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If your primary address is in Wales and you're either aged 60 and over or meet the Government's disability eligibility criteria, you can travel for free on most bus services in Wales and the borders and get discounted or free travel on many rail services. If you have already applied and you'd like to track your application or have a card and you'd like to update your details, please. Youth discounted bus travel. If you're aged 16 to 21 and live in Wales you can apply for a MyTravelPass. This means you could get about a third off the cost of bus travel. Use on trains. Concessionary travel passes are also valid on some train services. For more information visit Transport for Wales

Apply for your bus pass here. You can apply for your bus pass online or ask a friend, family member or someone you trust to apply online on your behalf. Online is the quickest way to apply and receive your card. In line with the Welsh Government's guidance, your local council office, library or community hub may not currently be open Your Concessionary Travel Card is valid on all eligible bus services that operate in Wales, including those commencing/terminating at points adjacent to Wales, provided that the cross-boundary journey doesn't involve a change of bus in England. You can also use selected rail services operating in Wales Change of Address Pass holders are required to inform mytravelpass of any changes to their primary address. If the new address is outside Wales, the card will be cancelled and must besurrendered. 16 If you live in Wales, over 60s and disabled people can travel free on local buses in Wales with a Concessionary Bus Pass at any time - there are no time restrictions. People living in Wales can also use their passes to travel free on cross-boundary journeys in and out of England, providing the journey starts or finishes in Wales change the age a person can get a bus pass for free travel in Wales? Yes No Why? Proposal 5 We want to change the age for free bus passes. No one who has a bus pass now will have it taken away. Why? At the moment anyone aged 60 and over can have a bus pass which gives them free travel anywhere in Wales

Login to your account. If you have applied for a card or have a card you can retrieve your application or account details by entering the details below. National Insurance Number or card number *. Postcode including spaces *. Date of Birth *. Day *. Month *. Year * If you're a user of the concessionary bus pass scheme around Wales, an important change is coming up which you need to be aware of. Holders will need to reapply for their passes before Tuesday. Thousands of people are having to re-apply for free bus passes as a result of a change in the running of the scheme. Transport for Wales has taken over the running of concessionary bus passes in.

Changes to Concessionary Travel Pass. 12 September 2019. From Wednesday 11th September Transport for Wales are working with all Welsh local councils and Welsh Government to roll out new-style Concessionary Travel Cards by the end of December 2019. These cards will replace the current green 'bus passes' across Wales Concessionary travel card (bus pass) If you're looking to apply for a concessionary travel card (bus pass), or have applied for one and are looking for an update on your application, please contact the help desk at travelcards@tfw.wales or call 0300 303 4240 Pass holders are required to inform mytravelpass of any changes to their primary address. If the new address is outside Wales, the card will be cancelled and must be surrendered. 16. Exclusions The pass is not valid on long distance coach or rail services except TrawsCymru services It isnot valid on National Express and Megabus

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  1. Change existing details on your Concessionary Bus Pass To notify us that you have moved or changed your address, please complete the application form below and we will update your details. If you have changed your name, we will issue you with a new pass
  2. People aged 60 can currently claim a free bus pass. The age people become eligible for free bus passes in Wales is to rise from 60 to the state pension age, under Welsh Government plans. Ministers.
  3. If you have received your new Transport for Wales pass please cut up your former green bus pass and only use your new one. If you have been unable to renew your bus pass and still only have your green bus pass, please ring 01792 636377 or email buspasses@swansea.gov.uk. Applying for a concessionary bus pass is simple
  4. Concessionary fares. Page updated on: 28/11/2020. A new-style Concessionary travel pass was launched by Welsh Government in June 2019, to replace the current green 'bus cards' across Wales. The old-style cards will not be recognised by electronic readers on buses after 29 February 2020. If you have one of the old green cards, you'll need to.
  5. Pass holders will be eligible for 34% off local fares on the Cardiff and Valleys network, on or after 09.30 Monday to Friday and any time Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays. Transport for Wales. 0333 3211 202 customer.relations@tfwrail.wales; tfwrail.wales
  6. Concessionary Travel Pass Scheme. The scheme entitles people aged 60 and over and people with disabilities resident in Wales to free travel on local bus services throughout the principality. You'll be able to apply for your new-style Concessionary Travel Cards, which replaces your current bus pass from Wednesday 11 September 2019

