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Spanish food words in video All foods are in Spanish on the poster. Some foods are listed in English instead of Spanish or proper accent marks are not on all words when necessary. Ingredient List All foods are listed in both English and Spanish. The student includes in his/her list where the recipe was found Food in Spanish: conversation cards - PDF worksheet ¡Hola! Thanks for joining us once again. We have created this PDF worksheet in order to help you practice the main vocabulary and structures to talk about food in Spanish by playing an interesting conversation card game. Hopefully, the game will help you discover and learn a couple of extra. Spanish-Language Current Population Survey Food Security Supplement . Revision history: May 24, 2013, original document. November 21, 2013, Revised after review by bilingual CPS field interviewers.Minor changes were made to improve flow throughout. Salient revisions made universally were to chang We have designed this PDF worksheet to help you practice the vocabulary for fast food in Spanish and ways to order food in the language by completing two interesting exercises. We hope you find this worksheet useful to learn more about the different expressions and questions you will definitely need at a fast food restaurant

Food Shopping, Preparation, and Cooking. Shopping, food prep, and cooking are important skills taught in SNAP-Ed. This is a collection of Spanish language materials developed by SNAP-Ed Programs that teach these skills. Check out the SNAP-Ed Library for even more Spanish language resources. USDA A Healthy Pregnancy. Spanish. If you are gaining weight too fast: • Limit sweets and high fat foods. Choose low fat items, fruit or a small serving of frozen yogurt, sherbet, pudding or jell-o. • Use very little butter, margarine, sour cream, mayonnaise or salad dressing. Try reduced calorie or low fat products. • Avoid fried foods Move Your Way Fact Sheets and Posters. HHS, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Print and share these fact sheets and posters to help people learn key recommendations from the Physical Activity Guidelines. Find materials for adults, older adults, parents and kids, and during and after pregnancy There you have it, Spanish food and drinks vocabulary. If you wish to grab a copy of this list in PDF format, scroll back up to the yellow download button. For an easy, stress-free way to boost your Spanish vocabulary, get your copy of Spanish audio flashcards below

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The key to ordering food politely in Spanish is using por favor often. But you'll need to master one other culturally appropriate phrase to dominate the dining experience in Spanish. Before you start eating your food, it is important to follow the Mexican rule telling the others to enjoy their meal by saying provecho or buen provecho. Besides. Food in Spanish is said LOS ALIMENTOS or COMIDA . Let's learn vocabulary related to this topic. First, if you want a copy of the pdf sheet, just leave us a message in the comments and we will send it to you. after that practice the vocabulary with our quizzes and word games below.. You can also watch the video la lista de la compra (shopping list) or learn more vocabulary.

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  2. The Best Book to Learn Spanish (Reader's Choice) The following set of Spanish phrases was written by our daughter Drew, back in November 2013, when she was 13. 11 Spanish Restaurants Phrases. You are at a restaurant in South America, you're ready to order. You pick up the Spanish menu, try to figure out what it says and then try to order in.
  3. Cholesterol. Spanish. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that your body needs to work. It is made in the liver and found in food that comes from animals, such as meat, eggs, milk products, butter and lard. Too much cholesterol in your blood can be harmful to your body and can increase your risk for heart disease. You are at risk for hig
  4. Control #: 134 - 8/05 HIGH POTASSIUM FOOD LIST - SPANISH Reviewed 10/11/07 Naranja . Jugo de naranja . Jugo de ciruelas pasas . Ciruelas pasas . Pasas de uva/pasitas . Misceláneos. Pan de salvado o salvado al 100% . Guisantes y frijoles secos . Nueces . Papas fritas en bolsa . Sustitutos de la sal . Leche de soja/soya y frutos secos . Yogur.
  5. What classifies a food as Mexican, and what does not? The majority of the people stated that to be Mexican food was simply to be a food item common in Mexican cuisine, or native to the country. One of the main points that were noted was the idea of Americanized Mexican food, particularly Tex-Mex cooking and places like Taco Bell
  6. Available in Spanish: Secretos para preparar almuerzos saludables y divertidos (355 KB PDF) USDA Food Pattern and the DASH Eating Plan (78 KB PDF) This tip sheet helps you find out what amount of food is healthy for you and your family. We Can! GO, SLOW, and WHOA Foods (106 KB PDF
  7. February 21, 2017. Here is a handy food glossary (translations from Spanish to English) that can be printed out and used on your vacation in Spain. We have included most of the ingredients you will see on menus, including seafood and fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy, nuts, and more. Wine lovers, check out our Spanish wine glossary here

