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4.3-liter Vortec V6 truck engine. Dubbed Central Port Injection, or CPI, the system looked and functioned much differently than previous designs. The CPI system utilizes one main injector that pressurizes six plastic tubes housed in the in-take manifold. Each tube termi-nates in a spring-loaded poppet B Y J EFF M TERMAN Arm e of its e, a good e th The 4.3 Vortec engine (or Vortec 4300) is a 6-cylinder small-block that was introduced in 1985 and continued in production until 2014. Over its nearly 30 year production history the 4.3L Vortec went through a number of revisions and upgrades: LB1 (1985-1986 primarily in C/K trucks) LB4 (1985-1995 in the S10, El Camino, and other non-truck vehicles

The 411 swap kit is for GM cars and trucks from 1996 to 2000. The newer PCM is faster and offers more programming options. This means more power right out of the box. All kits come with new Delphi connectors and hardware along with program of your choice. Re-pinning is required and can be done in under 4 hours The 411 PCM is found in the 01-02 fullsize vans as well as the 5.7 LS1 and 01-02 GMT 800 trucks 4.3-8.1 engines. So if I may go so far as to say we should be able to tune this PCM using HPTners and EFILive, as well as use a Moates Roadrunner Emulator(which allows real time tuning with no flashing or reading of the PCM) to tune these PCM's in. The tune selections for the 2014-2015 4.3L Silverado and Sierra depend on the type of fuel you want to put in the tank. For the biggest power gains we recommend running E85 fuel (for flex fuel equipped trucks), or regular 93 octane. Be sure to pick the tune based on what fuel you have in the tank I think Studytime or someone was speaking of the newer Vortec 350 PCM. Tuning THIS PCM with Tunercat may be of help for some. Is this the same PCM GM uses in the Vortec Gen 3 engines(4.8, 5.3 6.0) or is it specific to the Vortec 350 Van? Does anyone have any info on the different PCM's GM has used over the years

GM PCM Tuning. GM PCM Tuning. We offer GM OBD I and OBD II Tuning for most GM cars and trucks from 1985 to 2013 Most 4 cylinder, Inline 6, V6 and V8 . GM OBD II (1996 to Current) Minor Tunes starting at $85 for most PCM's Minor Tune: Speedometer Recalibration for Different Gear Ratios or VATS disabled you need a segmented tune. 01-02 vortec 5.7 van tune 01-02 ish 4.3 blazer manual trans segment (since you are running a 700r4) then you need a 5.7L ls1 spark table for the CPC conversion. (you will have to adjust the pins on them pcm since the ls1 and L31 firing orders are different 104 results for 4.3 vortec performance. Save this search. 98 99 00 VORTEC PERFORMANCE TUNING SERVICE 4.3 5.0 5.7 7.4 ECU VATS DELETE PCM. Refurbished. $174.99. Buy It Now +$14.99 shipping. 4 A S Z F p P Z R V o n Q s o r C e d 9. 98 99 00 VORTEC PERFORMANCE TUNE 4.3 5.0 5.7 7.4 Black box ECU ECM . New (Other) $100.00. Buy It No

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  1. ation. (Gen 3 V8 and 4.3 V6. Also works with LS1a 97-98 V8, P04 V6, P08 I4, P06 Northstar, and E54 Duramax) Black plug off of any Vortec Black Box PCM. E37 (07-11 I4.
  2. The tuning definitions for the '411 PCM are now available. These definition files cover the fuel system, spark advance, emmissions systems, engine idle control, diagnostics, and vehicle and transmission options. These can be downloaded by clicking the links that are located to the right. The PCMs supported cover the 2001 model year (e.g. OS#'s.
  3. GM Tuning Software. HP Tuners has the most complete tuning software for GM vehicles in the industry, from the 1997 Corvette LS1 to the latest 2020 Camaro and Colorado. We have been developing and refining support for General Motors for over 10 years and are committed to being first to market with support for new vehicles from Chevrolet, Buick.
  4. Re: 4.3 v6 programmer. Nov 17 2011, 4:50am. another option is wait4me performance they are very popular on the s10 forum and i bought one for my step dads 2000 gmc sierra with the 5.3l and it really woke up his truck. i on the other hand was going to buy one for my 96 blazer but i wrecked the blazer so i can not report first hand for a 4.3l but.