The All Wales Concessionary Fare Scheme, funded by the Welsh Government and Local Authorities, entitles people over 60 and people with certain disabilities who are resident in Wales to travel free at any time of day on local bus services throughout Wales. From 11 September 2019 all bus passes will be produced by Transport for Wales If an age-related pass holder wants to replace a lost, damaged or destroyed bus pass there is a £5 replacement charge.This can be done online, or at a participating library who can accept both card and cash payments, and arrange for the new bus pass to be ordered and posted to the customer.. If a disability-related pass holder wants a replacement bus pass there is a £5 replacement charge School Opal cards are issued for free school travel and for School Term Bus Passes by Transport for NSW for travel on metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail trips in the Opal network. Using your school travel pass. School travel passes can only be used for approved travel on school days between the student's home and school/TAFE college. Shrewsbury and Llanelli / Swansea (Heart of Wales Line) - October to March only. You'll need to get a free ticket from the ticket office before you travel. If there is no ticket office or if it's closed, you can get one from the Conductor on the train. You'll also get 1/3 off tickets to travel on the Cardiff and Valley network after.

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A recent consultation revealed free pass-holders represent about 47% of bus journeys in Wales and there were around 730,000 passes in circulation at the end of 2018. Read More Related Article School bus passes are issued to eligible students by Transport for NSW, providing free school travel from home to school on our North Coast bus services. Applying for a school bus pass. For school bus pass information, visit the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) website or call 131 500 for full details on: how to apply for a school bus pass Replacement bus passes - lost, stolen and damaged passes . If your bus pass has been lost, damaged or stolen a replacement can be issued. The charge for a replacement bus pass that has been lost is £10.00, stolen passes will be replaced free of charge on production of a copy of the reported crime letter issued by the Police Bus passes Visit Transport for Wales's website, where you can see all information about and apply for a concessionary bus pass. These passes are for people over 60, or who have certain disabilities or medical conditions. Claim, re-grade or delete a right of way See how to claim, re-grade or delete a right of way.. Your first Transport for Wales Concessionary Travel Card is free. If your Concessionary Travel Card gets lost, stolen or damaged, you can get a replacement by applying to Transport for Wales. There is a £10.00 charge for replacement Concessionary Travel Card. If your Concessionary Travel Card is damaged, it may not be accepted on the bus or train

If you change address you must notify mytravelpass by telephone on 0300 200 22 33 and provide us with your new address. If you are moving to live outside Wales, you should also notify mytravelpass so that your pass can be deactivated Cardiff Airport, intra-Wales air service. Freight. Freight strategy and grants. Metro. South Wales Metro, North East Wales metro. Ports and harbours. Apply for a harbour order. Public transport. Bus travel and bus passe Bus pass for over 60s. Bus pass for disabled people. Railcard for over 60s. Railcard for disabled people. 1bws Ticket. Tip Top Trips. 16+ travel ticket Youth 16 - 21 Travel Ticket. Snowdon Sherpa Transport for Wales, in partnership with Newport City Council and Newport Bus, is undertaking a huge expansion of the fflecsi service, meaning that a fleet of 9 small brand new buses will now serve the whole of Newport

