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inconsistency definition: 1. the fact of containing some ideas, statements, arguments, etc. that do not agree with others, or. Learn more Nepali Meaning अनुसन्धान, खोजी designed to find information or ascertain facts; a fact-finding committee; investigative reporting / Given to investigation English to Nepali Dictionary - Meaning of Paradox in Nepali is : विरोधाभास, विरोधाभासपूर्ण, पाल्सी.

effects of the inconsistency in the new Constitution. Amending the Nepal Citizenship Act, 2006 in order to conform it to the new constitution, also provides with an excellent opportunity to analyze the abovementioned inconsistencies, and also to remind about the international human rights obligation English to Nepali Dictionary - Meaning of Alignment in Nepali is : पंक्तिबद्ध, पङ्क्तिबद्धता, ध्वः, रेखा. Nepali Meaning निदान, निदानात्मक characteristic or indicative of e.g. a disease; a diagnostic sign of yellow fever; diagnostic information; a rash symptomatic of scarlet fever; symptomatic of insanity; a rise in crime symptomatic of social breakdown / concerned with diagnosis / Pertaining to, or furnishing, a. Rape laws in Nepal insufficient, inconsistent and unenforced. The Record - April 21, 2021. A new report on sexual violence in South Asia evaluates rape laws across the region and finds their implementation sorely lacking. Four years on, the gruesome rape-and-murder of 13-year-old Nirmala Pant in Kanchanpur remains unsolved What is the Article of Association (AOA)? के हो नियमावली? Article of Asociation or AOA is called (नियमावली) in Nepali. It is the document containing all the rules and regulations to run a company. It defines the overall company's purpose. It the document which tells what is the procedure for appointing the board of directors, [

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A seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition. Noun. . A phrase or expression in which the component words contradict one another, often unintentionally, or are claimed to do so when seen from a particular point of view. contradictio in terminis. contradiction. oxymoron. incongruity. inconsistency Peter was miraculously set free from prison in answer to the church's prayers (Acts 12:5-19), but James the brother of John was executed by the sword (Acts 12:2). When Herod's henchmen came hunting the newborn king of the Jews, the infant Jesus escaped to Egypt while other innocent children were slain without mercy (Matthew 2:16-18) information inconsistent with a prior belief, the effects of effort expenditure, and what happens after persons act in ways that are discrepant with their beliefs and attitudes. The Free-Choice Paradigm Once a decision is made, dissonance is likely to be aroused. After the perso Status inconsistency is a situation where an individual's social positions have both positive and negative influences on his or her social status.For example, a teacher may have a positive societal image (respect, prestige) which increases their status but may earn little money, which simultaneously decreases their status.. Advocates of the concept propose that status inconsistency has.

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Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share The Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI) is a 13-item shoulder-specific patient-reported outcome measure (PROM). The English version is easy to use and has demonstrated excellent measurement properties for both clinical and research settings. The availability of the SPADI in Nepali would facilitate shoulder research and enhance management of patients with shoulder pain in Nepal Given increasing global recognition of the relationship between traditional healers and mental illness (Incayawar et al. 2009), Nortje et al. generated a systematic review on the relevant quantitative data with van der Watt et al. following up on the remaining qualitative literature.Their review suggested that traditional healers in low- and middle-income countries were perceived to effect the. The HTTCA's definition of trafficking was inconsistent with the international definition of trafficking. It limited the definition of human trafficking to the purchase or selling of a person and to causing another person to go into prostitution; did not include a demonstration of force, fraud, or coercion as an essential element of the. international human rights instruments meaning that no laws or actions can be interpreted inconsistent to the standards of fair and competent justice2. Treaty Obligations of Nepal As a member of the United Nations and other international as well as regional organizations, Nepal is party to large number of international human rights instruments

