Stoeger Condor problems

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  3. I purchased a Stoeger Condor for my 14yr old daughter. This gun has three problems I am looking to fix. 1. This gun will sometimes literally fall apart in the hands while opening to reload after a shot
  4. Complete the repair request form below and Stoeger Industries will email you a Return Authorization (RA) number. Or call customer service at (301) 283-6981 (option 2) or (800) 264-4962 (option 2), 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. testdepth - sorry to say, you got a bad one, This form above will help
  5. This video is for entertainment only! This is not an instructional video. this is just MY issue with Stoeger Condor only firing bottom barrel and not cyclin..
  6. I took my Stoeger Condor O/U 12 gauge dove hunting this evening. Got a few shots on some doves. Two separate times though when I fired, the bottom barrel would fire no problem, but when I tried to fire the second (the upper) barrel, nothing happened. I don't know if my thumb accidently hit the safety button and caused the safety to engage, or the recoil of the gun caused the safety to jar into.

Joined Jan 17, 2012. ·. 522 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 7, 2015. SO i inherited a stoeger condor 20g w/ tubes. She was breaking fine nice and smooth. I took her down ( forearm, barrell and reciever / rear stock) I needed to clean her out nice as there was rust developing inside the break. I youtubed the basic take down ( it ships. Junior Member. Join Date: February 4, 2011. Posts: 13. Help with a Stoeger Condor O/U 12GA. Only constructive here's how to fix it please. I bought this inexpensive shotgun for my 14yr old to start on. I have no interest in sinking anything more than $500 into a shotgun unless she sticks with it. Three problems: 1 Andover. Aug 2, 2013. #1/26. Hi All, I bought a Stoeger Condor 12ga at Bass Pro back in March. I went in to find ammo, and after coaxing from a friend and subsequently myself i walked out $350 poorer with a new shotgun. The Problem: The gun shoots lower barrel first, with no selector switch (cheaper field model), which I don't have a problem with 90T. I have a Stoeger Condor Competion, and shoot it approx. 100 rds./week for sporting amd skeet. The gun works good, shoots well, patterns OK, but has drawbacks you'll have to live with. The worst thing is the triggers. They are loose, and have a large amount of creep, play, slop, whatever you want to call it

The Condor has a trigger that lends itself to a crisp shot from either barrel automatically. You can also add a choke tub if you so desire. With barrels between 22 and 30 inches, the length is fantastic for clay shooting. Stoeger Condor variety. You can get the Condor in a variety of gauges, too. It's available in 12, 20, 28, and .410 gauges. 8,674 Posts. #15 · Jan 7, 2020. My experience with the Stoeger Condor comes from working with a lot of new shooters who buy one and think it is a effective target breaker for shooting league trap etc. Here are my observations when working with shooters and trying to get on fit and establish a decent POI for trap

It just had that feel that I couldn't miss. I haven't put a whole lot of shells through it (maybe 250) but I haven't had any problems. I would recommend the Condor Supreme to anyone. Here is a picture of the Condor Supreme from the Stoeger website: Pic of Condor Suprem Stoeger Condor Safety Modification (For Just Dave) 04-13-2015, 08:36 AM. Here is how it works Dave: Safety modification as requested. Some folks have experienced a problem with their Condor's safety resetting after the first shot, requiring the shooter to reset the safety to get off a second shot. Clearly, this is not how the gun is supposed to. The Stoeger Condor has done pretty good as a skeet gun while my Browning is off getting sub-gauge tubes. I regularly shoot 23's and 24's out of the 20 gauge barrels which are really too short for the sport. The gun is a little light and whip-y for my tastes and the trigger has a bit of play in it. The So-What of it al

