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Answer: Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate is not labeled to kill bees. The product label states, this product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds if bees are visiting the treatment area Answer: Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate is not labeled to kill bees. The product label states, this product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds

Does spectracide Triazicide kill bees? Answer: Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate is not labeled to kill bees. The product label states, this product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or residues on blooming crops or weeds amdro quick kill insect killer hose end spray 656016 spectracide triazicide granule 1lb 108151 p.f. harris 1 gallon stink bug killer, ready to use 957769 s.a. thuricide 8oz, concentrate 967130 amdro quick kill ant killer 32oz, ready to spray 944976 amdro quick kill insect killer, concentrate 655348 spectracide triazicide granules, 20lb 10695

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  1. Spectracide Triazicide is an insecticide solution used to kill and repel many outdoor pests. The solution can be used to kill over 260 listed insects, making this a really universal solution. We can immediately say, however, that it won't work on every pest you can find in your backyard
  2. Spectracide® Triazicide® Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate features a fast-acting formula that kills 260+ listed insects by contact. Up to 3 months control of pests: house crickets, carpenter ants, harvester ants, ladybeetles and earwigs
  3. g crops or weeds. Keeping this in view, does Ortho Home Defense kill grasshoppers
  4. Spectracide® Triazicide® Insect Killer For Lawns Granules Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns Granules kills 100+ types of lawn-damaging as listed. It kills insects on contact above and below the ground, including ants, crickets, centipedes, pill bugs, fleas and grubs. Apply with a broadcast or rotary spreader to the lawn
  5. t, and soapy water makes them unable to fly while suffocating.
  6. What insects does Triazicide kill? Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns Granules kills 100+ types of lawn-damaging as listed. It kills insects on contact above and below the ground, including ants, crickets, centipedes, pill bugs, fleas and grubs. Apply with a broadcast or rotary spreader to the lawn
  7. Bee kill rate per hive. The kill rate of bees in a single bee hive can be classified as: < 100 bees per day - normal die off rate 200-400 bees per day - low kill 500-900 bees per day - moderate kill 1000+ bees per day - High Kill Pesticide formulations. Pesticides come in different formulations: Dusts (D) Wettable powders (WP

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Spectracide Triazicide Once & Done Insect Killer Concentrate has a quick-acting formula which kills and repels over 180 tough outdoor insects including ants, roaches, crickets, grasshoppers, earwigs, mites, ticks, and stink bugs on contact. Please consult the label for a complete list of insects. It provides continuous protection for as long as. Sawflies are related to wasps and bees. Their name comes from the saw-like ovipositor (egg-laying structure) of adult females. Adult sawflies are small, stout-bodied, non-stinging wasp-like insects, although they are seldom noticed in the landscape. It is specific to caterpillars and does not kill sawfly larvae. Contact residual.

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The squash vine borer is a common clearwing moth in home gardens in Minnesota. It is a serious pest of vine crops, commonly attacking summer squash, winter squash and pumpkins. Cucumbers and melons are less frequently affected. It is active mid-June through July. In home gardens, entire crops may be lost in a year of high borer populations Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawn & Landscape is used to kill and repel over 130+ different outdoor pests. Its long-lasting formula protects lawns, shrubs, vegetables and flowers from plant eating pests. We love that it kills pests on contact. It is ready-to-use and comes with a built-in sprayer which eliminates the hassle of mixing Joined May 15, 2012. ·. 5,400 Posts. #5 • Jul 10, 2013. Heterorhabditis indica nematodes run about $30.00 for 5 million enough to treat the area around 50 hives or more, it seems to work, and 60 cents a hive is more than economical. V How much de does it take to kill a bee and how much does it take do damage a hive? Reply. Vanessa Messmer says: August 10, 2019 at 6:02 am. Can I use alcohol on my outside plants to kill aphids? Will alcohol hurt my bees? Thank you! Reply. Janet says: August 29, 2019 at 1:50 pm