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. Nepal's annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is approximately USD32.1 billion, and trade totaling USD11.1 billion. Despite considerable potential - particularly in the energy, tourism, information and communication technology (ICT), infrastructure and agriculture sectors - political instability, widespread corruption, cumbersome bureaucracy, and inconsistent. National Flag of Nepal Schedule -2 National Anthem of Nepal Schedule -3 Coat of Arms of Nepal Schedule -4 States and Districts to be included in the States law of Nepal. Any law inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void. (2) It shall be the duty of every person to observe this Constitution Nepal's economy, despite showing some signs of improvement in the 1990s, has not really meaning that per capita income has stagnated. Growing insurgency, political instability and policy inconsistency, following initial efforts of economic reforms, the lack of infrastructure facilities and, the high costs thereof,. in force, the provision of the law in force shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be invalid for the purpose of the treaty and the provision of such treaty shall prevail as a municipal law of Nepal; Whereas, the petitioner also states that the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990 is the fundamental law of the land consistency definition: 1. the physical nature of a substance, especially a thick liquid, for example by being thick or. Learn more

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The Court found the said legal provision to be inconsistent with the rights to equality as enshrined in Article 11 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990. It issued an order in the name of the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers of the Government of Nepal directing it to make the appropriate legal arrangemen Any citizen of Nepal may file a petition in the Supreme Court to have any law or any part thereof declared void on the ground of inconsistency with the Constitution because it imposes an unreasonable restriction on the enjoyment of any fundamental right conferred by the Constitution or on any other ground, or to have any law or any part thereof.

Although this is an improvement from the 35-day period and six-month period granted in the previous national code, it is still inconsistent with Nepal's commitment to protect both women and children. It overlooks child victims of rape who may not understand what happened to them for years to come, let alone know how to access the legal system Constitution of Nepal 2015, Unofficial English Translation - 1 - PART 1 Preliminary 1. Constitution as the fundamental law: (1) This constitution is the fundamental law of Nepal. All laws inconsistent with this constitution shall, to the extent of such inconsistency, be void What Does Consistency Mean? Techopedia Explains Consistency Consistency, in the context of databases, states that data cannot be written that would violate the database's own rules for valid data Specialties: At Cafemandu, we are passionate about the food we serve. Each item on the menu is made daily only using the freshest of the ingredients following traditional recipes with a modern twist. #himalayanfood #nepaleasefood #asianfusion #momo #bowls #coffee #smoothie #dumplings #newarifood Established in 2018. Who are we? A contemporary cuisine that explores the diverse flavors of Nepal. The title of this write-up alludes to Shakespeare's words Life is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing in Macbeth (1606), which often echo to my mind when I hear the.

Prevailing Lawmeans Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063 and prevailing Nepal Laws that are not inconsistent with it. But this definition shall not obstruct legal arrangement existed before. Photo: UPASANA KHADKA he migration sector is a zoom lens through which we can examine up close Nepal's socio-economic and political problems through recent history. To a greater or lesser degree, all Nepalis suffer from the country's chronic malaise: discrimination, exclusion, poverty, indebtedness, joblessness, poor health care and education, all a result of an uncaring state key recommendations are directed towards the Government of Nepal: • Amend the definition of enforced disappearances to make it consistent with Nepal's international obligations and the Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (CED); • Revise the prescribed penalties and mitigating and aggravating factors i DFRS/FRA, 2015. State of Nepal's Forests. Department of Forest Research and Survey, Kathmandu, Nepal Full-cover forest/vegetation maps, National Forest Inventory, Sample-based remote sensing assessment Additional comments Classifications and definitions 1994 National class Definition Forest

Jagriti Child Club Nepal has been working for welfare and rights of children in Nawalparasi district since 1992. During a protest of opposition in April 6, 1992, an innocent seven year old onlooker was shot at in Kathmandu and many innocent children were wounded. Against that tyranny, a child club was set-up aiming to protect children and child. The Nepal Treaties Act of 1990 provided that the provisions of an international treaty to which Nepal was a party, which was inconsistent with a national law, should supersede the national law to the extent of such inconsistency. The Committee recommends that a definition of discrimination in compliance with article 1 of the Convention be. Nepal is not a party to the 2000 UN TIP Protocol. During the reporting period, a Ministry of Home Affairs-led committee researched the impact of ratifying the Protocol and officially proposed to the prime minister to ratify the Protocol. The ministry was further revising the proposal at the close of the reporting period