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Stoeger Condor. Stoeger is the manufacturer of great shotguns with a traditional break in action generally opened by a depressing kind of lever. The Stoeger Condor can be called as a line-up of various models thereby the productivity being diverse in nature. It is common that this machine has got some major problems and therefore should be. The more you can tell us about the problem, the easier it will be for us to diagnose the malfunction. Call the Stoeger Industries customer service department at (301) 283-6981 (option 2) or (800) 264-4962 (option 2) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST The standard Condor Field shotgun is an elegant over and under at an affordable price. Choose a 12, 20, or 28 gauge or .410 bore. Blued receiver with high-polish finish. Machine-turned, monobloc sides. Ventilated rib. .410 bore has fixed chokes. Find a Stoeger dealer and get your Condor Field shotgun today The Stoeger Condor double barrel shotgun is a favorite in clay shooting. Over and under shotguns are one of the most pricey in this firearm classification, which makes the Condor a great news for shooters seeking to purchase one. It's a solid gun and perfect for bird hunting like its brothers, the Uplander and Longfowler in the Stoeger family.

Gun Review: Stoeger Condor Outback o/u shotgun in 20 gauge 02/25/2017 05:41 PM | by Andy C Stoeger Condor Outback over-under shotgun in 20 gauge is a niche shotgun for hunting small game in heavy. condor single trigger extractor model. single trigger extractor model 1 condor. 106 105 122 122 101 120 104 100 200 30 0 4 224 216 217 222 218 221 225 220 223 219 225 379 342 342 349 378 381 366 341 341 102 107 373 353 36 346 4 103 101 2 condor - single trigger over/under stoeger industries, inc I have read of the Stoeger Condors having issues with the firing pins breaking. I contacted the factory because I was interested in the Condor or outback models. They told me the only issue they have experienced were light strikes and always with Remington ammo. Some of the elitists really bad mouth them on other forums

I recently got a Stoeger coach gun with double triggers. I haven't even taken it out to test it and already I'm having problems with it. I popped in a couple of Tipton snap caps to do some dry firing, and the extractor won't extend in the least. I can't dig the snap caps out either, I had to knock them out with a wooden dowel Stoeger Condor Shotgun Problems. There has been a common problem with the old Stoeger Condor guns. The most common was the second, lower, barrel not firing. There were mixed reports of the guns not firing at all and not firing after the first shot. The lower barrel is an inertia operated design that cocks the hammer and sear for the second shot

The Stoeger and the Baikal can be made to open wide, stay open without having this problem but it is more involved than just reducing springs or modifying the cockers. To avoid these problems I go easy on reducing the hammer springs and cockers.Then the hinge is retimed so it will open wider but the hammers go to full cock early in the opening I see the Stoeger Condors, and I've read posts from people that are casual skeet shooters that they work fine with no problems. I have heard other broad statements, without documentation, that the Condor is a 2,000 shell gun, and then it is finished Jan 4, 2010. Messages: 77. Location: Stallings, NC. I have a Stoeger Condor O/U that I am having some problems with. The top barrel of the gun will only fire every now and then. Sometimes I can pull the trigger and there is a delay in the round going off. Some people have said that I am trigger trapping and not letting the trigger reset since. Yes, you can shoot steel out of a Condor. I use steel for all my hunting, haven't had a problem. Just so you know Lead, Daane is an authorized Stoeger dealer. I would stop in there and talk to Peter, make sure it's Peter, he'll be able to help you out and give you the best deal around here on a gun, if that's what you're interested in First of all, the Stoeger Condor is not made in Turkey. It is made in Brazil by Boito. The problems with this gun are legendary. I have personally seen three fall apart in the shooter's hands after taking a shot on a skeet range. I have seen several others shoot loose after a couple hundred rounds

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Go to the Benelli Stoeger forums, they can tell you all about the Stoeger Condor problems. Like 0. REPORT ABUSE. 11/8/10 @ 12:41 PM. fishdaily. USER SINCE 4/3/03 PROFILE BLOCK USER. I have one I bought for a back up gun and its served it purpose great. I use it all the time for grouse and some for pheasant I just sold a condor that was great never had a problem and shot trap often with it for a while. then I got the condor Competition that was great until the firing pin on the bottom barrel broke. stoeger does not sell parts and would not send me one. they sent me a shipping label 3 weeks later a new one showed up So during a ammo run to Gander Mountain I noticed the Stoeger Condor O/U sitting up on the shelf. I gave it a good molesting at the store and then started researching it when I got home. I researched for a good month and finally decided to take the plunge. Gander had the 12ga for $399 and the 20ga for $379 and since the purpose of the gun is. The Stoeger Condor series of over-under shotguns is a great option for clay shooters looking to keep within a budget and has the popularity to prove it I'd probably buy a Beretta A300 Outlander before a Stoeger, they're about the same price. The Stoeger Condor I had for a while did not instill any confidence in the brand. You could also look around for a used Benelli M2, which is the route I took. I've used mine on both ducks and turkeys with good success