Decis and other pyrethroids can kill bees, and that is why you should spraying late at night after dark when they are not out. If the guidelines are followed Decis is probably one of the safest. It is not systemic, it stays on the surface of leafs and canes. The day after it will not harm bees, unlike some suspect is the case with imidacloprid Pesticide Toxicity to Earthworms. by Daryl Pulis, Mrs. Green Thumb. Once called the intestines of the Earth by Aristotle, earthworms are both indicators of soil health and help to improve the soil as they move through it. Earthworms tunnel deep within the soil, creating channels for air and water to pass through Prothor uses a unique non repellent active so the bees won't know its present. Prothor is labeled for use on turf grass for a range of insects including grubs so for long term control, Prothor is well suited. It will not only kill the active bees digging and nesting but months later it will still be active enough to kill the hatching young

What pests does Talstar P kill? Talstar P combats a wide range of pest insects and arachnids both indoors and out. This insecticide kills everything from mosquitoes, ants, termites, bedbugs, and flies to wasps, bees, spiders, centipedes, crickets, and many other pests. (For a full list of Talstar P's target pests, click here. The dropping bee population is especially worrisome for humans because more than 70 percent of the world's food crops are, at the least, partially pollinated by bees. Without the help of our friendly neighborhood bees, people around the world would face some serious struggle when it comes to growing food crops Does triazicide kill earthworms. Triazicide will not control grubs. May 24, 2018 · Improper spreader settings can lead to a waste of time and money if too much product is used and callbacks from customers if too little product is dispersed. Plus they don't do nearly as much damage now as in fall. Kill it with fire before it kills your yard I do a light sprinkling every spring across whole yard, beds, and house perimeter. I pull any weed flowers first to keep treated blossoms away from bees. See very few bugs gardening or on pets. Always still tons of worms after a big rain or when digging Bees and Wasps (Excluding Honey Bees) Several different kinds of stinging insects nest in and around the home lawn. These can be divided into two groups: solitary nesters and social nesters. Cicada killers, carpenter bees, and mud daubers are examples of solitary nesters, but there are hundreds of other species, most of which go largely unnoticed

Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer Concentrate The concentrate labeled for earwig control has the active ingredient gamma-cyhalothrin . Among its evident strong points is durable effect lasting up to three months and a large area coverage amounting to more than 5,000 square meters Carbaryl is a highly toxic, general-use insecticide common for caterpillar and other insect control. According to Cornell University, carbaryl is a highly effective insecticide that works by direct contact or inhalation; however, it is dangerous to humans and animals if improperly applied. Based in Durham, N.H., Joshua Tuliano has been writing. Cyonara will readily kill kill gypsy moths quickly and its easy to use. Treatments will last 2-3 weeks and all you have to do is hook it up to your garden hose and start treating. A single quart can cover up to 15,000 sq/ft so it goes a long way. Plus it uses the power of your garden hose water pressure so you should be able to reach 20-30 feet. It WILL KILL honey bees and other good pollinators, so DO NOT use when plant is flowering or near the flowers of the plant! No use in saving the plant if you can't get live pollinators in there so to help produce fruit. For application please use gloves and wash your hands and clothes. Using fine cheese cloth or pantyhose over the container.

Does it kill fleas at all stages? Some products only kill off the adult specimens, leaving the eggs and larvae. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer. there are reports of butterflies and bees dying as well. The Flagline spray has an Amazon rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. The price range starts at $26 for a 16-ounce container and goes up. The Ortho Lawns Bug B Gone can kill over 100 types of insects. But the Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer can eliminate over 260 types of insect pests: many types of ants, fleas, ticks, crane. Gets your garden free of most things that crawl on the ground or fly in the air. I recommend this product to everyone who is concerned about killing bees as Triazicide targets less insect species compared to other products. Additionally I found that it lasts a bit longer than the other solutions listed here before it needs another run