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manifest definition: 1. to show something clearly, through signs or actions: 2. easily noticed or obvious: 3. a list. Learn more Rampant definition: If you describe something bad , such as a crime or disease, as rampant , you mean that it... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example

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Nepal is invoking vague and inconsistent justifications to silence peaceful protest, discriminate against Tibetans, and intimidate Nepali civil society activists, said Adams Nepal's court system is based on common law and its legal system is generally categorized under civil and criminal offenses and laws. Contract law is codified. In theory, contracts are automatically enforced, and a breach of contract can be challenged in a court of law. In practice, enforcement of contracts is weak

  1. Immigration to Bhutan has an extensive history and has become one of the country's most contentious social, political, and legal issues. Since the twentieth century, Bhutanese immigration and citizenship laws have been promulgated as acts of the royal government, often by decree of the Druk Gyalpo on advice of the rest of government. Immigration policy and procedure are implemented by the.
  2. All photos: AMIT MACHAMASI lobal inequities in the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine have revealed themselves during the past six months. Based on the most up-to-date data today, more than half of the population in Bahrain, the United States and the United Kingdom have been fully vaccinated. In Nepal, this number is 2.6%. During times of public health [
  3. enforceable agreements that protect Nepali workers from human trafficking. • Provide documentation to stateless individuals, internationally recognized refugees, and asylum-seekers to allow them to work, attend school, and access social services. PROSECUTION HTTCA's definition of trafficking was inconsistent with the internationa
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  5. inclusive definition: 1. An inclusive price or amount includes everything: 2. including the first and last date or. Learn more

Judicial activism refers to court decisions that go beyond application and interpretation of the law and extend into the realm of changing or creating laws, or going against legal precedents. These decisions are made based on the judges' personal philosophies or political affiliations. When a judge makes a court ruling that is not in accordance. Background Nepal is a low-income country undergoing rapid political, economic and social development. To date, there has been little evidence published on the burden of injuries during this period of transition. Methods The Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) is a comprehensive measurement of population health outcomes in terms of morbidity and mortality. We analysed the GBD 2017 estimates. The National Human Rights Commission of Nepal (NHRC) was established on 26 May 2000 under the 1997 Human Rights Commission Act. The 2007 Interim Constitution of Nepal included provisions for the establishment and functioning of the NHRC, thus elevating the institution to the status of a Constitutional body 'Both Parties' shall mean Nepal government and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). 'Prevailing laws' shall mean the interim constitution and other existing Nepalese laws that are not inconsistent with this constitution. However, this definition shall not affect the existing legal system in the country before the announcement of the. Nepal's inadequate road network and mountainous terrain can make express delivery to remote villages a challenging proposal. In addition, street addresses can be inconsistent or non-existent, making it even harder to find delivery destinations, even in Kathmandu

Nepal's Constitution of 2015. Embracing multi-caste, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and diverse geographical specificities, by ending discriminations relating to class, caste, region, language, religion and gender discrimination including all forms of racial untouchability, in order to protect and promote unity in diversity, social and cultural solidarity, tolerance and harmonious attitudes, we. The study area, the Langtang basin (Fig. 1), is located in Central Himalayas, around 60 km north of Kathmandu, Nepal.It is a typical snow-dominated Himalayan basin. Due to ease of access as compared to other Himalayan catchments and data availability, this site is a suitable location for snow-related water resource and climate change impact studies Nepal's Constitution of 2006 with Amendments through 2012. The National flag of Nepal, as handed down by tradition, consists of two juxta-posed triangular figures with a crimson-coloured base and deep blue borders, there being a white emblem of the crescent moon with eight rays visible out of sixteen in the upper part and a white emblem of a twelve rayed sun in the lower part