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  1. Stoeger has a well-deserved reputation for offering affordably priced, high-quality imported firearms to U.S. shooters. Its line of Condor over-under shotguns made in Brazil by E.R. Amantino is no.
  2. Welcome to the Stoeger Gun Parts section of Midwestgunworks.com. We are glad to be able to offer parts for most current production Stoeger firearms. Parts are available to the public for self installation, but they can also be installed by our highly trained gunsmiths. Midwest Gun Works Gunsmiths can offer you the knowledge and skill that your Stoeger firearm deserves
  3. The term coach gun is a generic description for a side-by-side shotgun with an 18-20 inch barrel. It is called a coach gun because it was widely used by stage coach guards in the Wild West days. Coach guns are used by a lot of beginning cowboy action shooters and some of the better shooters use them at my local competitions
  4. Stoeger Condor Have heard good and bad about this one. I have shot the 20 gauge on many occasions and not had any problems. The bluing is a bit uneven the wood is not the best grain, and there are some tool marks on the metal but nothing that effects function. Mossberg Silver Reserve: I have owned one of these

Stoeger M3000 Max 5 12 Ga Shotgun 28 Barrel. Our price: $549.00. Market Price: $649.99. you save 16%. Quantity: 1. Check to compare. Stoeger Coach Gun Single Trigger Satin Walnut Blue 12 Ga Shotgun 20 Barrels. Our price: $449.98 STOEGER Stoeger Double Defense Shotgun Side by Side 12 GA $469.99. STOEGER Stoeger Condor Outback O/U Shotgun 12 GA 3 Chamber $479.99. STOEGER Stoeger Coach Shotgun 12 GA 2-3/4 $499.99. STOEGER Stoeger M3500 Shotgun 12 GA 24 $549.97. STOEGER Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme Shotgun 12-Gauge $499.99. STOEGER Stoeger Coach Gun Supreme Shotgun 12. Stoeger Condor Youth 20 Gauge Over/Under Shotgun with 22 inch Barrel. $449.00 $399.99. Notify Me When Available. Brand: Stoeger. Item Number: 31036 Stoeger Condor Combo 12/20ga - Maximum Quantity: 2 **Mouse over image above to zoom any area, or click on image to zoom the entire image. I've asked the question but haven't heard back from either Stoeger or Buds. The other big problem I have is that I discovered Egunner along with my Team Buds membership. However, I am married to the. Stoeger® offers shooters and hunters another O/U shotgun option with the Condor series. This shotgun features: A-grade American walnut stock and forend with checkering, vented rib on both barrels, screw-in choke options, and a highly polished blued finish. The monobloc sides are machine turned. Simple extractors make it easy to save spent hulls

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The Condor is available in five different barrel lengths at 22, 24, 26, 28, and 30 inches to provide variations for shooters. It has a 2-shot capacity with barrels positioned over and under shooting gauges 12, 20, 28, .410 (2-3/4″, 3″ chambers). The sights are brass bead and stocks come in walnut and synthetic materials Aug 26, 2017 - VIDEO is for informational purposes on how I repaired my Stoeger 12GA Condor Competition Shotgun. It would not fire the 2nd barrel. It is an Over and Under Shotgun. I am not a gunsmith and just relating my own experiences in resolving my Stoeger shotgun problems. See more ideas about shotgun, repair, competition Gun Test: Stoeger M3020 Shotgun. Stoeger Industries, Inc., a corporation beneath the extensive Beretta Holding S.p.A. umbrella of companies, has imported Turkish-made, semi-automatic shotguns since 2001, when the 3″-chambered, 12-ga. M2000 was introduced. Three years ago, the like-chambered M3000 replaced the popular M2000 RELATED: Stoeger Condor | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews. Pros and Cons | Since this beauty has a double barrel and double triggers, you have options. If you experience a misfire, you still have another trigger to pull. Although, the double triggers need a bit of getting used to. The Stoeger Coach Supreme is fast-handling, works perfectly with.

