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Cost Effective, Quality And Time Saving Services. Contact Our Experts Today. The UK's Leading Roofing & Cladding Consultancy Save Time and Shop Online for Your Kitchen. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Content Glass Curtain Wall • Overview Research topics • Attachment Systems • Air Barriers and Sealants Case study I • Rain Penetration and moisture control • System joints and connections Case study II • Thermal Insulation and R values • Systems Comparisons Metal Panel, rigid with Insulation Research topic

Glass fin curtain wall facade . The project was conducted through a library method and case-by-case study from various sources and translation of related texts. In the glass facade, the structure of planar and geometrical networks has different behaviors in the structure of the building. The choice of structure and geometry for the glass. Case Study | UL Uses Creative Problem Solving to Fix Glass Breakage Issues in Chicago Curtain Wall. Glass breakage issues within a curtain wall presented problems on the campus of a Chicagoland area university. A construction consultant used lab testing to assess feasibility of a planned solution, saving the client time and money and helping to. Finwall ®. What is Finwall ® Finwall ® is an exclusive structural wall system comprised of facade glass panels and vertical glass mullions designed to resist site specific design loads. Finwall ® can be used in openings up to between 11′ and 16′ high, depending on facade glass type. The system provides the aesthetic design characteristics of an exterior flush-glazed wall using interior. Existing glass curtain wall's weather resistance & guest comfort were compromised. To accommodate aesthetic requirements, a custom structural glass system was designed. Extremely tight project schedule was required so that facility would be ready for the start of racing season

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The curtain wall varies little from ground to top. It's a fully customized system, but cladding is one area where you don't want to take too many risks, says George Efstathiou, the managing partner at SOM's Chicago office who directed the project. Typical panels on the Burj measure 4 feet 6 inches wide by 10 feet 8 inches high and. Curtain Walls. Glass curtain walls can replace your existing solid walls to make an otherwise ordinary room into something spectacular. Aluminium glazed walls effortlessly blur the divide between in-and outside, allowing your living spaces to be filled with panoramic views and natural light glass aluminium curtain walls • the glass and aluminum curtain wall system is a marvel of engineering and architecture. • a totally non combustible system of glass and aluminum requiring minimal maintenance and providing years of aesthetic quality and building envelope performance

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Despite the existence of various installation forms, limited work has been conducted to study the effect of installation forms on the breaking behavior of frame supported curtain walls ; in particular, to the authors' knowledge semi-exposed and hidden framing façades have not previously been studied in depth.The thermal response of point supported glass curtain walls has been investigated. Case Study: Shading Protection Fins in New BBVA Headquarters in Madrid General concept of building The New BBVA Headquarters in Madrid (see Figure 1) is a complex of buildings hosting the offices of all employees of one of the biggest banks in Spain, with a unique and distinguishable corporate image The bid was awarded to the German firm, Seele GmbH & Co, under a design-build contract. This collaboration between architect and manufacturer helped the curtain wall system develop from the initial design concepts into constructible reality with little loss in translation. The team reviewed the design of the system and its components from many. The global glass curtain wall market size was valued at USD 46.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.0% from 2020 to 2027. Rising focus on improving the energy efficiency of the building structures coupled with growing investment in the development of green buildings are projected to drive the. The application of the One Single Model Procedure, a case study. The case study has been inspired by a real Maffeis Engineering project. The extension of the curtain wall is about 280 m2 and it is composed by 60 indipendent panels: the shape of the wall starts with a skylight whose panels are almost horizontal and it ends with a vertical.

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  1. GLASSCON GmbH is a german premium facade contractor with subsidiaries & partners worldwide. GLASSCON offers worldwide from one hand full integrated turn key building envelopes, facade systems, curtain walls, facade engineering
  2. Structural Behavior of Curtain Walls Past studies have showed that curtain walls seem to be resistant against lateral forces mainly earthquake, but there is measurable amount of damage caused. Even though damage can be repaired, there is economy loss and delay in business activity. Curtain walls are considered as structural elements of a building
  3. 21-nov-2016 - Explora el tablero de Christian Manrique Dis&Curtain wall en Pinterest. Ver más ideas sobre fachada vidrio, detalles constructivos, fachadas
  4. 3.2 km (2 mi) north of the original Washington Heights campus and overlooking the Hudson River is the CUMC - Columbia University Medical Center - an enormous school of medicine covering six blocks of the northernmost part of Manhattan. This is also the site of the new avant-garde medical, teaching and simulation facility, the Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center
  5. ated Glass is composed of two or more layers of monolithic glass bonded with a thin but tough sheet interlayer material, most commonly polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The.