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The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) gives eligible school students free or subsidised travel between home and school on NSW public transport, including trains, buses, ferries and light rail. Depending on where you're travelling, you may receive a free school travel pass, a School Opal card, or both. Eligible cards are automatically updated for the new school year, so you'll only need to. Transport for Wales Railcards purchased prior to 17th March 2020 has been extended by six months to allow you to use the railcard at a later date. For example, a railcard that expired on 10 June 2020 will be accepted up to and including 9 December 2020. Rules for bus passes are changing in Wales - and they will no longer automatically be issued when you turn 60. Instead, they will be issued as people reach state pension age. The state pension age. Transport for Wales will issue new-style bus passes by the end of December 2019, replacing all current passes which will still be accepted until 31 December 2019. Visit Transport for Wales to read more and to apply. Renew or report . Visit Transport for Wales to renew or report a lost, stolen or damaged bus pass. Using your bus pass I am visiting Cheshire West and Chester, can I get free transport with my bus pass? Yes, if your bus pass was issued by another English authority you will be entitled to the following concessions on local bus services: Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 11pm; At all times, on a Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays. Please note: Travel into Wales is only.

GOV.WALES uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. Non-essential cookies are also used to tailor and improve services. Environment and climate change. Recycling, flooding, pollution and emissions. Equality. Domestic abuse and sexual violence, diversity. Bus passes, road improvements, local transport plans, cycling and walking If you change your name, or your address within the Medway Council area, your bus pass still remains valid and you can continue to use it until the expiry date. When you renew your pass you can tell us about your change of name or address, and will need to provide proof of the change, for example by providing a marriage certificate for name change As long as you are traveling on local bus services and not on express or excursion services such as National Express then you can use your NoWcard English National Concession bus pass anywhere in England. However, your NoWcard is not valid on journeys to or within Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland Free bus pass changes on the cards with some older people set to miss out under new age rules The scheme is facing a £9.5million cut in the 2017-18 draft budget despite rising numbers of. Free travel for concessionary bus pass holders. If you have reached state pension age or have a certain disability, you may be eligible for a concessionary bus pass from your local council. Concessionary bus pass holders can enjoy free travel in England, Scotland or Wales on most of our Stagecoach bus services

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  1. To plan your trip to school on a school bus using the Trip Planner: Enter your location in the 'From' field, such as your home address. Enter your destination in the 'To' field, such as your school name. Set the date and time you wish to travel, e.g. 8.00am. Select 'School bus' under the 'Options' tab to see school buses
  2. All applicants must provide two proofs of address in Wales and one proof of age. Bus operators for offers relating to bus travel or service changes You must provide evidence of your change of name. Change of address You must provide evidence of your new address
  3. A FREE bus pass is likely to provide important travel support to older people. However, with recent changes to the state pension age, when Britons can receive this important entitlement is likely.
  4. Bus pass (over 60's or disabled) If your primary address is in Wales and you're either aged 60 and over or meet the Government's disability eligibility criteria, you can travel for free on most bus services in Wales and the borders and get discounted or free travel on many rail services

Free Bus Pass rules to change next week - new limitations could restrict when you travel OLDER Person's Freedom Passes, 60+ Oyster photocards and the English National Concessionary Scheme can. Older person's bus pass. Herefordshire Council offers some residents free travel on local bus services. Free bus travel with these passes is available between 9.30am and 11pm on Monday to Friday, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. You can travel: Between Herefordshire and places in Wales, provided that each bus journey starts.

Please see below a list of useful links and websites that may be of help when planning your journey around Wales. Avis. Bay Trans - Travel in Swansea Bay, Mumbles & Gower. British and Irish Council. British Transport Police: 0800 40 50 40. Bus Users UK transferred with any change of address, even if transport has been awarded through the Appeals process. It is not always possible to arrange the routes of vehicles to pass close to the homes of all pupils, and it may not always be possible to allocate pupils to the bus route nearest to their home address. www.carmarthenshire.gov.wales. Bus passes for older people. Get free bus travel in Hertfordshire at any time and free off-peak travel between 9.30am and 11pm weekdays and all day during the weekend and bank holidays across England. Please confirm you have read the Bus pass application privacy notice before applying. Currently, bus passes may take longer than the usual 2. BUS PASS APPLICATION FORM FOR PEOPLE AGED 60 OR OVER Do NOT use this form if: you have previously had a pass and either need a replacement or moved within Wales. you are not yet 60 years of age and need to apply on grounds of disability. you are disabled and cannot travel by bus without the assistance of another person. If so, please contact your local Council Caerphilly on 01443 86655 From 1 April 2019 your bus pass allows you to travel free of charge at anytime on the majority of services within Cornwall. You can use your bus pass to travel on bus services outside of Cornwall between 0930 and 2300 Monday to Friday. You can also use it anytime at weekends and Bank Holidays (not Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the Isle.