Buy Stoeger Industries parts online now at the official Stoeger Industries Online Store. Shop online now for a wide selection of barrel, bolt handles, pads, plate, stock shim kits and more. Click to browse all the current parts offered from Stoeger now A friend introduced me to clay shooting and lo and behold i am hooked. I was using his 12ga. stoeger condor o/u and i was accurate with it. Now a newb question: Is stoeger a nice gun? Dick's has 'em for $299. What are the advantages/disadvantages between o/u and side by side? thank you and.. I just bought a Stoeger coach gun and am going to slick it up to make it easier to use. Ive read about disabling the automatic safety by shortening the rod, but I am considering completely removing the safety mechanism. With the position of it, it rubs my thumb everytime I manipulate the lever to.. A well balanced, quick handling, over and under built for sporting clays, skeet, or trap range shooting, the Stoeger® 12 Gauge Condor Competition Over/Under Shotgun delivers the style and performance of guns twice its price. Great for hunting or competition shooting, the Condor Competition shotgun starts with its two 30'', fully ported, blued. Stoeger Condor Parts Layout w/ List. Product #: PDF0874 Part Key: 0. $0.00. Add to cart. Add to My Saved Parts. Eligible for FREE shipping * 101 Barrel Barrel. Product #: 1442910A Shipment prohibited outside USA. Part Key: 101. $315.00. Out of Stock. Add to My Saved Parts.

NOS Stoeger factory owners manual for Uplander Coachgun with warranty card. $8.00. $3.75 shipping. or Best Offer. Stoeger Luger .22 Barrel ! 4 1/2 Inches ! Includes Barrel Pin ! Very Nice ! $89.95. Free shipping Great deals on Stoeger Hunting Shotgun Parts. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items Description. An elegant and reliable over and under shotgun at an affordable price, the Stoeger® Condor Field Over and Under Shotgun offers something for all shooters. Great for hunting or competition shooting, this well-balanced shotgun is built to spur quick handling for a fast acquisition and shot. This versatile shooter features an A-grade. Buy Stoeger Industries Stocks online now at the official Stoeger Industries Online Store. Select from a wide selection of stocks for Stoeger shotguns. Available in Wood, and camouflage finishes like Max-4, APG, Max-5 and more. Stocks are available for most current production shotguns like the M300, M3500, P300, P3500, Condor, Coach Gun, Double Defense and more Stoeger Condor Competition, 12ga, 30 Right hand, new display gun 31045. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. Email me with any Beretta, Benelli, Sako, Franchi, Stoeger, Uberti or Winchester needs. Steoger Condor Competition, 12ga, 30 barrels, 8 chokes, right hand. Gun is new, used as a factory display gun, never shot

An elegant and reliable over and under shotgun at an affordable price, the Stoeger® Condor Field Over and Under Shotgun offers something for all shooters. Great for hunting or competition shooting, this well-balanced shotgun is built to spur quick handling for a fast acquisition and shot. This versatile shooter features an A-grade American. Stoeger M3500 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Realtree Max-5. $984.95. Stoeger Super Nova Pump Shotgun TrueTimber DRT. $784.95. Stoeger 12 ga Condor Special Break Action Shotgun. $699.95. Stoeger 20 ga Condor Special Break Action Shotgun. $699.95. Stoeger M3500 Semi-Automatic Shotgun STOEGER CONDOR OUTBACK 12GA. With 20 barrels, the Condor Outback is easy to maneuver and quick to shoulder, whether in tight cover or home protection situations. The 12-gauge or 20-gauge Condor Outback features 3 chambers and a box-lock type, over & under action. Extractors lift empty hulls from the chamber for easy removal Stoeger Condor Outback 12 Gauge Over-Under Shotgun with Satin Walnut Stock. $449.00 $349.99. In Stock. Brand: Stoeger. Item Number: 31082