In effect, Scott Hall's curtain wall creates spaces that glow with light that has passed through the glass layers and has diffused into a plethora of colors—from warm amber to cool grape to. AA STRUCTURAL CASE STUDY . RCH 631 Prof. Anne Nichols Material Presence Skin: - Stainless steel extrusions with laminated green glass. - Curtain wall of 33000 panels. Concrete : - Greater damping than steel, reduces sway- improves occupant comfort in windy conditions - Allows members to be smaller and lighter : an advantage i In this study, Emek Ýþhaný, a sealed office building located in Ankara, whose curtain wall system was renovated in 2001, was investigated in terms of its natural ventilation potential under two. CASE STUDY: CLEAR GLASS WALLS KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK. When designing a stadium suite at the Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds, a client approached Solar Innovations ® for a custom clear glass wall. The glass wall would be located on a higher level and was designed as a high-class bar and lounge area for executives 6.1 Glass Wall 21 6.1.1 Design of glass fin / glass beam 21 6.1.2 Deflection of glass fin / glass beam 22 6.1.3 Design of glass column 23 6.2 Curtain Wall, Window and Window Wall 23 6.3 Tensioning Structural System 23 6.4 Glass Balustrade 23 6.4.1 Glass balustrade acting as protective barrier 24 6.4.2 Impact resistance of glass pane as.

The glass walls can be shut entirely for focused learning and privacy from the adjacent space. With automatic top and bottom seals, as well as two layers of glass, the Acousti-Clear partition boasts a sound rating of 45 STC. The walls can be left open, to improve air ventilation and flow of students. When the walls are fully open, the panels. Welcome Change with Klein Moveable Glass Walls. Say goodbye to the old days of static, cold and unchanging office design.It's easy to change your moveable glass walls as your company grows and evolves. Klein's Panoramic Frameless Glass Office System can be reconfigured with ease, saving you the hassle and expense of investing in a new system Four curtain wall case studies show different ways to address daylight while achieving superior aesthetics and performance in new and renovated buildings. The two glass modules in each panel are laid in plane, as opposed to offset, as would be the case in a true operable window. This was done in order to match the profile of the original. T500-OPG1900 (Thermal) NFRC Arcadia is working with NFRC regulations to provide Component Modeling Approach (CMA) Certificates. OPG-1900 CAPTURED THERMAL U-FACTORS* CONFIGURATION AND SIZE CENTER OF. Operation: (2 1/4 X 7) For 1/4 - 1 1/8 Glass. Framing

passive green building case study Cascade Ventilati on The cascade ventilation a cascade circulation system that recycles air from the offices and common areas into the labs, where it is vented out Case Study: Steel Curtain Wall System is a Landmark for Justice in Butte County. In Chico, California, a new 67,433 square-foot courthouse rises out of the ground like the picturesque buttes in the area's surrounding foothills

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The glass is 2 1⁄2 inches thick and weighs 15 lb. 6. ELECTROCHROMIC GLASS | SageGlass While the single-panel glass curtain wall in the lobby of Boston's Museum of Science provided views of the Charles River basin, the light from a low-angle sun reflected deep into the museum, and guests did not appreciate the glare GLASSCON stands for deeper knowledge in facade engineering, especially when it comes to special Spider Glass Curtain Walls. GLASSCON is probably one of the most qualified European companies regarding Point Fixed Glazing with numerous realized projects with Glass fins, tension rods, prestressed cables etc. in its record. GLASSCONs point fixed glazing systems and spider walls Interior glass curtain wall systems are based on the idea of structural facades and exterior curtain walls. Using vertical aluminum mullions, a glass curtain wall system provides a flexible and modular separation of space. Since it bears no structural weight, it can be placed exactly where you need it, providing a host of benefits

The curtain walls were bookended to the north and south by white, monolithic Vermont marble cladding. The Secretariat's sleek, slab-like form was a departure from New York's common blocky towers and its sparkling glass curtain wall articulated the post-war era's aspirations of modernity and transparency The Grange School, Runcorn Architect: Aedas Window Systems 3 Contents www.kawneer.co.uk Window Systems Product Selector 4 AA ®720 Outward Opening Window Systems 6 AA ®720 Standard Casement Window 10 AA ®720 SL Slimline Casement Window 16 AA ®720 Pivot Window 22 AA ®720 Parallel Opening Window 28 AA ®720 Inward Opening Window Systems 32 AA ®720 Tilturn Window 3