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  1. To help make travelling easier, you can plan your journey and buy tickets using our First Bus App ». If you haven't got the latest version download it here: You can plan your journey » easily on our web site; our Journey Planner helps you plan your journey door-to-door using First buses and a selection of other transport options, including any connecting services
  2. Diamond travelcard. Our Diamond Travelcard scheme includes four bus passes that entitle the holder to free bus travel in North Somerset and other areas (see below). The four passes are: Visit GOV.UK to find out whether you are eligible for an older person's Diamond Travelcard. This is generally in line with the state pension age for women
  3. School bus timetables. You can view your bus timetable by selecting the type of school, then the name of the school and the bus number displayed on your child's school bus pass. If your child catches more than one bus to get to school, please select the feeder that is relevant to their journey. All bus numbers are clearly displayed on the left.
  4. - if you change your name or address - if you lose your pass • We will post your Merseytravel National Pass to the address you have put on your form. 10. 11 (elderly person's bus pass). 13 If you were born in 1952 and your birthday is between you will become eligible o
  5. If your bus pass is due to expire soon: You will receive a new bus pass automatically if you have used it within the last 13 months. OR. You will receive a letter advising you what you will need to do to get a new bus pass. If you do not receive your new pass or a letter please contact us on 01452 426265. Change of circumstances
  6. Bus passes for free travel are available to older people or those with certain disabilities. A pass entitles the holder to free off-peak travel on registered local buses anywhere in England. A registered local bus is a timetabled bus service that is open to the general public. Apply for a bus pass You can apply [
  7. If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland. You get an older person's bus pass when you're 60. Apply if you're in: Scotland

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You should return your bus pass to the address printed on the reverse of the bus pass with a note explaining why it has been returned. What does a pass look like? The card designs are similar except that the older persons pass has a blue band on the right hand side of the card and the disabled persons pass has an orange band Timetable change from Sunday 16 May 2021 - check before you travel We're introducing new timetables across our network from Sunday 16 May 2021. Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation and measures we've introduced to support social distancing, we continue to run a reduced service compared to pre-pandemic levels Wednesday 7th July 2021. It takes around four hours to travel by train between Swansea and Shrewsbury via the Heart of Wales railway line. You can shave a good hour off that by travelling via Cardiff, Newport and Hereford on the main line but lovely and scenic though that route is, especially between Cwmbran and Hereford, it's not a patch on the delights offered by the Heart of Wales route Gateshead - 0191 433 2327. Newcastle - 0191 278 8100. North Tyneside - 0345 200 0101. South Tyneside - 0191 424 6000 for adults or 0191 424 5010 for children. Sunderland - 0191 520 5552. If you are eligible for a Concessionary Travel Pass, you will be given a Confirmation of Eligibility form

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These passes can be used on local buses anywhere in England in accordance with the local authority's scheme. The Portsmouth scheme provides free travel during off-peak times (9.30am to 11pm, Monday to Friday), and all-day on weekends and public holidays. The bus pass doesn't cover travel in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland Report a Change of Address. If you are moving to or from a property within our area then please select an option below in order to notify us of your change of address details. I am moving into the Vale of Glamorgan Council area and would like to register for Council Tax at my new address. If you are not a registered CitizenPortal user and would. The CTCFI cultivated an expectation among passengers regarding the use of bus passes on community transport services so when the scheme ended, it forced some organisations to change their services from being run on a section 19 permit to section 22 permit. These changes have seriously affected financial viability of some organisations