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I finally had the time to send off my PCM and TCM to Justin at Blackbear. It's one of the cheapest ways to go if you send your parts to them. I dropped them in the mail, USPS Priority the Friday after Thanksgiving and had my parts back last Wednesday. So far, oh yeah. It's not as responsive as the tune I got on my other 4.8 2WD FOR ONLY 98-00 4 connector Vortec ecus. DELETE any below I will program YOUR ecu to your specs. and ADD a DYNO proven PERFORMANCE TUNE. Performance Tune. Dont have a ECU ?. L35 (4.3L) V6 engines, L30 (5.0L) V8 engines, L31 (5.7L) V8 engines, and L29 (7.4L) V8 engines Introduction. TunerCat OBD2 Tuner is a software package that allows tuning of 96-current GM vehicles. For some early 96-97 vehicles, it is often the only solution. TunerCat OBD2 Tuner must be purchased with our RoadRunner hardware (either with a complete RoadRunner ECM or just a RoadRunner Guts kit) due to licensing restrictions

Get Pcm-4 With Fast and Free Shipping on eBay. Looking For Pcm-4? We Have Almost Everything on eBay The computer at view fills the application years from 1996-99 CK Vortec engines 4.3 to 7.4. The programs available provide smoother shift or harsh depending on the request. Modified fuel, spark tables and timing compensation at all areas of throttle angle. Most applications tend to run in the full emissions category. We provide a no [ This page is to help those guys out with swapping a 1996-2000 Vortec 4.3L to a Vortec 5.7L. If you do this correctly its not that difficult to do. 2001-2003 is a little more involved as the Computer systems changed for those models. GM used that newer computer in the 2002 Chevy Express 5.7L vortec vans and so the programming is available P01 and P59 PCMs (typically found in 99-07 GM 4.3 V6 and V8 applications) P01 Service numbers (red and blue plugs): 09354896 and 12210411 Turn the ignition on and get your computer ready to do a full write of the PCM with your known good tune file. 6) Briefly (1 second or so) complete a circuit from the solder pad to the case of the PCM to. GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Tuning Software and Equipment. February 13, 2015 by LS Engine DiY. Although Gen III PCMs are powerful control modules, they are of little use without tuning software tochange engine (and transmission) operating parameters. You may find that the best results involve a blend of tuning services at an experienced dyno.

Put a DOD delete kit in our 07 Yukon 5.3 L. PCM of North Carolina did the tune for our computer and her transmission as well. Very fast turnaround rate, very satisfied and would recommend these people to anyone, the Yukon runs fantastic and it really woke it up. THANK YOU PCM OF NORTH CAROLINA!! Step 1. Use your web browser to go to GM's calibration look-up website, and type in your vehicle's VIN number to check for any programming updates to your PCM. If there are updates, you will need to purchase GM's techline information system (TIS) programming software and service GM LS1, Gen III Programming Harness. Application: Allows programming of Gen III (LS1, 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, 8.1L) ECMs out of the vehicle.Works for all Blue/Red and Blue/Green 1999-2007 PCM/ECMs. Contains all new Delphi/Aptiv parts. OBD2 port, 18 gauge TXL automotive rated wiring. High temp nylon split loom and new 12 volt power supply Do-it-yourself ECM/PCM Reprogramming (OBDI & II) If you decide to get into programming for yourself, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. First, you need to ask yourself if you are planning on keeping your current powertrain configuration (1996 4.3/5.0/5.7/7.4 PCM's DO NOT support FAN CONTROL) VSS - If using a non electronic trans such as TH350, TH400 or a manual trans , you should KEEP a vehicle speed sensor when possible. The PCM needs to know if vehicle is moving