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The paper discusses the design, fabrication and the execution of the cladding supported by steel trusses and curtain wall of a sports club. The cladding and the curtain walls were subjected to a wind load of 1.2 Kpa considering basic wind speed of 25 m/s as per the project specifications. The first part of the paper deals with the cladding work of the canopy that consist of a 4 mm thick. Burk designed the southern façade with long brick-like Arizona Stone and a very large glass curtain wall. The glass curtain wall let an immense amount of natural light into the showroom, a crucial element for showcasing cars. This was the building's way of attracting customers and announcing the presence of the automobile

between the insulating glass units and the curtain wall frame. A global leader in silicon-based technology with local and international presence, Dow was readily available to consult with customers and supply technical expertise and products to project partners across Europe, Middle East, Korea and China. DOWSIL™ 3362 Insulating Glass Sealan A new report aims to shatter what it suggests are lingering misperceptions about the performance of Toronto's so-called glass towers. The window walls commonly used to enclose condos have improved, addressing some of the issues associated with past generations of the glazed cladding, say the authors of Window Wall and Curtain Wall: An objective review The Curtain Wall System is a thermally enhanced aluminum tubular glazing system for commercial and residential applications. Curtain walls are an excellent way to bring natural light into a room while remaining protected from the elements. In residential applications, curtain walls can be constructed for exterior walls that showcase a beautiful. Aesthetically the Seagram Building still displays a structural quality, which holds in truth with earlier themes from Mies' buildings. In order to seal the joints where the glass curtain wall meets the structural members, welded angles form pockets to seat the glazed panels as shown in Figure 3 Nov 7, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Jing Zhang. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

6 Glass Curtain Wall Market, By System (Page No. - 39) 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Unitized 6.2.1 Unitized Curtain Wall Segment to Dominated the Glass Curtain Wall Market in 2017 6.3 Stick 6.3.1 Easier Installation Feature Leads to the Demand for Stick Curtain Wall Systems. 7 Glass Curtain Wall Market, By End-Use (Page No. - 42) 7.1 Introductio The CW150 Curtain Wall has been developed to provide a robust and flexible Curtain Wall solution for small to mid-sized curtain wall projects. While targeted at buildings up to a nominal 10 stories high, due to its superior design it may be used on larger projects depending upon wind loads. Key features of the CW150 is the strict AS4284 testing. The Elite ™ Free Standing Partition System offers the utmost versatility in creating and customizing rooms. The system stands independently in combination with stainless steel components and toughened glass panels. The need for head fixing is not required in most applications, single point wall and floor fixings are all that are needed

Minimum U-values are given in the Building Regulations, equal to 0.35 W/m 2 K for walls and 2.2 W/m 2 K for windows and curtain walling. Better insulation (lower U-values ) averaged over the building envelope can be achieved by increasing the areas of opaque wall and reducing the areas of windows Glass mullion system - Designing Buildings Wiki - Share your construction industry knowledge. A glass mullion system is a type of glazing system that can be used to construct vertical glass curtain walls, canopies, skylights, and so on, allowing large areas of glazing to be created whilst maintaining a high level of transparency PROPOSED CURTAIN WALL ELEV.ATIONS Presentation Outline: • Project Background • Analysis 1-IPD • IPD Case Study • Coffer Design Overview • Analysis 2- Curtain Wall System • System Design • Cost/Schedule Impact • Benefit Analysis West • Analysis 3- LED Temp. Lighting • FLEX SLS System • Lighting/ Electrical Breadt The tower is clad with a double-skin façade that follows the geometry of tilted cylinders, in order to standardize the curtain wall panels and reduce costs. The lobby is enclosed by a warped glass wall that creatively solves the challenges posed by its complex 3D geometry by using cold-bent glass and hybrid glass-and-steel structural fins