Food Vocabulary. Spanish and Latin American cuisines are extensive and therefore, it's good to know a variety of food vocabulary when reading menus. The terms below are more or less universal across Spanish-speaking countries, however, keep in mind that many countries have special regionalisms. Las carnes - meat (and other protein Use Spanish to guide them through the creation of the caterpillar. Para Hacer Una Oruga. (To make a caterpillar) Pon la cinta en un palito de paleta. (Put the tape on the popsicle stick) Pon las bolitas de colores diferentes en el palito. (Put the little balls of with a food, a number, and a day of the week. The caterpillar is pasted in the.

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This way you will be able to tell which food may be the culprit. • Hot spicy foods can speed up how fast food moves through your bowels. This can produce additional gas. • Rich, fatty foods, especially fried foods, may increase gas in some people • Try eating a little more slowly. When you eat fast, you swallow extra air with your food Available in Spanish (7) Fact sheets (9) Infographics (19) Lesson plans (3 Items per page. Sort by. A Brief History of the USDA Food Guides. View PDF. Be Salt Smart. View. Behavioral Milestones. View PDF. Berries 5 Ways. View PDF. Brown Rice 5 Ways. View PDF. Canned Peaches 5 Ways. View PDF. Canned Pears 5 Ways. View PDF. Celebrations and. Food and Nutrition Handouts in Multiple Languages. Eat Right nutrition tip sheets provide practical food and nutrition guidance for healthy eating. These educational handouts are written by Academy staff registered dietitians and provided in English and Spanish. (All handouts are presented in PDF format. Todos folletos presentados en formato PDF. Some documents are available in both English and Spanish. Three Compartment Sinks ( English and Spanish) Cooling Methods ( English and Spanish) Date Marking. Using a Food Thermometer. Hand Washing ( English and Spanish) No Bare Hand Contact ( English and Spanish) Food Safety After a Power Outage. Food Slicer Cleaning Schedule List of Spanish food-related words Below you'll find a list of Spanish food-related words, including the words for basic ingredients and foods, as well as cooking verbs. fork: tenedor spoon: cuchara knife: cuchillo plate: plato glass: copa cup:.

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10/2017. Availability. English PDF: Form H1200 Spanish PDF: Form H1200-S Instructions. English and Spanish forms can be found under the title Form to apply for Medicaid for the Elderly and People with Disabilities or Medicare Savings Program under section Forms to apply for benefits Breastfeeding Basics for Moms (PDF 1.26 MB) Open DOCX file, 19.82 KB, for. Breastfeeding Basics for Moms (DOCX 19.82 KB) Open PDF file, 1.23 MB, for. Breastfeeding Basics for Moms - Spanish (PDF 1.23 MB) Open DOCX file, 25.36 KB, for. Breastfeeding Basics for Moms - Spanish (DOCX 25.36 KB) Open PDF file, 1.14 MB, for Control #: 134 - 8/05 HIGH POTASSIUM FOOD LIST - SPANISH Reviewed 10/11/07 Naranja . Jugo de naranja . Jugo de ciruelas pasas . Ciruelas pasas . Pasas de uva/pasitas . Misceláneos. Pan de salvado o salvado al 100% . Guisantes y frijoles secos . Nueces . Papas fritas en bolsa . Sustitutos de la sal . Leche de soja/soya y frutos secos . Yogur. Resources in Spanish. Dame 5 al dia! (Give me 5 a Day!) (link is external) ( pdf | 1.2 MB ) DHHS. Florida Department of Health. Children's book that teaches about fruits and vegetables

How Much Food and Physical Activity Handouts Spanish Complete Set (PDF, 1.9 MB) Find and Make Healthy Foods in a Snap/ENCUENTRE Y PREPARE ALIMENTOS SALUDABLES EN UN SNAP (PDF, 538 KB) Watch Your Fats, Sugars, and Sodium/CONTROLE SU CONSUMO DE GRASAS, AZÚCARES Y SODIO (PDF, 573 KB Download free printable Fruits flashcards for kids in spanish: Square. 11 x 11 in. 1 picture card per page. Download pdf. A4-Portrait. 8 x 11 in. 6 picture cards per page. Download pdf