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  1. GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Tuning Software and Equipment The Ultimate Guide to Gen 3 LS Bolt on Power LS Engine Rebuilds: Parts Selection Guide GM Gen III LS PCM/ECM: Wire Harness Selection Guide TUNING FOR SUPERCHARGED AND TURBOCHARGED LS ENGINES Gen III (3) LS 1200 Horsepower, 387-Cubic-Inch C5R Power Guide LS SWAPS: Fuel Systems Guid
  2. I have had a few people doing conversions from 4.3 V6 to 5.0 or 5.7 V8 in 1996 to 1999 vehicles. I will try to focus on this a lot to get all the info out there you'll need. First of all, you can USE your v6 engine harness to run the v8. It should fit just fine
  3. You would use an 02 4.3l tune, but do an engine segment swap with a matching OS number from the van. That said, I am 99.9% certain you can use your current PCM to run it. In the US the L31 was last used in 02 in the van with an 0411 PCM, but in Mexico the L31 was used clear up to 07 with a manual trans in the gmt800 trucks
  4. 7th mod intake resonator delete (Vortec 4200 box)-performance gain=0 but increase in sound 202K miles, PCM of NC Tune, Magnaflow muffler *FORMER* 05 Avalanche Z71, 5.3 L V8, K&N Air Filter, PCM of NC Tune, 3.42 Gears w/G80. 102k miles. (Frame rusted away) S. Stuntmanmike77 Well-Known Member. Jan 18, 2019 #2
  5. Howell EFI Complete GM Based Universal TBI Kits & Accessories. Including 50 State Legal Jeep. LSX/Vortec. GM Vortec Products LS1 1997-04 Products LS6 2001-04 Products LS2 2005 Products LS3 & LS7 2006-08 Products LSA & LS9 Products GM LS Series & Vortec Wiring Harnesses, ECM's, Products & Accessories.

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Lastly, for 1994-2003 flash-based PCMs, I can loan you a kit to load my tunes yourself as well as data-log your vehicle while driving, so that I can tune it completely through email, for one week: 1986-1993 TPI/TBI/LT1 PCM ($250), 1994-1995 LT1 PCM ($250), 1996-1997 LT1 PCM ($250), and 1997-2003 LS1/Vortec PCM ($250) If it is a 94-95 , BUY the tuning cable, don't send out your PCM If the day comes you really need more power and do go with more engine, the money spent on the 8.5 diff will not be wasted, On the bore, the L99 is a different casting than the LT1 What aftermarket harmonic damper is available for '96 4.3 Vortec OBD2? I'm rebuilding my '96 4.3 vortec running Marine manifold, 44#inj, '0411 pcm, intercooled ProCharger P1sc which I have 30,000+mi on combo-80k total..

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  1. Real World Tuning Example: Vortec/PT67GTQ Syclone on C16 Performance Roadmap: Syclone 4.3L Turbo V6 3 Bar Chip Tunes for Download My 1991 Syclone The torque converter shop gets the order and sees it's for a V6, but what they don't realize is that a little turbo 4.3 V6 makes more torque than most BIG BLOCKS
  2. You can use the VSS, with an electric speedo via on output on the PCM too. '73 IH Scout II Vortec 6.0L 4L65e np241 '73 IH 1210 Travelette SV392 V8, T34, 60/14bff 4.56's 35'
  3. General Motors E37 ECM/PCM - Service No: 12597125, 12612397, 12635043. For 2006, GM introduced two new ECMs, E38 and E67. These controllers look somewhat similar to the E40, but slightly different connectors exist on each of the three, and none interchange
  4. If you're using a DIYAutoTune.com MS2357-C MegaSquirt-II Assembled ECU: Set it for VR input by putting the JP1 jumper (in the lower right hand corner of the main board) in the 1-2 position, and the J1 jumper (in the middle of the main board) in the 3-4 position. Remove the wire from JS10 to the center hole of Q16
  5. OBDI Tuner:We are now offering the V6 ECM Definition Fileand the V6-Tune-Kitwhich support the 1994 - 95 GM cars with the 3.4L L32 and 3.1L L82 V6 engines. The PCMs used in these cars were Flash based like the LT1 PCMs so they are read and reprogrammed by connecting to the ALDL connector
  6. s computers. From 50 to 2000hp vehicles, we can handle anything

