Why is Samsung S10 camera so bad

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Causes for camera problems on a Galaxy S10 can vary, but more so if it happens after an Android 10 update. These are some of the common reasons why your S10 may encounter issues with its camera.. I bought the S10e especially because they always advertised their great camera so much. I have the feeling that the quality was either never good or got worse. If I shoot TIk tok videos, the quality is bad, but photos look a little better. I heard Huawei has the best camera but still wants a Samsung phone because of my account. Why is camera quality so bad despite the claims? Are there. If your Galaxy S10 camera is blurry and not focusing as it should, it does not necessarily mean that it's a major problem. In most cases, the problem may go away on its own, or perhaps you're.. I really enjoyed a day in the park with my two kids and the S10 camera. Loved using all three cameras, live focus was great, and video was top notch. But once I head indoors in lower light, I really miss the Pixel 3. The S10 gives much softer images indoors

Yes. It is bad. Even rear camera have tendency to make images bright. I hope Samsung fixes in software. If your phone is snapdragon then try Gcam which is better. 8. level 2. Logiaa77. S10 1 year ago Galaxy S. Guys this is a software issue. The camera hardware is good, its just the samsung camera app that has poor quality for front cam. Try 3rd party apps. I am using CameraMX for selfies. It captures good quality pics and supports switching between the two front camera lenses on s10 plus. 0 Likes I am almost sure the camera app software is bad. I have seen some pictures on youtube taken with Google Camera app installed on S10+ and the different is masive. Especialy when using nightsight. SAMSUNG please do something about that camera app !! S10 Blurry Pictures. 03-25-2019 12:10 PM in. I've had the phone for about a week and the pictures are horrible. Always not focused and blurry and even cartoonish from being smooth. I have reset the camera, cleared the cache, updated all my apps

Why would Samsung design a camera SO zoomed in on the S10??? I cant use SC, IG or WhatsApp without this camera zooming in on my face like wtf!!!. This is so stupid. We should be given the option to adjust the zoom level as we like. People have been complaining about this issue since 2019!!! This is 2020, fix this issue already!!!! Samsung Galaxy S20 series is the latest premium and flagship smartphone from Samsung. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 series i.e., Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra as its latest flagship family at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event in San Francisco, California. The Galaxy S20 series ships with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 865 chipset, which features more powerful image processing, a new fifth. 1100 Millecento Brickell / 1100 South Miami Ave. 1100 Millecento; Virtual Tour; Residences & Amenities. Amenities; Residences; Floorplan Basically it comes down the the lack of optimisation and uniformity. Designing an app for the iPhone is simple, why? Because there are only 6 screen sizes to think about (iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus, X, XR and XS Max), furthermore >85% of users are on th.. The Galaxy S10 will do that, but no other phone will - so use this mode with caution. Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ selfie camera. Galaxy S10: 10MP, f/1.9; Galaxy S10+: 10MP, f/1.9 main, 8MP RGB.

It's little wonder the Samsung Galaxy S10 range has proved so popular since its release in spring 2019. Comprising three models, the Galaxy S10 range boasts a hole-punch display, powerful new. Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a good camera? The Galaxy S10 has three cameras on the back: a main 12-megapixel with an aperture that shifts between f/1.5 and f/2.4 depending on light

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  1. After 2 weeks with the #SamsungGalaxyS10 I thought I would be at a point where I would have fully switched over from the #Pixel3XL. My biggest problem with t..
  2. Source: Samsung Galaxy M02s Review: Price in India, specifications, camera features | Reviews News - India TV can't afford to support every different camera setup on so many phones. to all of Samsung's stuff or stick with the basic Android camera features. still can look great or it can look grainy and blotchy and really, really bad
  3. In regard to aesthetics, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is definitely a ten-by-ten. It is one of the most recognizable Samsung devices so far. The Galaxy S10 Plus (Prism white) has a shiny pearl-like.

The optical camera sensor moves on some Samsung phones. It has been reported by some that this sensor gets stuck and can cause the camera to not focus properly. The solution for this is to open the camera app and lightly shake your phone before taking a picture. You can also try lightly tapping on the lens with the camera app open So, that was our Top 5 reasons why Samsung smartphones suck. However, Samsung has improved a lot in most of the case since the Galaxy S5 , and failed in Note 7 case, and regained back with Note 8. Yet, they will have to follow the path that brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo are following to stay popular in the market Sometimes the camera just gets laggy as the phone gets older. If your Samsung Galaxy's camera appears laggy, you can try some safe troubleshooting before bringing it into an authorized Samsung Galaxy service center. This wikiHow teaches you how to fix a laggy camera on a Samsung Galaxy. Method The 4a was showing so much detail on the guy's face and the FE just looked lifeless. Skin smoothing is bad and for whatever reason the colors are washed out. Don't know what Samsung did with this but hopefully an update will help. Samsung really needs some help in the camera software department Here's the worst thing to happen to camera phones — and why it needs to stop. Comments (0) Macro lenses have become a common site on phones like Samsung's Galaxy A51. So does the $249.