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Urbanisation and urban growth in Nepal 3 Government and donor documents provide pointers for potential future trends in urban governance: Changes in the number and character of urban areas: Nepals 2015 constitution stipulates a Federal Commission to determine the number and borders of each village and municipal council Since it sounds a bit odd to most of the people to read an informal nepali text on a standard software (happened before with Microsoft), it is advised to use formal language whenever possible. The strong emphasis is given to translate for meaning and not to translate word to word. For example, when getting a sentence like: Wow Find 28 ways to say INCONSISTENCY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

Nepal - Government. A new constitution, drafted by a small group of individuals hand-picked by the king and the leaders of the political parties, was enacted in 1990 Nepal's total energy consumption in 2010 was about 428 PJ (10,220 ktoe). New renewable energy sources (excluding large hydropower) such as biogas, micro-hydro and solar energy contributed about 0.7% to the national balance in 2008/09 altogether. Although the share is still small, it has increased by 40 % since 2005 Nepal's rape laws fail to adequately protect victims. What a laywoman understands when she reads Nepal's rape laws. The dynamic of sexual behavior in our society has already been set: men have to seek, initiate, and hunt for women. Nepali women, on the other hand, must resist, in order to preserve their laaj— shame, and thus family.

It took us another year because of my job contract. And finally in March 2018 we moved to Nepal forever. My kids struggled in the beginning but they are loving now having a lots of cousins friends around them all the time. Before covid it, me and my wife went to trek to some of the most beautiful places that I didn't ever know were in Nepal How a Buddhist Community in Nepal Reclaimed Its Holy Water An anthropologist's research on water insecurity reveals how clean water can reinforce a community's physical and spiritual health Festinger's (1957) cognitive dissonance theory suggests that we have an inner drive to hold all our attitudes and behavior in harmony and avoid disharmony (or dissonance). This is known as the principle of cognitive consistency. When there is an inconsistency between attitudes or behaviors (dissonance), something must change to eliminate the. reprimand definition: 1. to express to someone your strong official disapproval of them: 2. strong official criticism of. Learn more Nepal's Intergovernmental Relations Act - Unofficial Translation by the Forum of Federations. Definition: Not to be inconsistent with federal law. c. Compliance with national policy and priorities and helpful for their implementation

Background . Increase in population plays a decisive role in providing universal access to reproductive health; however, there is very limited evidence about the reason of unmet need among marginalized and tribal communities such as Tharus. This study aimed to determine the factors affecting unmet need of family planning among married Tharu women of Dang, Nepal.<i> Methods</i> Introduction. There has been increasing interest in concepts of patient‐centredness since Edith Balint defined patient‐centred medicine as 'understanding the patient as a unique human being'. 1 Patient‐centred communication (PCC) is now an accepted part of the curriculum in the medical schools of most developed countries. This movement has grown largely in contrast to the traditional. The Nepali Congress Party obtained a workable majority within the framework of a constitutional monarchy and affirmed the rise of a nascent democratic force. One of the ramifications of the prodemocracy movement was the beginning of a process of integration in national politics and decision making The problems plaguing the educational system of Nepal are multidimensional like population explosion, lack of resources, non participation of the private sector, scarcity of qualified man power, inconsistency in the policies of various regimes, political instability, inefficient educational management system, wastage of resources, and poor.

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Amend definition is - to put right; especially : to make emendations in (something, such as a text). How to use amend in a sentence. amend vs. emend Synonym Discussion of amend Objectives This study's objectives were to estimate the prevalence of major non-communicable conditions and multimorbidity among older adults in rural Nepal and examine the associated socioeconomic and behavioural risk factors. Design This was a community-based cross-sectional study conducted between January and April 2018. Setting Rural municipalities of Sunsari and Morang districts in.