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Address: 2nd Floor, Lakeside Offices, UHW Please note: Monthly Payroll monitoring is undertaken and failure to notify the Transport Office that you no longer work in the UHB, are on a career break, have transferred out of the UHB to another service or are to be in receipt of a free bus pass Replace a stolen disabled person's bus pass online. You can also replace your stolen bus pass by phoning us on 01634 333 333. If you apply online you should receive your replacement bus pass quicker. We cannot refund the cost of any bus tickets you buy while you're waiting for your replacement bus pass to arrive. Replace a faulty Medway bus pass Your Concessionary Travel Card is valid on all eligible local bus services that operate wholly in Wales, or on those commencing/terminating at points adjacent to Wales, provided that the cross-boundary journey doesn't involve a change of bus in England

The new owner or operator of a NSW registered vehicle must transfer the registration within 14 days from the date of purchase, or a late transfer fee will be applied.. You can transfer it online if the previous owner has submitted the notice of disposal (Terms and conditions are subject to change at short notice) North Wales Rover Tickets. North Wales Rover is an excellent value ticket that is being used by increasing numbers of people travelling by bus and train around North Wales. You can buy the ticket for 2, 3 or all zones

How can I change my address details if I am an online Railcard customer? Simply Log in and enter your email address and password. Choose Edit your details to edit your address. < BACK TO FAQS Buy online in a few easy steps. 1 Create an account 2 Add your details 3 Prove your eligibility 4 Review and secure payment. From Bangor you can hire a taxi. If you are staying at The Hotel Portmeirion or Castell Deudraeth please contact us on 01766 770000 and we will make arrangements for you to be met (charges apply). The journey from Bangor takes 50 minutes. The Cambrian Coast line runs from Pwllheli to Machynlleth with a station at Minffordd People Mover. *RIDER NOTICE: Effective Friday, May 14, 2021 rider limits are lifted and all buses may operate at full capacity. Our health and safety measures remain in place in order to keep buses clean and sanitized, and masks are still required to ride

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  1. The ENCTS bus pass can be used for free off-peak 'local' travel anywhere within the UK. Normally this will be any week day 9:30am to 11:00pm and all day at weekends. It is possible that your Local Authority may allow travel before 9:30am in some cases, particularly for those who are blind or part-sighted, and in such cases may issue a pass.
  2. Contact Transport for NSW for information, feedback, lost property, Opal customer care or regional bookings or follow us on Social Media. Help with using the trip planner or tell us how we can hel
  3. Service updates are available Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and 9am-5pm at weekends. Please remember to include details of the route, date and time of the bus journey you were on. Lost property and Feedback. For lost property, please contact the relevant depot during normal working hours: Aberdare - 01685 883 990
  4. Free bus travel. Herefordshire Council offers some residents free travel on local bus services. Free bus travel with these passes is normally available between 9.30am and 11pm on Monday to Friday, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. You can travel: Between Herefordshire and places in Wales, provided that each bus journey starts.
  5. Contact your local council to change the details on your Blue Badge. You can ask for a replacement badge if your name has changed. You can carry on using your old badge until the new one arrives
  6. Complete this form and return to Newport City Council, Bus Pass Team, Information Station, Transport for Wales is working with transport operators to transform public transport. We'd like to keep you You must provide evidence of your change of name. Change of address

Read more about View full notice. Home. Browse Services. Roads, Transport and Parking. Transport and Travel. Apply for a bus pass. Apply for school transport. Concessionary bus pass. Share this page Travel costs - FCF can help towards the cost of a bus pass or expenses, dependent on your age and where you travel from. Click here for for more information Student Transport. Childcare costs - you may receive a maximum allocation of £31 per day of attendance towards the costs of childcare fees, for one child only. You may use the Bridgend College Day Nursery, or a registered Childminder. 6. A Taxibus service is a regular bus service but operated by a licenced Hackney Carriage or Private Hire operator using a taxi or private hire vehicle. 7. A Taxishare service also runs to a timetable like a bus but not necessarily a specified route and is operated using a taxi. Passengers must first register to use the service