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Cicada Killer Wasps rarely sting/hurt people. Unless the ones in your nest are acting aggressive, I really do not think there is a need to kill them off. Bees are precious to the earth, people!! Daniel on March 22, 2020: I have had some success with Elmer's glue As with the preventive products, lawns should be mowed immediately before applying carbaryl or trichlorfon to protect bees. 3) Insecticides that DO NOT work on grubs. Do not use products containing ONLY lambda-cyhalothrin, gamma-cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, deltamethrin, cyfluthrin or permethrin for grub control The power is in your hands to keep your landscape in line - unleash it with Spectracide lawn and garden products. Our easy-to-use, fast-acting insect, lawn disease and weed control solutions help you tame lawn and landscape invaders with incredible pest-punishing power. Take command with Spectracide brand. You hold the power.Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes.

The yellowish-green adult spotted cucumber beetle (Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi) has 11 black spots and a black head with black antennae.The yellowish-white larvae have brown heads and are ¾-inch (19 mm) long when grown. The yellow adult striped cucumber beetle (Acalymma vittatum) is about 1 / 5-inch (5 mm) long with three longitudinal black stripes on the top wings Can kill earthworms and bees; Verdict. If you seek an innovative granular grub killer, you can't go wrong with the Bayer Advanced Season. It can provide the ultimate coverage all season long with just one application. #7 Spectracide Triazicide Acre Plus Granules - Best Insect Killer For Large Law The best thing you can do to prevent an infestation of hive beetles - or any kind of bee pest - is to practice good preventive techniques as a beekeeper. Keep your colonies strong and healthy, doing everything you can to reduce stress. Propagate bee stocks that have genetic characteristics that are resistant to disease and pests.. When you combine colonies or exchange combs, be careful Of course, an insecticide does not have to kill in order to have an effect. Research has indicated that exposure to neonicotinoids can interfere with honeybee reproduction and their ability to navigate and fly. Neonicotinoids Alternatives. That being said, when it comes to neonicotinoids and bees (or other beneficials), there are options Sevin dust can also work, but it might kill beneficial insects along with the Japanese beetles. Some ingredients to look for when purchasing an insecticide are carbaryl, acephate, and permethrin. [5] X Research source A Pyrethrin-based insecticide is a safe way to control pests on your plants while getting rid of other beetles in the process. [6

Garlic is known to be one of the simplest, most effective, and most natural ways to kill snails and slugs. They will either die as soon as this mixture hits them, or soon after they crawl away into a different hidden area. Either way, you'll soon be finding yourself free of snails and slugs. 7. A Piece Of Wood The latest evidence: a new study showing that exposure to common pesticides at levels used in farm fields can kill frogs rapidly. For a decade or so, it has become increasingly clear that widely. Cut the nest from the tree and leave it in the sun the next day or freeze it to kill the wasps inside. For those in the ground, pour a soapy solution (preferably hot) down the entrance and then seal it off with dirt or a large boulder. Keep in mind these usually have two entrances, so locating the back entrance is a good idea before you start It uses active ingredient Bifenthrin which lasts a bit shorter in comparison to products with Cyhalothrin (like The Spectracide Triazicide spray), resulting in a need reapply more often. On top of getting rid of the mozzies, this product also takes pride in its ability to kill ants, flea, ticks, spiders, Japanese beetles, gnat, cutworms and.

Subterranean termite is a real hidden pest. The insect leads an extremely secret way of life, slightly but surely destroying our houses. There are many accessible and safe methods to destroy termites' colony today, among them is Spectracide Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer line that is represented in the form of concentrate, baiting stakes, foam, sprayer and foaming aerosol A single application can stop and prevent grubs all season long. Apply during spring or early summer to kill grubs as they develop. Using Scotts® GrubEx®1 Season Long Grub Killer annually can also help control Japanese beetle infestations. Easily apply with a Scotts® broadcast, drop, handheld, or Wizz® spreader and stop grubs before they. Carbaryl is a man-made pesticide that is toxic to insects. It is commonly used to control aphids, fire ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, and many other outdoor pests. It is also used in some orchards to thin out blossoms on fruit trees. Carbaryl has been registered for use in pesticide products since 1959. No carbaryl products are currently.