Food Exchange Lists. The following pages separate foods into these seven groups: - Starches - Fruits and Fruit Juices - Milk, Yogurt, and Dairy-like foods - Non-Starchy Vegetables - Sweets, Desserts, and Other Carbohydrates - Meats and Meat Substitutes - Fats 6 Lessons in Chapter 5: Food in Spanish Lesson Plans & Resources. 1. La Comida Lesson Plan. Help students learn and practice food words in Spanish using this video lesson. Students will watch a. from each DASH food group as well as a heart healthy 2,300 mg of sodium. You can easily reduce the sodium in this menu to 1,500 mg by substituting some key food items, which are highlighted in yellow. Just follow the tips. The Day 1 menu contains this number of servings from each DASH Food Group. 5 Grains 5 Vegetables 6 Fruits 2 ½ Dairy 6.

NUTR - PreDiabetes Food as Rx SPANISH PDF by Wendy Kohatsu Date: 11/2018 Probiotic Handout - for providers PDF by Wendy Kohatsu, MD Date: 11/2013 URI Handout PDF by Kohatsu-IM4Us Date: 12/201 Spanish I Unit 7 Food: Let's Eat! How to Use this Unit This unit was developed using the principle of beginning with the end in mind. In other words, the end-of-unit assessments were developed first, based on the current Georgia standards for Modern Languages. Those standards were developed and adopted in 2002 an Iron is present in many different foods, so eating a varied and healthful diet is important. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron, and eating iron rich foods along with a source of vitamin C (citrus fruits and juices, etc) can help replenish your body's iron stores. Also, iron may be absorbed into foods that have been cooked in iron. Food. Eating and drinking PIN sentences - Mira 1 p32 (PDF 44 KB) added 31.8.18. From Task Magic: En la cafetería Text (MS Word 14 KB) Dominoes (PDF 7 KB) Find the Spanish (PDF 11 KB) Gapfill with wordlist (PDF 8 KB) Long gaps (PDF 8 KB) Prompt gap anagrams (PDF 7 KB) Insert spaces (PDF 7 KB) Dominoes (PDF 11 KB) Vocab match. * This food is extremely high in oxalates, 7 to 700 mg per serving. Fats and Oils. continued Breads and Starches Low Oxalate-bread-breakfast cereals - noodles, egg or macaroni - rice, white or wild Moderate Oxalate-barley, cooked-corn bread-corn tortilla - cornmeal - cornstarch - flour, white or wheat - oatmea

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Learn the basics of Spanish, starting with food. Here's how to say different types of la comida, from apples to oranges.Subscribe to the Parents channel: htt.. FOOD SERVICE MANAGER'S CERTIFICATION 2 INTRODUCTION Food establishment owners, managers, supervisors, and employees must work as a team to achieve the highest standards of food safety. It is a constant battle in the industry with high turnover among employees, language barriers, complacency, negligence, lack of knowledge, an

Apply Online for NJ SNAP. NJ SNAP Checklist. NJ SNAP Checklist - English and Spanish (PDF) Downloadable Application Forms (all in PDF format): To apply in person, or in an language listed below, download and complete application and bring, mail or fax to your County Welfare Agency (Board of Social Services ): > English > Spanish. Arabic. Bengali As Spanish language learners, we grow closer to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture by learning key food and cooking vocabulary. The Spanish cooking vocabulary provided here was hand-picked to give you an authentic taste of life in Spanish-speaking regions of the world • Food sources include fruits with skins, uncooked vegetables, nuts, legumes, bran, brown rice and whole-grain flours 2. Soluble fiber acts like a sponge in the gut. • The soluble fiber in foods, such as oats, binds with cholesterol and removes it from the blood stream. • It can help lower blood sugar because it slows how fast foods are. Nutrition Facts Label Images for Download. NOTE: FDA has issued final changes to update the Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods. For more information, see Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