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Further information on public travel in Wales can be found on the Traveline Cymru website. Other useful information for bus users: Services may change at short notice. Users should check details of routes, times and fares before journeying. Copies of the current timetable must be available for inspection on the bus If you inform another department of your change of address, this does not mean that we will be notified of this change. 3. Proof of eligibility For older person's bus passes. If you're applying for an older person's bus pass, choose 1 of the following: birth certificate (and marriage certificate if your name has changed) passport; driving licenc Wikipedia's structure was expressly meant to reflect the ideology of its libertarian tech entrepreneur founder, and Wales openly said as much.. At the same time, however, Wikipedia editors have upheld the diehard Objectivist Jimmy Wales, as the New York Times put it in 2008, as a benevolent dictator, constitutional monarch, digital evangelist and spiritual leader the pass holder is no longer in receipt of the qualifying payment which entitled them to free travel; the pass holder does not continue to reside on a permanent basis in the State; the PAPER pass holder changes address (Pass must be returned for change of address and renewal where the person holds a PAPER Free Travel Pass

The main national public transport concessions available to older people are: Free older person's bus pass means you can travel free on local buses in England.; The Senior Railcard is an annual savings card.You buy it for a one-off cost each year and it will allow you to make big savings on most rail fares in the UK • DO NOT use this form for a lost/stolen Bus Pass. Please contact the West Sussex Bus Pass Information Line on . 033 022 26222. to order. You will normally need to pay a non-refundable £10 fee. • DO NOT use this form to renew an expiring Bus Pass. If you still live at the address to which the pass wa The Freedom Pass is not valid on most intercity coach services and is not valid in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, or on tram or National Rail services outside London. We strongly advise you to contact the bus operating company before you travel to check the validity of your pass if you are at all uncertain Red Rover Tickets. The Red Rover is a one day travel ticket. You can travel as many times as you wish on selected bus routes. The ticket can be purchased any day of the week, at any time. The ticket is valid until 23:59 on the same day as it was bought. The ticket can be used on: buses numbered 1 to 99 (including 'X' journeys) in the Gwynedd. The introduction of free bus passes, free swimming and £50 maximum weekly charges for home care by the response to the need to address demographic change in Wales, challenge the misconceptions that frailty and dependence are an inevitable part of ageing, and move towards an enabling, proactiv

The Welsh Parliament is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people. Commonly known as the Senedd, it makes laws for Wales, agrees Welsh taxes and holds the Welsh Government to account Park entry fees and annual passes. Park entry fees for motor vehicles apply at 45 of NSW's more than 870 national parks and reserves. Find out which parks have fees, how your contribution helps, and how you can save money with annual passes, discounts or concessions At Busways, it's like one big family. There's always that underlying sense of pride and teamwork to get the job done. Peter. Bus Driver. Being able to empower our staff with the tools and support they need to do their best is the thing I enjoy the most. Every day provides an opportunity to learn. Eunice

Make a day of it by combining a visit to a family-friendly Cadw property with a trip to one or more of Wales's other attractions. Castles for kids If the drama of simply wandering the battlements of our fabulous fortresses isn't quite enough, we've gone out of our way to make them come alive for a younger audience From $99.50. The London Pass® - Including Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour. SPECIAL OFFER Enjoy free entry to more than 80 of London's top sights and attractions for one fantastic-value price! From $55.00. English Heritage Overseas Visitor Pass. Unlimited access to more than 100 of the most important places in English history A bus pass will be issued to those pupils entitled to transport, subject to the completion of an 'Application for School Transport Bus Pass' form. Passes must be carried daily and must be available for inspection by Authority Officers or contractors' personnel. Pupils without a bus pass may be refused travel. A £5 charge will be made for a. Using your bus pass. Eligible older or disabled people are entitled to free off-peak travel on local buses throughout England. You will need a bus pass, which must be shown to the bus driver on each journey. On this page, you can find out: where and when you can use your bus pass; which buses you can use; how to use your pass on the bus Search the best value prices vacation package to Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Official Website for Aer Lingus Vacations & Tours to Ireland with Airfares. Call Toll Free 1800-495-1632