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  1. 120. 120. Widely used pesticides can kill frogs within an hour, new research has revealed, suggesting the chemicals are playing a significant and previously unknown role in the catastrophic global.
  2. Gnats. Post. by bwright » Wed May 01, 2019 11:25 pm. As the spring starts to warm up, we start getting what I have always called gnats. Tiny little bugs flying in a cloud. If you run in to them, they follow you around flying in your eyes, nose etc. a royal pain
  3. Cyhalothrin is the ISO common name for an organic compound that, in specific isomeric forms, is used as a pesticide. It is a pyrethroid, a class of synthetic insecticides that mimic the structure and properties of the naturally occurring insecticide pyrethrin which is present in the flowers of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium.Pyrethroids such as cyhalothrin are often preferred as an active.
  4. g Aerosol features an expanding foam spray to provide coverage in hard-to-reach areas. This spray is designed to kill yellowjackets and carpenter bees on contact. Kills on contact; Foam expands to where insects live; Spray into hard-to-reach area
  5. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns Granules 10 lbs. 65. $6.92. $6.92. NextDay eligible. Shop Now. <p>The power is in your hands to keep your landscape in line unleash it with Spectracide lawn and garden products. Our easy-to-use, fast-acting insect, lawn disease and weed control solutions help you tame lawn and landscape invaders.
  6. Protect your yard with Amdro Quick Kill Lawn Insect Killer Granules. This product will kill deer ticks, as well as a host of other pests. 5. Deer ticks are insects. False. Deer ticks are arachnids 8 — members of the spider family. Insects have only six legs, while arachnids have eight. The best deer tick defense is a good offense

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  1. SLF does not bite or sting. SLF does not kill all trees it feeds on. SLF is a plant stressor that, along with other stressors, can cause significant damage to its host. Stop the spread of SLF by checking your car and any outdoor equipment (grills, mowers, firewood, etc.) when going in and out of the quarantine zone
  2. Posted: (1 days ago) Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns Granules kills 100+ types of lawn-damaging as listed. It kills insects on contact above and below the ground, including ants, crickets, centipedes, pill bugs, fleas and grubs. Apply with a broadcast or rotary spreader to the lawn
  3. If you've gardened for a while, chances are that you've heard the term systemic insecticide. When applied to pesticides, the term systemic means that the chemical is soluble enough in water that it can be absorbed by a plant and moved around in its tissues. Movement of systemic insecticides, like all transportable chemicals in the plant, takes place principally in the plant's vascular.
  4. Cancel. Julia Lee on Jul 12, 2014. To get rid of beetles, you need to get rid of the white grub worms that are in the ground. Buy something for the grubs and beetles are gone. To take care of the beetles that you have now, go to Lowe's and buy beetle bags to hang in trees and bushes. It works also
  5. Amdro Quick Kill ® Mosquito Yard Spray will kill adult mosquitoes that come into contact with the spray. If you see renewed insect activity you can reapply, but no more often than once every 7 days. As long as the directions on the bottle are followed correctly, we do not expect any harm to people or pets
  6. Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and Landscapes : Persistence moderate; provides control of damage for days-week. Labeled for use on many vegetable and most fruit crops. High hazard and can kill bees for days after application. Cannot be used on plants bees visit that are in bloom. imidaclopri