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  1. *Note: 2018+ Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM requires the Smart Access Cable available here: Dodge 2018+ Smart Access Cable 1 Note: 2015+ Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM vehicles need the PCM Modification Service to unlock the PCM before tuning. 2 Note: 2017+ GM 8-Speed and 10-Speed Tranmission Control Modules require unlock via HP tuners GM TCM Unlock service before tuning
  2. Bench Flashing a GM PCM: Sometimes you just cant get to the car to reflash the ECM. Maybe you want to run a tuning business by mail or your like me and just looking to put something where it just doesn't belong. Like swapping a new fuel injected motor into and old hot rod.
  3. With those installed, just open the Apps\PcmApps.sln file and you're ready to go. A small but essential part of PCM Hammer is C code for the 68332 CPU that runs these powertrain control modules. This is in the Kernels directory, and you'll find links to the toolchain and build instructions in the ReadMe file in that directory. 2
  4. Shipping Address 1564 Gangl Dr, Stow Oh 44224 Call Us @724-349-443
  5. TBI CHIPS Home. Welcome to TBI CHIPS throttle body injection services. So Just what is TBI, stands for Throttle Body Injection used by GM in the early 80's through 1995. The early systems from 1982-1986 are just too old to do much with. 1987-1991 were still SLOW computers with tiny chips limiting what can be done with the system
  6. The cost to rent the cable is $50 above the cost of the tune with a $300 deposit on the cable. We refund the $300 when the cable is returned Supported Vehicles 1996 - 1997 All OBD2 LT1/LT4/L99 Cars 1996 - 2001 Vortec Trucks (4.3/5.0/5.7/7.4L) using OBD2 black box PCM 1999 - 2007* LSx Gen 3 Trucks (4.3/4.8/5.3/6.0/8.1L

OBD2_14: 2006 - 07* LS1 Trucks (4.3L, 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L, 8.1L) (*only 2007 trucks with old style PCM are supported Custom programs for cam change, Holley TBI, displacement upgrades, compression changes, Vortec heads, exhaust, blowers or nitrous $279 PROM supplied (87-92) $329 MEMCAL supplied (90-95 Featured. $ 479.95. 76112 JET Powr-Flo Throttle Body. #76112. Add to cart. Add To Wishlist. Add to compare. $ 221.95. 69153 Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor Your friend is right, that is feasable. Which is why I'm kind of stuck between camming my 4.3 and keeping it N/A or going with a turbo. One offers up 50hp, the other offers 100hp, but the N/A is instant whereas the turbo has a little lag and a lot more modding and such. Quick Navigation 4.3L V6 Engine Tech Top We have offered tuners for late model GM cars and trucks for over 15 years! The i3 performance programmer continues our tradition of making big power and economy gains that are easy to install. The i3 lets you take control of your vehicle like never before, for any LS power plant made from 1999 or newer and any Duramax from 2001 up to 2010

HPTuners VCM Suite Pro (GM) SKU: HPTPROGM. $649.00. $649.00. Unavailable. per item. The HPTuners VCM Suite Pro is the premier tuning cable for automotive enthusiasts and tuner shops. The Pro model has enhanced features that separate it from the Standard VCM Suite, such as serial port interface for external sensors and stand-alone data logging. NOTES: These Harnesses are designed for retrofitting '99 - '03 Vortec engines (4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2-Liter) and 4L60E or 4L80E transmissions into older muscle cars and street rods or newer non-emissions controlled vehicles. Harness allows use of the factory Vortec intake manifold and Multec Injectors with flex-fuel Injectors (EV6) optional. They are completely plug and play with four wire hookup. for GM LS1, Gen III Programming Harness Allows programming of Gen III (for LS1, 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, 6.0, 8.1L) ECMs out of the vehicle. Works for all Blue/Red and Blue/Green 1999-2007 PCM/ECMs. Contains all new Delphi/Aptiv parts. OBD2 port, 18 gauge TXL automotive rated wiring. High temp nylon split loom and new 12 volt power supply

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  1. Latest Calibration Previous Calibrations Year Body Drivetrain Details/Notes; 16200891: 16199171 16197651 16188571: 1994: Y: AUTO 3.07: 16200901: 16199181 16197661 1618858
  3. Page 37-(1997-2009, LS1, LS6,) Use this control to limit the display of threads to those newer than the specified time frame
  4. Vx ls1 pcm reset Vx ls1 pcm rese
  5. 2014-2018 chevrolet/gm 4.3l/5.3l/6.2l hp tuner rtd with your choice of 5 star tuning custom tunes $ 599.95 This product is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution-controlled motor vehicles
  6. Hi everybody! I have been searching and readingfor quite some time, but haven't truly found any SOLID answers. I have a '96 S10 Blazer. It's a 4.3l, 4L60E, 4X4 (it's keeping this drivetrain for now) and I'm looking to swap in a PCM that I have from a 2001-2002 S10 Blazer with a 4.3, 4L60E, 4X4 setup. I have the PCM and connectors with 4-6 of wire, but now i'm just in need of a pinout to swap.
  7. e. I get it all in and put together but when i turn the key it fires right up! then dies after about a full second