Stoeger Airguns are modern, high-tech air rifles with the look and feel of quality, European sporting arms. Developed by Italian engineers and designers, Stoeger airguns combine rugged, efficient design with quality manufacturing. USA International Stoeger Condor Youth Over and Under Shotgun 410 / 20 Ga - $349.97 Stoeger Condor Youth Over and Under Shotgun -The Condor Youth shotgun has a shortened buttstock and 22-1/2 barrels. The elegant over and under model is available in 20-gauge and .410 bore. Blued receiver with high-polis

Choke Tube Interchange Chart. Refer to the chart below to locate the HEVI-Choke ™ product that fits your gun. Currently 2 different chokes, please check chart for correct style. Currently 4 different chokes, please check chart for correct style. Serial #201836 or higher is Beretta/Benelli standard threads. Lower - none available Stoeger Condor Competition O/U 20 Gauge 30 Walnut 31046 for sale. Return Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns. Shipping cost is a flat rate of $30.00. All firearms must be either shipped to a dealer in your state or picked up at our retail store in Saint Marys, PA Established in 1924, Stoeger Industries, a member of the Benelli USA family, offers a complete selection of shotguns and pistols.Favored Stoeger products include the Condor Outback 12-Gauge 20 Over Under Shotgun, M3K Freedom Series 3-Gun 12-Gauge 24 Semi-Auto Shotgun, and STR-9 9mm Pistol w/15rd Magazine.Stoeger offers a combination of quality, striking design, and high performance in every. Description: Stoeger Over-Under Firing Pin. Made to the highest in Stoeger standards in material and workmanship. This factory original part is perfect to replace you original worn parts, or to just keep your firearm in top operating shape. Note: It is recommended that all Stoeger parts be installed by a qualified and trained gunsmith

I picked up an inexpensive Stoeger O/U from Bass Pro last night. I have shot several previous models in 12 and 20 gauge belonging to friends that shot well for me. I decided that for $399.00 I would give it a try. It has walnut furniture, interchangeable chokes, vent rib, single trigger, and.. Frank Lopez wrote:First of all, the Stoeger Condor is not made in Turkey. It is made in Brazil by Boito. The problems with this gun are legendary. I have personally seen three fall apart in the shooter's hands after taking a shot on a skeet range. I have seen several others shoot loose after a couple hundred rounds I have a stoeger condor combo 12/20 and been shooting clays for 5 years with it. I have never had a problem. Great shotgun for the price. Save Share. Reply. C I have a Stoeger Uplander Supreme 12 ga. side-by-side that I've had for about 8 seasons now. It's got 26 tubes and I use it mainly for partridge and/or woodcock. Nice handling shotgun. The only problem with mine is that the first barrel occasionally miss-fires. Maybe one or two rounds per box at the skeet range

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I have had no problems out of any of mine and I own 5. Stoeger M2000, 2 Uplander side by side in 12 and 20 ga. Coach gun in 12 ga. and Condor 26. I kinda think when people say they only last a few hundred rounds are just regurgitating what they hear on the internet. All of mine have been very reliable Happy that you didn't have any problems with it. I had numerous problems with Stoeger. Condor went numerous times for broken extractor, firing pin. Few guided hunt ruined. Stoeger coach gun was piece of work too. Bought it as truck/grouse/turkey gun. Never fulfilled it role do to firing pin week spring. Failed to ignite Fiochi and Rio primers Whats better between Rem SPR 310 O/U or Stoeger Condor O/U 20 gauge for trap / skeet / Quail / Dove. Close. 1. but they're also turkish-made guns that don't seem to have any problems. I've heard the Stoeger Condor is crap, but OP is also asking about the Remington SPR310, which I understand is a Russian-made Baikal shotgun. And everywhere I.