Not only does it kill grubs, but crickets, cutworms, ants, ticks, grasshoppers, billbugs, and all other insects that may eat away your garden plants. This bag contains 20 pounds of granules. That's more than enough to spread over 10,000 square feet. THAT'S A LOT Take command with Spectracide brand. You hold the power.Spectracide carpenter bee and ground-nesting yellow jacket killer foaming aerosol expands to hard-to-reach areas where insects live. The extension tube helps to direct spray into target treatment areas. For carpenter bees, treat active tunnels where activity has been observed Safety Note: Unless you're a bee singer, always wear protective gear when opening a hive. Method 1: Use Essential Oils. Pick up some lavender essential oil on Amazon. Some research suggests essential oils have properties that can eliminate varroa mites without harming bees. Most essential oils have acaricidal properties, which means they can kill ticks and mites With the active ingredient Gamma-Cyhalothrin 0.08%, Spectracide Triazicide's fast-acting formula kills over 260 insects on contact above and below the ground, and offers up to three months of control of pests. Spectracide Triazicide is safe to use in lawns, vegetable gardens, fruit and nut trees, roses, flowers, trees and shrubs

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Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer is the best lawn insecticide in the market. No wonder why it has a gruesome and terrifying name. United Industries Corporation is the manufacturer of this lawn insect killer. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer is a highly effective lawn insecticide. It controls/kills more than 260 insects by contact Neonics, as they're known, are the globe's most widely used class of insecticide, representing a multi-billion-dollar marke t for their primary makers, the agrichemical giants Bayer and. That's important because bees memorize the route to a food source and communicate it to the hive. Lead study author Erich Nakasu believes that because the honeybees' learning and memory capacity did not change, the biopesticide does not interact with the insects' calcium channels, which are linked to those characteristics Bees poisoned by pesticides will struggle and often fail to find their way back to the hive, and thus the colony collapses. Given that bees are our main pollinator, it doesn't make sense to use pesticides that have been proven to kill them, especially when there are alternatives that are safe, easy to use, and cost effective Step 1 - Outdoor Treatment with Reclaim IT. Reclaim IT is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is labeled for treating over 70 different pests, including Cicadas. It also has a long residual effect that can continue to control pests for up to 90 days after application. Calculate the square footage of your yard to determine how much Reclaim IT you.

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By paying close attention to how a bee behaves and how they operate on a day-to-day basis, you can kill an entire colony of bees without getting hurt or stung. Sevin dust acts as a poison to honey bees. It is an effective manner in quickly killing them. Here's what you need to do to get control of your bee population, using sevin dust Spectracide Triazicide is an insecticide solution used to kill and repel many different outdoor pests. Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and Landscapes Concentrate. Federal regulations: This product is not known to be a Hazardous Chemical as defined by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910

GrubEx gets applied as soon as green up (spring). Pennstater2005 link is a really good one. Set a reminder in your calendar for 15Mar18 to buy it. The 24-hour grub killer is what you need to apply now if the grubs are killing your lawn. It is really fast and effective To say you may kill some bad bugs but certainly kill all of the good bugs (A) isn't logical and (B) doesn't apply to all pesticides. There is research available from non-biased third parties that will classify if a pesticide is particularly harmful to mammals, fowl, or aquatic life either acutely or chronically Because the natural enemy wasp Tamarixia is unlikely to completely halt the spread of the HLB bacterium, robust protection of citrus trees will require some form of insecticidal control.. The most effective treatment for ACP is a combination of Tempo (cyfluthrin) spray combined with a soil drench of systemic Merit (imidacloprid) applied by a licensed applicator Avoid any product that contains Sevin, as this pesticide does kill earthworms and other beneficial organisms. Tip. If you have repeated intense infestations of Japanese beetles, check your soil in late summer to see if you have a large grub population. Lift a 1-square-foot section of turf. If there are more than a dozen grubs in this small area.

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We should all do our part to protect them, limiting pesticide use as much as possible, and applying them correctly when they are needed. Ultimately, the answer to these questions can be found on the product label. Any pesticide that is harmful to bees will include that information on the instructions, and provide information on how to use it. shop. 2. Sevin Insect Killer Outdoor Lawn Granules; 20 lb Bag Treats up to 20,000 sq. By sevin. 9.6. View Product. 9.6. 3. Spectracide 1-Gallon Acer Plus Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and.

