mutually exclusive, but inexorably entwined. Disruption is now playing a stimulant role to what has been going on for many years in pervasive global megatrends. The technological, economic and demographic drivers of disruption have seemingly accelerated through the COVID-19 pandemic as people. Predicting politics is nearly impossible, and it's hard to imagine how global policy action on climate and other megatrends will play out. The Paris Agreement was a monumental start, but countries — specifically the US — have lately retreated from global cooperation, in general. Trade wars and tariffs are all the rage in 2019 The social benefits of achieving gender equality are matched by financial benefits, too. If women were to participate in the economy in equal measure as men, they could add as much as $28 trillion, or 26 percent, to the world's annual global GDP in 2025, according to projections by the McKinsey Global Institute SOURCE: McKinsey McKinsey & Company | 2 INTRODUCTION Rise of new technologies (digitization, IoT, Industry 4.0, ) Sustainability regulation and policies Industrialization and urbanization in emerging economies Changing demographics and consumer preferences Global megatrends are having a far-reaching impact on many industrie

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and other global megatrends are affecting the financial services industry, with a particular focus on the IT department. PwC Financial Services Technology 2020 and Beyond 5 6 Source: PwC's 19th Annual 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, Jan 2016 You are a bank executive. Imagine that you are competing against a truly global, multi-service, low-cost Megatrends can offer insights into how we manage that changes. Stay tuned for the next issue of the HP Innovation Journal which will dive deeper into the 2019 HP Megatrends Report and the trends that will effect our business, our customers, our partners, and our global society in the future Global Leader Manufacturing, McKinsey & Company, USA. 6 Fourth Industrial Revolution: Beacons of Technology and Innovation in Manufacturing Three technological megatrends are the principal drivers of this transformation in production: connectivity, intelligence and flexible automation. Front-runne

It is not surprising that 59% of the surveyed executives rank connectivity and digitalization as the most important automotive key trend up to 2030. This helped return it to the top-ranking trend after 2016, since a new future mobility ecosystem is evolving, which is based on the pillars seamlessness, individualized, safe and on-demand World Economic Forum, working with pwc, simplify the megatrends as 5 global shifts changing the way we live and do business: Rapid urbanisation most growth is in lesser-known, medium-size, emerging-market cities McKinsey & Co has perhaps the most insightful view of the future,. forces, we've identified eight global megatrends which are shaping the future. These are large, transformativetrends that definethe presentand shape the future by their impact on businesses, economies, industries, societies and individual lives. The eight megatrends generate key questions to answer: Industry redefined Extended reality technologies could potentially deliver a $1.5 trillion boost to the global economy by 2030, according to an economic impact assessment conducted by PwC economists. The value will include areas such as creating new customer experiences, speeding up product development and improving workplace safety Global socio-economic, demographic and technological forces which HP calls Megatrends will have a sustained and transformative impact on businesses, societies, economies, cultures and our personal lives in unimaginable ways in the years to come