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Also in: Spanish pdf icon [PDF - 551 KB] Ready Wrigley: Flooding and Mold pdf icon [PDF - 1.91 MB] Also in: Spanish pdf icon [PDF - 1.91 MB] Ready Wrigley: Coping After a Disaster. pdf icon [PDF - 1.88 MB] Also in: Spanish pdf icon [PDF - 2.01 MB] Ready Wrigley Prepares For Winter Weather pdf icon [PDF - 2.01 MB] Also in: Spanish. pursuant to Title 42 USC 1320b-7 and is authorized under the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 (formerly the Food Stamp Act), as amended 7 U.S.C. 2011-2036. Providing or applying for a SSN is voluntary. For SNAP, any person who wants assistance but does not want to give information about his or her SSN will not be eligible for benefits Summer Without Salmonella Postcard Spanish Wash Chicken Red. 47.52 KB. 208. Download Preview. Summer Without Salmonella Postcard Spanish Wash Chicken Yellow. 51.68 KB. 204. Download Preview. Summer Without Salmonella Postcard Spanish Yuck Green 25 Calcium-rich Foods Calcium is essential for bone health. The best way to get calcium is from the foods you eat. Below are some good choices from A to Z. Check the food label to see how much calcium is in the foods you buy. Food Item Serving Size Estimated Calcium Content in Milligrams (mg)* 1. American cheese 1 oz. 175 2 Spanish peanuts Virginia peanuts may contain peanut Artificial flavoring Baked goods Candy Chili Chocolate Crumb toppings Egg rolls Enchilada sauce Ethnic foods: African, Asian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican Fried foods Flavoring Graham cracker crust Hydrolyzed plant protein Hydrolyzed vegetable protein Marzipa

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Spanish. 650-2616. Authorization for Disclosure of Consumer Medical/Health Information (HIPAA) Instructions. PDF. Excel. Spanish. Affidavit of Disaster Loss foods and drinks free because they do not impact the blood sugar of people living with diabetes. You can put free foods in the green category, but they do not have a GI and have not been included in the food lists. Glycemic Index Food Guide Fruit Vegetables Grains and Starches Meat and Alternatives Milk Figure 1: The Plate Method

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Farmers Guide to Food Safety and Conservation (Oct. 2017, CAFF) (PDF 853 KB) National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (PDF 1.6 MB) Flowchart to determine whether farms or small food processors are affected by the Produce Rule or Preventive Controls Rule for Human Food. (With CAFF: In Spanish, PDF 5.3 MB National Registry offers its food safety manager exam in two formats. The Food Safety Manager Certification Examination (FSMCE) is accredited under exam standards set by the Conference of Food Protection (CFP). The International Certified Food Safety Manager (ICFSM) is jointly accredited under both the CFP standards and the ISO 17024 standard The exchange lists group foods together because they are alike. Foods on each list have about the same amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat and calories. In the amounts given, all choices on each list are equal. Any food on the list can be exchanged or traded for any other food on the list. The lists are grouped into three mai Restaurant Food Security: Preventive Measures for Food Service Operators; How to Prevent Food Tampering; Hand Washing & Glove Use for Food Workers (Questions and Answers) Use of Hands in Preparation of Ready-to-Eat Foods; Employee Hand Washing Sticker also available in Spanish, Chinese (PDF) Cooling and Reheating of Potentially Hazardous Foods Dry Food Combining contemporary styling with a user-friendly design, this dual portion control dry-food dispenser can hold up to 17.5 ounces of food in each canister. It is suitable for a wide variety of dry foods such as cereal, trail mix, candy, granola to nuts, beans, rice, etc. my - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.co

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(Development of a Spanish-Language Version of the U.S. Household Food Security Survey Module, by Gail G. Harrison, Ame Stormer, Dena R. Herman, and Donna M. Winham, Journal of Nutrition 133(4): 1192-1197, April 2003), National Health and Nutrition Examination Surve geography, schools, food, etc. gain knowledge of some useful Spanish words and phrases and be able to use them in class conversations. understand some basic differences between Castellano (the Argentine dialect) and the Spanish language