The curtain wall and storefront framing used are ideal for both cold and warm conditions, providing high energy efficiency and condensation resistance. The Results: It was a logistically challenging project, admits Scott Ide of Brin Contract Glazing. Now that the project is completed, everybody is happy with it As architecture advances with new materials to create ever increasing sleek modern commercial buildings and shopping malls to attract visitors, curtain walls have increased in popularity. A typical curtain wall is made of extruded aluminium and glass and covers the exterior of a building. Soft Tech's software solution provides the curtain wall design and estimator software functionality Sierra Pacific builds everything from elegant French swinging doors to entire door panel systems that disappear into a wall. With new construction, you also get the advantage of our integral nailing fin for installation, which helps Sierra Pacific doors go in like clockwork OFFICE 11. STAFF CAFE 12. EXECUTIVE SUITES 13. MEETING ROOM 14. RECEPTION MATERIAL 19 FACADE MATERIAL • An aluminum and glass façade • Stainless steel bull nose fins • Is covered by LED screen 20 21 NON-STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS 22 CLADDING SYSTEM OF CURTAIN WALLS 1 Experimental and numerical study on GFRP-glass adhesively bonded joints L. Valarinho, J.R. Correia, F.A. Branco & J. Sena-Cruz. Durable high design strength in glass curtain wall P. Vandereecken, M. Elliott & M. Plettau. A mounting element for higher modulus adhesive bonding of photovoltaic modules B. Weller & L. Tautenhah

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CW50: Residential Curtain Wall. Tiltco's CW50 thermally broken aluminum curtain wall façade and roof system offers great creative freedom, providing ample natural light into the building, with an emphasis on minimal design and aesthetics. The system has limitless combinations of vertical and inclined planes, together with the integration of. Curtain Wall - Span Wall. T350 Span Wall Series; Curtain Wall - Ti Beam. T500-Ti Beam 1 Series 5 1/2″ T500-Ti Beam 1 Series 6 1/2″ T500-Ti Beam 1 Series 8 7/16″ T500-Ti Beam 1 Series 9 7/8″ T500-Ti Beam 3 Series; Sloped Wall. T500SW Series; Unitized/Panelized. UW670T Series (Non-Thermal or Thermal) UW770T Series; UW3061 Series; UW2571.

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  1. 18 How is the crate positioned when crating glass before shipping? A. Flat on the floor. B. Perpendicular to the floor. C. Slipped over stacked glass. D. Leaning at 15° against a solid support. 19 Where should slings be placed when lifting glass cases overhead? A. On the sides of the case. B. On the sides, under cleats. C. Underneath at 1/3.
  2. Giroux Glass' scope for the 30,000-sq. ft. hotel included intricate decorative antiqued mirror at the stairway and nightclub levels; mirrors for the property's five bars; and shower glass and bathroom mirrors for each of the guest rooms, as well as in gym and spa areas
  3. An excerpt of the extended Perkins&Will case study wood elements of 1 De Haro's stunning wood ceilings and wide open spaces between its massive columns inspired a glass curtain wall that wraps the building. The expansive windows naturally light the space and showcase the material to the outside world as well. As Perkins&Will Design.
  4. -first glass curtain-wall skyscraper to be constructed in New York. A large percentage of the site is given to a plaza, which makes possible the sheer slab -This large house for the patron of FLW's Falling Water was not part of the Case Study House program, but it explored the same spatial themes as Neutra's unrealized Case Study House.
  5. Alucobond, manufactured by 3A Composites, brings a superior metal panel image to any project. Alucobond, known for its lightweight qualities, also has other desirable attributes such as a rainbow of consistent color and finish options, the ability to form textures or curves or the option to create modules. When you need to present an exceptionally flat, high-tech metal panel image, Alucobond.

This is the newest place to search, delivering top results from across the web. Find updated content daily for curtain wall glass ANALYSIS I - Alternate Curtain Wall System Existing System A metal-and-glass curtain wall system covers six stories of the south façade of the Elliott School of International Affairs. Installation of the stick system progressed slowly, resulting in numerous delays to interior work and, ultimately, the overall project schedule Lastly, we needed to address the problem created by not having the expanses of glass curtain wall to separate and define the masses of the building. Using brick at the other end of the tonal range, a black manganese brick, allowed us to create separating dark voids similar to the use of curtainwall's literal void architecture. Towards this goal, the use of glass and curtain walls is common in office buildings. The building façade is a key factor for the amount of energy 1.6 issues leading to the need of this study 5 1.7 Problem statement 6 Case studies show that double-skin façades usually increase indoor environmental quality and occupant.