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In his budget speech for the fiscal year 2021-22 in late May, then Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel announced that water transport would be operated from Chatara to Bhojpur on the Koshi River, and that obstacles from the waterway would be removed. Earlier, in February, then Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had also expressed the intent to break a huge rock in the Saptakoshi River to clear the. Further, risky sexual behaviors including having more than one sexual partner, engaging in sexual intercourse with a sex worker, and inconsistent condom use, were prevalent in this population [26, 27]. In Nepal, children usually live with their parents. However, it is uncommon and uncomfortable for family members to discuss issues related to SRH

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Nepal's Prime Minister Tanka Prasad Acharya visited China in 1956 and told his host, Nepal feels very happy to be between the two great and most progressive republics in Asia -India and China - and these two great neighbors of Nepal are the great promoters of peace, friendship and peaceful co-existence of our times NEPAL: TIER 2 The Government of Nepal does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. The government demonstrated increasing efforts compared to the previous reporting period; therefore Nepal remained on Tier 2. The government demonstrated increasing efforts through increased trafficking investigations. State of Nepal: (1) Nepal is an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive and a fully democratic State. (2) The territory of Nepal shall comprise: the territory existing at the commencement of this Constitution, and. such other territory as may be acquired after the commencement of this Constitution

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In average the working capital of HBL is Rs. 38,460.16 millions. Also, the growth rate of working capital has ranged from 13.92% in the fiscal year 2007/08 to 5.34% in the fiscal year 2011/12. The average growth rate in gross working capital of bank is 8.73 %, however, the inconsistency in growth rate is higher 5. STATUS OF HYDROPOWER DEVELOPMENT IN NEPAL (1) Presently, the total installed capacity of Nepal's power plants is roughly 787 MW including thermal and solar plants (NEA, 2015). Source Capacity (KW) Total Small Hydro (NEA)-Isolated 4,536 Total Hydro (NEA) 477,930 Total Hydro (IPP) 255,647 Total Hydro (Nepal) 733,577 TotalThermal (NEA) 53,410.

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30 Nepal needs to invest in its human capital. similar, facilitating communication and trade. The lack of visa restrictions was seen as another strategic advantage, meaning that the integration of energy grids needed to start with India. which may sometimes lead to inconsistent decision-making in the hydropower sector . It also suggests. 2. Definition of commercial services. In the fifth edition of the Balance of Payments Manual, the current account is subdivided into goods, services (including government services, n.i.e.), income (investment income and compensation of employees), and current transfers Setting. Our study site is Bayalpata hospital in Nepal's far western district of Achham, one of the poorest regions of the country [].The hospital is managed by Nyaya Health Nepal, a nonprofit healthcare organization in close partnership with the government of Nepal [] and Possible, a US-based nonprofit organization.The 50-bed general hospital employs over 150 staff and sees about 300. Nepal is the fastest urbanising country in South Asia. With this, many people of rural areas have started migrating to urban centres. meaning their 'wellbeing is moderate but inconsistent. SIFE Manual. The SIFE Manual was developed by Bridges to Academic Success and funded by the New York State Education Department. The manual was created for educators across New York State who are looking for guidance and best practices around intake, programming, instruction and assessment for SIFE. The guidance provided in this manual can help.

Illustration: DIWAKAR CHETTRI ust as Nepal came out of its first phase of lockdown on 21 June, the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) tabled a revised Citizenship Bill in the Federal Parliament. The bill was met with sharp public outrage for its unequal treatment of women. It granted foreign females naturalised citizenship through their Nepali [ Climate variability and inconsistent rainfall exacerbates these issues, meaning practicing climate-smart agriculture matters. The farmers in my community were motivated to learn more about innovative new techniques for cultivating rice sustainably, but the laborious nature of tending to the staple crop left them with little free time to seek. Background . Menstrual hygiene management has not been sufficiently addressed in developing countries. In many Nepalese societies, menstrual practices are still surrounded by sociocultural restrictions and taboos resulting in adverse health outcomes for adolescent girls. The purpose of this study was to determine menstrual hygiene practice and sociodemographic as well as socioeconomic factors. This essay deals with how democracy can be developed and strengthened in Nepal with the usual and original definition in mind as what democracy is and with the definition inconsistent with the usual one in mind as what democracy in the usual sense is not (but not as what democracy is not). This essay does not deal with this question with the. Who would have guessed a remote former royal palace in Nepal would house one of the largest caches of antique Western rifles ever found, but such was the case when researchers unearthed firearms.