Mediterranean Food List Author: Bill Bradley Created Date: 7/5/2018 2:32:50 PM. will reward you with maximum Spanish communication. Shortcut to Spanish Component #5 Understand Spanish Each lesson has an exercise in understanding Spanish, real Spanish just as it's spoken everyday in Latin American, the USA and Spain. These lessons recycle words from previous chapters to reinforce and strengthen the Spanish in you mind Olive oil: Spanish recipes either call for olive oil or lard, mainly olive oil.Extra virgin olive oil is worth the added expense. Spain is a leading producer of olive oil, and olives are grown all over the Andalucia region in the south of Spain.Many typical Spanish dishes are fried in olive oil. Ham: or jamón, as the Spanish say, is a prized food Spanish [PDF] Reheating Foods [PDF] Cool Foods Quickly [PDF] Foods. Keep Hot Foods Hot: Cold Foods Cold [PDF] Keep Hot Foods Hot: Cold Foods Cold- Spanish Version [PDF] Produce/Salad Area [PDF] Produce/Salad Area: Spanish [PDF] Food Storage

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Select a game to print. In this section you will find a collection of Spanish Word Search Printables. Feel free to download the ones you like and share it with your friends! Animals in Spanish Word Search 25/06/2020. Months and Days Spanish Word Search 25/06/2020. Spanish Clothes Word Search 25/06/2020 Several food and drink translations are included on this page, including the English to Spanish translations for food words like bread, eggs, and candy and drink words like water, coffee, and beer.Some spices have also been listed on this page, as well the translations for several food and drink-related phrases Eat only the foods listed under Foods to Include, and avoid those foods shown under Foods to Exclude in the Comprehensive Elimination Diet Guidelines. Th ese Guidelines are intended as a quick overview of the dietary plan. If you have a question about a particular food, check to see if it is on the food list

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Cut, color, and fold to make a set of Spanish food vocabulary cards. Foods include la manzana, el jugo de manzana, el plátano, el pan, el queso, el pollo, la fruta, el leche and el naranja. Nine cards in all DSS-1678sp: Declaracion Jurada Para Solicitar Reemplazo De Beneficios. Sep 26, 2018. DSS-1688sp: Designación de un Representante Autorizado. Mar 13, 2014. DSS-1700sp: Hoja De Trabajo (Application Worksheet) Sep 30, 2020. DSS-1789sp: Acuerdo de Colocacion Voluntario. Mar 13, 2014 47. $6.00. PDF. Activity. A fun-filled unit which introduces students to Spanish food and drink vocabulary using adorable images. This 110 page unit includes activities and flash cards which are appropriate for Elementary Spanish students grades 1-9. All instructions are in English, and worksheets are in Spanish Foods in Spanish. Share this worksheet. Learn the Spanish words for some of your favorite snacks and meals! Would you rather have some helado or some papas fritas? The pictures in this worksheet will help you match each food item to its Spanish name

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Foods raise glucose to varying levels (carbs increase blood sugar the most, fats and protein second). Actual (sugar) has a glycemic index of 100 and other foods measured are ranked as low, moderate and high GI foods. Although GI index is helpful to meal planning. The TOTAL number of grams of carbohydrate can have Date: 2021-1-13 | Size: 11.3Mb. These sample exams include real ServSafe questions and answers, with detailed explanations Servsafe test answers in spanish. Our free ServSafe Manager sample tests provide you with an opportunity to assess how well you are Test-Guide. com's sample ServSafe questions are an excellent way to study for your upcoming Cold Food Storage Chart. Follow the guidelines below for storing food in the refrigerator and freezer. The short time limits for home-refrigerated foods will help keep them from spoiling or becoming dangerous to eat. The guidelines for freezer storage are for quality only—frozen foods stored continuously at 0 °F or below can be kept. Una Guía Practica Sobre El Enfriamiento (Cooling Acute Guide (PDF)) Métodos de Enfriamiento (Cooling Methods (PDF)) Fechando Los Alimentos (Date Marking (PDF)) La Manera Apropiada de Almacenar Alimentos (Food Storage Chart (PDF)) Guía Para Cocción Discontinua (Non-Continuous Cooking Guidance (PDF) Russian (PDF) Somali (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Vietnamese (PDF) Letter for all clients who miss WIC appointments. Arabic (PDF) Burmese (PDF) Chinese (PDF) English (PDF) Korean (PDF) Russian (PDF) Somali (PDF) Spanish (PDF) Vietnamese (PDF) WIC Benefits and Foods. Infant Formula WIC Approved Formulas List (PDF) Formulas Provided by the Washington.