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CASE STUDY A NEW ANGLE TO SOLVING SOLAR CONTROL SOLUTIONS - OCTOBER 2017 GLARE AND HEAT GAIN. be operated via wall switch, and feature Mermet E Screen With the changing break-line in the curtain wall glass per shade, each shade was slightly different. Different lengt Glass curtain-wall systems are extensively used in modern construction. They can be manufactured as building facades with high-efficiency properties prescribed by the designer; among these properties, the most important are high strength-to-self-weight ratio, serviceability requirements, recyclability of the constituent parts, as well as transparency and overall aesthetic characteristics Glass curtain walls are ubiquitous in contemporary building construction. Their design and specification, from standard off-the-shelf systems to highly-customized systems, requires careful understanding of curtain wall components, engineering, and performance requirements Commissioned five-story curtain wall consisting of insulated glass, laminated handmade antique glass, and commercial tinted glass. Case study: Finding a balance between openness and protection In each fin, a thin strip of dichroic glass projects colored light onto the building façade and into the conservatory classrooms—to the. • Glass edge area In the case of special designs and constructions, the problem of analysis is a little more complicated. Here, the opaque element behind the glass (e.g. insulation) reflects thermal flow back onto the glass. This has the effect of warming up the air-space between the opaque element and therefore the glass itself

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A Variety of Interior Glass Wall and Wood Options to Suit Your Needs. LIGNEA is also available with or without a bottom profile for fixed glass. Also, it is absent of floor tracks, which leaves the passage area clear. It comes in both fixed ½ or 5/8 glass and supports up to 220 lbs. per sliding wood panel, measuring between 1 3/8 and. AGA gets it done with a unique combination of deep technical expertise, true design excellence, and unmatched project management. A respect for the vision, coupled with a deep-seated commitment to efficiency. We don't make excuses or say it can't be done.. We roll up our sleeves and find a way. We make it happen. That's why our. Anglian Architectural are architectural glazing specialists in the UK. We are designers, fabricators and installers of all aspects of architectural glazing, rainscreen systems, curtain walling, facades, windows and doors. We offer a personal service for architects, fabricators, main contractors and domestic customers in a variety of glazing and cladding products

Case study: balcony with glass railing water visualization As a final case study, we were called out to the west coast to look at a balcony railing detail that has resulted in dripping, staining, and cracks in the stucco wall below (Figure 52 and Figure 53) The facade consisted of a composition of brick, contrasted with Etalbond (FR) Basalt Black Rainscreen, Curtain Wall, and projecting balconies. Case Study - Fortescue Rd, Colliers Wood: The development consists of 74 one, two and three bedroom apartments developed by Skillcrown Concerning the adjustment of the curtain-wall systems to their bearing structure, brackets have slotted holes, that is bolt 1 has a freedom to move slightly in the direction of the Y Y axis and bolts 2 have a freedom to move slightly in the direction of the X X axis (Fig. 2(a)). When a fault is introduced to the structure (e.g. a bolt is partially slacked), the boundary conditions. Adding glass curtain walls on portions of the Lodge exterior; Upgraded lobby finishes; Military construction projects are about balance. Structures need to meet finite budgets and strict Department of Defense standards, including Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (ATFP) rules, while serving their intended purpose with distinction

to wind or (past) seismic induced drifts. Therefore, even a well designed architectural glass curtain wall or window could potentially pose some seismic hazard after many years in service. Inspection of the existing architectural glass curtain walls or windows by a curtain wall professional is an essential part of the evaluation process glass curtain walls so important to Modern architecture, while their patterns imparted an air of designer it will be an invitation to give serious study to local conditions of climate and site, to understand His 1959 essay The Case Against the Tail-Fin Age was a blistering attack on popular American culture. Of his 1954 embassy, a. coordinate the erection sequence of Curtain Wall B, which will not see real wind-imposed pressures. The proposed curtain wall design strategy suggested addressing 85% of the negative 4.5 kPa with a standardized segmented unitized system that is uniform throughout the building's exterior glass wall. Pea