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Posted May 5, 2014. So i bought a Stoeger M3500 Max 4 28 inch semi Shotgun on March 5th. First thing i did was take the gun apart and cleaned it. The gun did not have any cosmetic problems. I took it that weekend to test it out and shot #2 duck load to break it in. After 6 shots i noticed the pin on the bolt was destroyed Stoeger offers a complete lineup of shotguns in different styles and gauges. Shop available Stoeger parts from Numrich Gun Parts Corporation today! We've been supplying customers with hard to . Coach Guns Single and Double Trigger Shotguns. Starting Price $ Condor Supreme Shotgun Just got back from the class, I did pick up the Stoeger Condor Competion 12/30 (12 ga 30 in barrels) for $550, new. It had everything I think I was looking for in a starter gun that would be used to both trap, skeet and even sporting clays (Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio where I was at should have a course in by May/June if the. 2,230. Location: Trinity. Worked like a charm. It did require drilling out the pin hole to 3/32. Took about 15 minutes. That's only because I put the safety lever in backwards the first time, and had to pull the roll pin out. Good thing I bought 4 of them. MoneyShot1972, Oct 6, 2012 I have a Stoeger Condor that I bought two years ago. It came with one set of 12 Ga and one set of 20 Ga barrels. I love it. It fits me very nice. I am a duck hunter by preference and have no problem laying this down in the bottom of the boat if needed

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I am looking into a new shotgun for this season, & am considering a Stoeger Condor Supreme & a Benelli Nova. Can anyone comment on the Stoeger? I had a daly auto loader for a couple seasons and although its not a cream of the crop gun I had just as many problems with it as I have my 870 and my buddy has had with his Benelli SBE. One thing I. Stoeger Condor. The first of the four repairs I performed this semester was on a Stoeger Condor O/U. The second barrel would not fire reliably. This was an intermittent problem which is always difficult to diagnose. On disassembly, I found the following: Firing system. Everything looked to be in order I had a 12 gauge Condor several years ago, and I got a grand total of one shot out of it. It sounds like the same issue, the gun just wouldn't shoot. I didn't work with Stoeger, I had bought the gun at Dick's Sporting Goods and I took it directly back to them. After a lot of complaining and we don't usually do this, they refunded my money Stoeger markets an O/U with both 20 and 12 gauge barrel sets. My guess is they only come together. The set is a field set with extractors, not ejectors. I like the Stoeger Condor O/U and have shot it a lot in 20 gauge. Never shot it in 12 ga, but if it ix like 20 ga, it should be good. Jeepergeo, Dec 11, 2011. Jeepergeo, Dec 11, 2011

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Not sure of the exact weight, but it is somewhere between 5 1/2 to 6 pounds. It is not real smooth swinging on passing shots when dove hunting (it is a little whippy feeling but it is not too bad and I have killed many dove with it) but for an upland gun, I love it. Re: Stoeger or Yildiz [ Re: uthornfan ] #1204852 01/29/10 12:42 AM This is my third Stoeger (M3000, M3020, and Condor Competition Combo) and I could not be more happy with them all. They perform at a much higher level than their price tag and the customer service from Stoeger is what you would expect from a top shelf gun. Up next for me is the Stoeger M3500. [adrotate banner=3″

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I recently was gifted an old stoeger condor supreme. It is anywhere from 20-30 years old. My problem is and during some point in this guns life someone shot the wrong load and now the lower barrel has a bubble in it Just an FYI for those who have a Stoeger and aren't happy with their factory stock for whatever reason MOA has released an adapter that allows you to run the Magpul SGA stock from a Mossberg 500/590 along w the factory shims. This gives you a wider range of adjustment and the install is very easy. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk I'm thinking of buying a Stoeger Condor O/U 12g as a relatively cheap trap gun. I'm in the market for a 'fun gun', no real 'need' to purchase it other then I think O/U's are a cool firearm platform. Quick use of the search button on here has many hits for this firearm. All the way from a worst gun you ever owned thread right to threads about people praising this shotgun, however most threads. Stoeger Condor Field 12GA A-Grade Satin Walnut Over/Under Shotgun 31025 (The price reflects the Cash Discount Price. There is a 3% charge on all credit and debit cards.