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Food Code Chapter 2 Reference Guide: Management & Personnel [Spanish] The 2019 Food Code - Chapter 3717-1-02 Reference Guide: Management and Personnel provides a summary of the requirements of chapter two of the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code. The requirements of this chapter pertain to employee health, personal cleanliness, hygienic practices. Can you name the foods in Spanish? by Ben Plays Quiz Updated Mar 19, 2020 . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . How to Play. Support Sporcle. Go Orange. Get the ad-free and most optimal, full-featured Sporcle experience. REMOVE ADS. Popular Quizzes Today. Prove You. Download English (PDF, 602 kb) Download Spanish (PDF, 466 kb) Food for Life: Living Well with Diabetes. Catalog #10-24 and 10-24A. 20-page booklet for meal planning with patients who have diabetes. Using a healthy plate, Food for Life provides serving sizes for popular items from each food group, food preparation and healthy eating tips. Order Catalog #10-24 (English) and 10-24A (Spanish) Meal planning booklet for patients who have diabetes. Booklet provides serving sizes for popular items from each food group. It also includes food preparation, healthy eating tips and a food diary. Food for Life (English, PDF, 1.2 MB) Comer para Vivir (Spanish, PDF, 847 kb How to use this book. In the first few pages of this book, you will see the goals and outcomes that you will be tested on for your food handler certificate. You will need a score of 75% to pass the test. Throughout this book you will find study questions that will help you get ready to take the test for the food handler certificate

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Worksheets. Worksheets are a very important part of learning Spanish. Children learn in different ways and engaging them with coloring, drawing, exercises and puzzles really helps them develop their language skills. Having a short worksheet time during your lesson allows students to have quiet time whilst doing some fun individual activities Kansas Food Assistance Program Brochure (pdf) Spanish Kansas Food Assistance Brochure Insert (pdf) Customer Service Assistance 1-833-765-2003; Food, Child Care and Cash Assistance 1-888-369-4777; Report Child or Adult Abuse or Neglect 1-800-922-5330; Child Support Service Center 1-888-757-2445; DCF Locations Open Weekdays: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m Preventing Injuries and Associated Costs in Restaurants 2 . Cal OSHA Regulations and Child Labor Laws 2000 3 . Overview of Restaurant Safety 4 . Safety Training 9 . Safety Topics DOS and DON TS \(English/Spanish\) 10 . Injury and Illness Prevention Program \(IIPP\) 44 . Hazard Communication Program \(HAZCOM\) 46 . Resources on Restaurant Safety 4

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Spanish Essay About Favorite Food, sample method section research paper, online writing instruction, essay on personal characteristics. Marketing. Seasoned Us Writers. Password reminder. If you are desperately looking for a reliable writing service to get some homework help — look no further, because you have found us! Do My Homework Online. Spanish-English Picture Dictionary - PDF Format (site members only) Printable Spanish-English picture dictionary - 27 pages PDF format. Each illustration has the word listed in Spanish and English. (This file can take a while to download, especially if you have a slow connection.) Spanish Picture Dictionary - PDF Format (site members only

Open PDF file, 192.36 KB, for Food Allergen Awareness Poster (2009) - Spanish (PDF 192.36 KB) Open DOCX file, 5.07 MB, for Food Allergen Awareness Poster (2009) - Spanish (DOCX 5.07 MB) Feedbac Free Name the colors and answer the questions. Copy the words 'La fiesta' and draw a picture of the party. Free Either draw the arrow pointing in the correct direction or write down the direction it points to. Color in the boy using the colors shown, ticking them off as you go Plant foods have no vitamin B12 unless they are fortified. You can get recommended amounts of vitamin B12 by eating a variety of foods including the following: • Beef liver and clams, which are the best sources of vitamin B12. • Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and other dairy products, which also contai Aug 29, 2015. That was easy because I'm actually Spanish \^^/. Anyway, this quiz is made on Latin Spanish. In Spanish juice would be zumo, shrimp would be gamba, steak would be filete (well could also be bistec but is not comonly used) and beans would be alubias or judías. Anyway, great quiz ;)) report reply Diabetes education for your patients. Novo Nordisk is committed to helping you educate your patients and support their diabetes management goals. Our library of learning materials offers practical tips and expert advice. Topics include diabetes basics, eating healthy, staying active and more