Mice, spiders, mosquitoes, snakes, aphids, rats, gophers, and many other backyard and garden critters are considered pests, and there are different ways to control or eliminate their presence and populations.Pest control, however, could be damaging to birds, even in otherwise bird-friendly yards.Learning how to safely and effectively control unwanted pests without risking birds is essential. Step 4: Get a spray bottle. Step 5: Pour the solution into the spray bottle. Step 6: Spray all affected areas of your lawn with the dish soap. Be sure to be generous in your spraying if you have a lot of chinch bugs. For extra strength, use baking soda, garlic, and molasses with your mixture The idea is to identify the Cicada Killer Wasp nests during the day while the insects are active. That was easy. The wasps actively swarm low to the ground and emerge from the soil from a distinctive hole (about 1/2 inch in diameter) with a pile of excavated earth beneath the entrance to the underground nest Use caution on new growth and tender foliage. To kill listed insects, apply to provide thorough coverage of upper and This product is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment on blooming crops or weeds. Do not apply this product or allow it to 9688-319-8845_Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer for Landscapes & Gardens Outdoor.

If you have cucurbit vegetables such as pumpkins or summer and winter squash on your gardening list, you can expect squash bugs to find their way to your garden. These prevalent pests can do an enormous amount of damage to winter squash and pumpkins in particular, but they may strike related cucurbits such as melons and cucumbers.By preparing yourself before problems arise, you can keep squash. Robert Lewis has been writing do-it-yourself and garden-related articles since 2000. He holds a B.A. in history from the University of Maryland and has training experience in finance, garden center retailing and teaching English as a second language. Lewis is an antiques dealer specializing in Chinese and Japanese export porcelain Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and Landscapes: Persistence moderate; provides control of damage for days-week. Labeled for use on many vegetable and most fruit crops. High hazard and can kill bees for days after application. Cannot be used on plants bees visit that are in bloom Considering the fact that the purpose of pesticides is to kill a living creature, it is safe to assume that they are dangerous for your chickens, and those dangers are probably passed on to the eggs and meat they provide to you. Pesticides can be purchased in the form of bug sprays, foggers, mouse bait, or other types of toxic elements

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It is very beneficial for the environment as it does not harm beneficial insects or wildlife when used according to the label's directions. - Gamma-Cyhalothrin. Gamma-Cyhalothrin is a highly effective insecticide that can kill and repel all types of outdoor pests, up to 260 types of insects. It belongs to the pyrethroid family and it is. I spray my grass with triazicide. HU-94385174. 10 months ago. These pesticides we ingest are not what will be killing us in 20 years because if you kill your bees at the rate we have been we all get to starve together. Fact is a fact We are over populated Nature has decided to thin us out Needless to say, I'd suggest spraying plants only if needed with neem oil, and at times of the day when bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects are not active. Alsoif at all possible, avoid spraying chemicals on open flowers. Important Note: Whenever using a chemical follow mixing and application instructions on the product label A devastating insect pest of tobacco and cotton crops, the budworm (Helicoverpa virescens) also plagues the home garden. The ravenous caterpillars feed heavily on the buds and flowers of many garden favorites; vegetables, chrysanthemums, zinnias, gardenias, marigolds, nicotiana, petunias, roses and geranium Just when a garden looks good, ravenous Japanese beetles can promptly emerge in the heart of summer to devour the gardener's favorite plants. Discovered in the U.S in 1916, the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) is widespread in many states east of the Mississippi River (except Florida).The insect has been established in Wisconsin since the 1990s The chart above can guide those who are unsure of when is the best time to apply preventative grub control. It is based on the temperatures of the different climate zones and how early the grubs hatch in the different regions. For example, if you are wondering when is the best time to put down grub control in Illinois, the answer is somewhere between mid-June and early August