1995 PCM RED Connector. The 1995 throttle body fuel injection (TBI) system's computer has 2 connectors. One is red and the other is a blue one. Each connector has 2 rows of 16 slots for a total of 32 slots. One row of the RED PCM's connector is prefixed with the letter A and its 16 terminals are labeled A-1 thru' A-16 GM Computer Custom Tuning. We offer custom computer tuning for most gasoline powered GM vehicles, covering cars and trucks from 1989 to present. OBD1 and OBD2. Engine computers are referred to as ECU or PCM. Every engine and car is different, even in stock form they have manufacturing tolerances that give different results Hot Rod & Sand Rail Stand-Alone PCM tuning: We are able to tune Northstar PCMs to work in hot-rods, sand rails, and other projects. The engine must be a 93-99 or a 2006-2011 for us to do this

PCM controlled engines getting a non-electronic automatic transmission should have their PCM programmed as if paired with a manual transmission. Conclusion. Hydroboost 4.3's vs. Vacuum boost 4.3's Many GM vans featuring the 4.3L have hydraulic boost brake systems. The S-10 Blazers and other models, do not It is similar to the VS Ecotec PCM and uses the same style memcal. The V8 and V6 have different part numbers, 16234531 and 16233396 respectively, due to having extra injector drivers for the V8. Both manual and auto use the same PCM and the VT V6 S/C uses the same PCM as the NA V6. When the VX was released GM used a flash based PCM, 09356445 Double-digit numbers can indicate a tune issue or a mechanical issue. That is our job to find out and know when to go what way. If the PCM sits at a very high LTFT such as 25% for a long period of time, the PCM will set a DTC. Codes such as P0171 or P0174 indicate lean conditions and codes such as P0172, P0175 indicate rich conditions Cat Back Exhaust Kit w/3.5OD Muffler Tip For Cadillac Escalade/GMC Yukon (2009-2013) with 6.2L V8 Engine. $488.99. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. The excellent bit about a truck is its strength and its weight. With the GMC performance chip your truck will increase its horsepower and therefore there will be no stress in carrying all the. All you need to know about performance parts and tuning the GM ECOtec engine! We examine ECOtec tuning and provide tips on the optimum modifications for your car. GM ECOtec are popular tuning projects and with carefully picked sports modifications like a remap, turbo upgrades and camshafts you will dramatically maximize your driving pleasure.

PCM Connector: Blue (C1) 1998-99 In this article, you'll find the Pin Out descriptions of the 4 PCM Connectors for the 1998-1999 GM 4.3L, 5.0L or 5.7L Engines. NOTE: For other PCM pin-out charts, take a look at the following: 1993 PCM Pin Out Chart (GM 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L GAS w/ 4L60-E) 1996-2018 GM Truck: 1996-2018 GM SUV: 1997-2018 Corvette: 1998-2002 F-Body & 2010+ Camaro: 2014-2017 Chevrolet SS: 1998+ Other GM Vehicles: Tuning and Scan Tools: Apparel, Decals, Etc: Garage Sale - Used and Discontinued Items: 2014+ DI Intake Test Result i have 2000 Chevy s10 4x4 4.3 vortec has no power at wot idles perfect an runs perfect at 1/4 throttle after 1/4 it bogs down almost like its not getting fuel! I've done spider inj. full tune up fuel filter catalytic check the wiring to to the 02sensors..make sure the wiring is goodyou can use a set of jumper cables to ground the pcm for. 4.3 to 4.3 vortec engine swap. Report. Follow. Asked by Jakers67 Jan 19, 2017 at 12:06 AM about the 1992 Chevrolet C/K 1500 Silverado LB 4WD. Question type: General. Is it possible to replace my 4.3 liter V6 motor with. a 4.3 liter Vortec V6 motor and if so what would it The Hooker Blackheart exhaust is a premium, cat-back exhaust systems for 2010-16 GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 trucks. These single side-exit cat-back systems are engineered to offer both premium fitment and maximum performance from your 4.8/5.3L engine. The Jammer Cold Air Intake covers 2014-2016 GM 5.3L & 6.2L trucks and SUVs

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PCM flash reprogramming has become common as vehicle modules get smarter and more complex. General Motors estimates that they have released flash updates for as many as 70% of 1995 and newer GM vehicles. Part 1: PCM Programming is Nothing New. Flash reprogrammable PCMs have been used in vehicles since the 1990s They do not belong in the PCM Tuning section. Feel free to ask mail order tuning questions in this post though. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Replies 33; Created 13 yr; Last Reply 9 yr; Top Posters In This Topic. 4. 4. 3. 2. Popular Days. Jul 20. 5. Jan 1. 4. Sep 14. 4. Jun 12. 3. Top Posters In This Topic. zippy 4 posts. Mike Frey.