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Find the best Wall Unit Bookcases for your home in 2021 with the carefully curated selection available to shop at Houzz. Whether you are looking for Wall Unit Bookcases that can mix and match colors, materials, styles, or want Bookcases with a unique, one-of-a-kind feature, you'll be able to find the perfect piece right here Steel is the most suitable material to use to support facades in circumstances where glazing has to be supported over distances of more than about four metres. The strength and stiffness of steel is such that supporting elements are of smaller section and therefore less obtrusive than would be the case with other commonly-used materials such as aluminium Centria paneling, 5,680 square feet of louvers and almost 20,000 square feet of curtain wall in this extensive Las Vegas new construction. 71Above High-tech dynamic windows provide sweeping 360-degree views at 1,000 feet above the streets of downtown Los Angeles LCQ14: Safety of Windows and Curtain Wall ***** Following is a question by the Hon Claudia Mo and a written reply by the Secretary for Development, Mr Paul Chan, in the Legislative Council today (December 5): Question: It has been reported that in September this year, a huge window pane of an upper floor unit at The Arch, a luxury residential project in West Kowloon, cracked suddenly, and the. underside of a fin wall. 555 . Posted in Detail - cedar shingles horizontal cedar siding installed against aluminum panel and curtain wall window. 497 . Posted in Detail - cedar boards | Comments Off. Cypress - wood siding. only search this website: mitered corner. insect screen. 559 . Posted in --> case study - Cypress, Cypress = wood.

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  1. Glass and Glazing Federation A Guide to Best Practice in Curtain walling systems Section 7 - Frameless (butt-jointed) Systems Types of systems material behaviour, test information, appropriate case studies, fire science principles or appropriate engineering-based equations and processes. Responsibilitie
  2. The purpose of this guideline is to provide design and construction suggestions for cleanrooms housing bio-pharmaceutical processes. Scope. The following suggestions are intended to assume that the facilities, when used properly, will meet the airborne Particulate Classes for Cleanrooms and Clean Zones, and will provide an environment that does not negatively affect bio-pharmaceutical.
  3. The residential sector is responsible for 29% of the total energy consumption of the UK, with 62% of this energy being used for space heating. Heat loss through the fabric of building elements is a crucial factor in the energy efficiency of homes, and a wide number of studies have looked at physical interventions to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings, commonly called retrofit.
  4. This document contains a range of works done during the graduate studies program at SCI-Arc 900 mm Corrugated Curtain Wall. Clamped and Bolted to the Structural Beams Toughened Glass fin.
  5. Mar 2008 - Jun 2013. Parkroyal on Pickering is a 367-room, 5-star hotel located in the heart of Singapore. Its stunning design has earned the development countless awards. The façade works largely contributed to its success, and include unitised curtain walls, GFRC cladding, glass walls, glazed canopies and more

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  1. ated glass Fresh and high quality float glass Tempered glass Low-e coated glass,Low-energy-saving composite glass,Acid glass Product Description : La
  2. ium doors and windows for people's homes and for commercial-use buildings. Turning an architect's
  3. ated glass, using criteria and procedures established in international standards. In these studies, it was found that when both layers of glass broke in tempered la
  4. SKL Home Sea Glass 70-Inch x 72-Inch PEVA Shower Curtain in White. 85. 85 reviews. NON-MEMBER PRICE. $14.99. BEYOND+ MEMBER PRICE. $11.99. Top Rated. Ships free orders over $39
  5. A curtain is a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure light, air drafts, or (in the case of a shower curtain) water. A curtain is also the movable screen or drape in a theater that separates the stage from the auditorium or that serves as a backdrop/background.. Curtains are often hung on the inside of a building's windows to block the passage of light

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  1. The apartment towers at 860-880 Lake Shore Drive, completed in 1951 and designed by Mies van der Rohe, are considered among Chicago's most famous and prestigious addresses. Capturing the sentiment of modern living reflected in the composition of glass and steel, the towers reflect both the sentiment of the mid-twentieth century and the role of architecture in reflecting the aspirations.
  2. Customize your cool. With Construction Specialties' Sun Controls, Sun Shades and Daylight Systems, your design can take on intricate patterns, sleek textures, vivid colors and even LED lighting—all while promoting lower energy costs and reduced glare, and allowing filtered light to enter interiors and occupants to see out
  3. Maximize your floor space with wall-mounted storage. This metal bracket is part of an adjustable shelving system with upright standards and shelf boards (sold separately) to make a heavy duty adjustable, wall-mounted storage solution. The brackets and shelves can be easily adjusted to ensure customized storage
  4. g civic building that the area residents would be proud to use
Specially-adapted façade solution from WICONA helps to