Tunercat OBD2 onlty came out 1 year ago January, this is the only PCM flash/tuner system for the 1996-2000 Vortec 4.3, 5/0, 5.7,7.4. The flash/tuner costs $300 and each vehicle definition program cost $79.00. Here are the vehicles that are supported OBD2_07 1996 - 1997 Vortec Trucks (4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L, 7.4L It is only meant to introduce basic GM EFI tuning and what is capable on even a stock vehicle. We'd recommend training before attempting EFI tuning. Once Bob Morreale of The Tuning School downloaded the 2008 Trailblazer SS's stock tune to his laptop via the HP Tuners interface (hardware) and VCM Suite (software), we took a look at the. BG Performance is your one stop tuning shop for all your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GM tuning needs, we offer complete tuning options for all 1996 to current models domestic and import. Here is a current list of the vehicles we can tune/calibrate via mail in: Select below Link for More Information. Chrysler/Dodge/Jee FEATURED ARTICLE - Real World Tuning Example: Vortec Heads/412 Cam PT67GTQ Syclone on C16 at High Boost - One of the largest pages on the site! Read along as I detail my day spent tuning a low 11 second Stage 3 modified Syclone which normally runs 93 octane pump gas & methanol injection

Re: HELP!!! 96 4.3 vortec w/2wd 4l60e AT??? Reply #2 - Tuesday, Oct 20, 2009, 11:41 PM It aint gonna be cheap I got almost everything but the fuel pump in the shed to go in mine and I probably have close to 3 grand in it ' (4) (3) (2) (1) ' '_____' Your misfire can be cause by couple of things but the cheapest way that you can try to fix your car is to do a tune up by replacing: 1)all spark plugs 2)do a oil change 3)spark plug wires 3)distributor cap and rotor note misfire can be cause by: 1.bad gas 2.spark plug and/or wire 3.distributor cap and/or rotor 4.

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1994 S-10 4x4 pickup, 4.3L, VIN W. 215,000 on the truck, 40 or so on a GM crate engine. A week or 2 ago the truck started missing and surging anywhere but idle or wot. Starts fine, even today when it was -15, fuel pressure 52 running, holds after shut down, newer plugs/wires/cap rotor, tested MAP sensor and tests good, tested resistance changes. 3 Things Needed There are basically 3 things you need to record diagnostic data from a GM based On Board Diagnostic 1 ( OBD1 ) system on your 1982 - 1995 era car. 1 - A PC computer, preferably a laptop, to collect, log, and analyze the OBD data. 2 - An ALDL cable to interface your PC computer to the ALDL OBDI diagnostic port on your car. 3 - A software program running on your PC to capture the. This allows owners of GM cars and light trucks to get a true custom tune that is done solely by Team ZR-1 and the remotes simply using our PCM flash tool to spend a few minutes of their labor to do the PCM flashing and make profits from doing so plus assuring their customers getting the best custom tune that fits the makeup of their car or. Identifying Your GM PCM. GM Generation 3+ PCM's come in three major styles as follows: The early Generation III PCM, 1997 to 1998. The late Generation III PCM, 1999 to mid-2007. The Generation IV PCM w/transmission controller, 2005-present. Make sure your PCM and harness are compatible, if they were not pulled from the same vehicle UltraPower Custom Tuning. Applications: GM/Workhorse P32 w/ 7.4L Vortec Engine (L29) GM Trucks with 7.4L Vortec Engine (L29) Chevrolet & Workhorse Motor Home Chassis from 1996-2000 (L29) Benefits: Gains of 30-35 HP and 35-40 lb-ft torque on 1996-1997 model years. Gains of 40-45 HP and 45-50 lb-ft torque on 1998-2000 model years

Did some research and found this info in GM-SI: Fault Active or Fault Pending--displacement on demand (DoD) is disabled for the following faults: 05 Envoy Denali, 5.3 L V8, 3.73 Gears w/G80, 202K miles, PCM of NC Tune, Magnaflow muffler *FORMER* 05 Avalanche Z71, 5.3 L V8, K&N Air Filter, PCM of NC Tune, 3.42 Gears w/G80. 102k miles. (Frame. 2007-2008. GMC Acadia 3.6L . Custom Performance PCM. Need: YOUR PCM, VIN, PCM Serv # $49

GM PCM Tunes - $150 for life waynehartwig · Vendor. Joined Sep 19, 2004 · 11,821 Posts . Discussion Starter · #21 · Nov 18, 2010. KarateDoc said: Can you do a 4.3 tbi Click to expand... As long as it's 98 and up. and Axle Good Seller/Buyer List! www.150Tunes.com www.DiffsOnly.com 10% PIRATE COUPON CODE (not valid for harnesses and. 1 Answer. 1996 4.3 vortec S10. Cranks wont start when engine/ outside temp is cold. Have used starting fluid,will start and run rest of day. Fuel pmp is cycling relay is working,needed a tune up I replaced all plugs, wires, cap,rotor, fuel filter,started fine. Sat all night would not start this morning PCM DTC List; Custom operating systems (VCM Enhancements) 1 Bar Speed Density Enhanced (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only) 2 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only) 5 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen4 V8 only) 3 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only) Built in unit conversion; Built in calculator; VCM Scanner TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION We will have another page for programming equipment, software and accessories needed for changing bin files on chips and another on Tuning! Coming soon! 2. Throttle Body Injection = TBI The 4.3, 5.0 and 5.7 TBI's are all the same CFM with 1 11/16th bores. The injectors are different sizes. The 454 is larger with close to 2 inch bores Swapped a '98 5.7 Vortec into a '97 Chevy 1/2 ton 4x4 that originally came with a 4.3 Vortec. Changed everything under the hood to match the 5.7 (entire harness, and VCM). The '98 was equipped with Pa read mor

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Vortec engine manual Click here to download Chevy 5 3 vortec engine diagram car tuning. Pay for gm vortec 6000 6.0l lq4,lq9 master service manual. Egr position sensor location 4 3. on 94 4 3 vortec engine diagram. Diagram additionally 5 3 egr block off intake manifold. on 5 3 vort.. This is for specific 2018+ Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles. You receive a Trinity and an unlocked ECU and have 14 days to ship back your factory unit. For $819 you get the Trinity-2 with unlocked pcm AND CMR tuning for stock to bolt on modified vehicles. Cam/Head stage 2 or Blower/Turbo stage 3 tuning is additional

Page 3 of 3: How to Test the GM Ignition Control Module (1995-2005). TEST 4: Testing for the ICM Trigger Signal from the PCM. Related Articles/Tutorials Superchips offers the world's best-selling lineup of performance programmers and tuners for both gas and diesel trucks as well as Jeep® Wrangler

used bench tested pcm with proven gm part number 12200411 99 06 chevy 4 8 5 3 6 0 5 7 v8 pcm ecu tuning service ls1 p01 p59 standalone this is for a ecu i will program to your specs this is a delphi service 12200411 powertrain control module pcm that is used in many drive by cable, hps software allows for the almos 2001 chevy s10 4.3 vortec not starting issues please read and help? 2 Answers. I am trying to get my truck going. It was running fine and then died. It's an 01 4.3 vortec s10 2wd with 83k on it. Anyway, it cranks over. New plugs, wires, cap, rotor. Great spark. Great compress.. Reprogramming of Gen 3 PCM including Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Trans Am, Vortec etc. Elimination of the following: -VATs security -EGR -Rear O2s -Air Pump -Evap System Modifications of the following: -Rev limiter -Tire Size -Gear Ratios -Cooling Fan Control We tune each PCM, we don't take short cuts and clone your PCM!! Truck Super Tune Up Kit for 1996-02 GM 4.3L Vortec Engines Tune up kit for Chevy, GMC, truck and van with the 4.3L V6 Vortec engine. Part # TST1 Be the first to write a revie PCM Reprogramming. Cloning of PCMs (no need to re-license/credits HPTuners). Custom Wiring Harness. 2009 4.3 Vortec engine, was good running when taken out of boat, bought for a project but did not use. Has approximately 150 Km on it. new Sierra International 18-5274 Marine Tune Up kit V-6. Cap and rotor, new Sierra ignition wire set. The EcoTec3 lineup consists of the following powerplants: 4.3L V6 LV3 (this engine) 5.3L V8 L83. 6.2L V8 L86. All three engines are mated with proven, efficient six-speed transmissions in the.