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the latest phone in the popular Galaxy S flagship series from Samsung. With its big 6.1-inch display that's nearly bezel-free, its powerful hardware, and its many. Home; Uncategorized; why is the s10 camera so bad; why is the s10 camera so bad

S20U has known issues with the camera. Overall, yes, expensive phones but still a mobile camera. Even on the n20U the quality of pictures can vary. The sensors are really good but unfortunately you were left with an old model sensor and not a good one. Your friend will be light when taking pics Samsung's camera system is more locked down than Apple's, and, recently, Sony's. Third-party apps can't even see the (stellar) telephoto camera on the Note 20 Ultra, or any other Samsung phone for that matter. Why? Well, I've asked Samsung about this in a number of ways and have only gotten, frankly, utter nonsense back in terms of justifications Both P30 pro and Samsung S10+ 5G varriant occupied first place in DXO mark Detailed scores. When it comes to Zoom technology P30 pro beats S10+ P30 pro had massive (5x hybrid Zoom, 10x optical Zoom and 50x digital Zoom) Tharun Kumar Ravikrindh Lowest Price Galaxy S10 Refurb Deals, From £26/Month. Don't Miss These Price Drops. 1-Month Free Insurance. Order Today - Get It Tomorrow. 7-Day UK Customer Support

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  1. Samsung's three S10 phones -- the Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10 Plus and the standard Galaxy S10 -- are excellent overall. I love the screens, the design and the overall camera photography. You can read.
  2. The selfie camera is a marked improvement for Samsung, producing more detailed photos than the front-facing cameras of the company's previous offerings. so, bonus. Both the regular S10 and.
  3. Before we begin, though, I'd like to emphasize that the camera focusing issue that occurred on our Samsung Galaxy S10 unit should, in no way, be taken as indicative of a wider problem with the S10 models (at the time being, at least). This has happened to me before on a number of phones, including the iPhone 6, the Huawei P10, and the Galaxy S8

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  1. Being a professional (fashion) photographer, and personally a true lover of good photos and all that entails photo quality, the main thing I look for in a smartphone is the best possible camera. So after some reviews I decided to get the new Samsung S10+. And I am not happy at all. Problems: 1
  2. Samsung's Galaxy S10 is still a worthwhile option for those who want a new phone but are looking to spend less than $1,000. The Galaxy S10, despite being a year old, still has a great camera and.
  3. While the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera app is easy to use, there's a lot going on, so it can take some time to get to grips with. You can swipe through the different camera modes listed on the.

The iPhone camera sensor has been provided by Sony since the iPhone 4s. Some cameras use a CCD image sensor, but CMOS sensors work more efficiently, require less power and handle high-speed burst modes better, which is why they tend to be used in camera phones. The Galaxy S4 also features a CMOS sensor So, if you just migrated to Galaxy S10 from other Android phones, or from Samsung Galaxy phones with Android Oreo or older versions, you are facing a very different camera app.. Compared to other Samsung Galaxy phones with Android Oreo (Android 8.0), there are many changes in Galaxy S10 camera app as explained in this guide.Some changes are reasonable and make things better While the Galaxy S10 Plus' photos are quite good for what they are, it does feel like the camera can't keep up -- so far. Epic camera shoot-outs to come. Now playing: Watch this: Galaxy S10 5G. Most of the times the camera-related common problems in Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite are because of no other reason than this This post makes sure none of the feature of your phone has a bad impact on the same when you apply the solutions to fix any of the common problems in Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite listed

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  1. ator, of the whole Galaxy S10 series that include four models: S10e, S10, S10+, and S10 5G.. As such, it uses the same wide and ultrawide camera modules and software tuning as the Samsung Galaxy S10/10+
  2. So it's genuinely refreshing to see Samsung have experimented with this year's S10e, S10 and S10+. Where last year's crop played things too safe, this year's devices take risks. And even if not all of those risks pay off, it really does feel like Samsung tried to make the S10 the same kind of leap forward that the iPhone X was for Apple
  3. Detailed step-by-step guides will help you become a pro user of Galaxy S10 camera. The outcome is getting better photos from your Galaxy S10, S10e, S10+, or S10 5G. Galaxy S10 camera guides cover: Using the camera app on Galaxy S10. Using different Galaxy S10 camera modes. Changing Galaxy S10 camera settings
  4. The Samsung Galaxy S10, the middle child of the company's flagship series, is a fantastic phone that might easily be lost in the shuffle. Where the Galaxy S10 Plus has been lauded for its large.
  5. It's odd, perhaps, that the Lite's camera setup is so different to both the S10 and the S20, but it's not a bad selection of cameras - and given this phone's price point, again it feels like you.
  6. This is the reason why it has been a huge disappointment for loyal Samsung customers who have just updated to Galaxy S10 and are a frequent snap chat user. Contents. Fix Snapchat front camera zoom issue on Galaxy S10. Method #1: Install May security patch update. Method #2: Clear lens cache in the Snapchat app
  7. Juicing this bad boy up would take quite a bit longer with a regular charger, which probably explains why the Galaxy S10 5G is the only S10 model to support super-fast 25w wired charging

Cameras on new smartphones are always exciting, but this year - damn - Samsung has really pulled out all stops. Both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ have the same three rear-facing cameras. These are a 12MP standard lens, a 12MP zoom lens, and a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens True, Samsung is the reigning smartphone screen champ -- that's why companies like Apple pay for these panels. And the S10+'s display is, in fact, phenomenal. I totally disagree on the hole-punch. Still have my S8, so can confirm it works fine on that. However, S10 as reported here is very laggy and completely unusable. I've gone and downloaded a bunch of older version APKs and tested EVERY version 15.6 to 25.3. What I found was version 21.6 works smoothly, but from version 22.5 this issue comes in. So something in that update must've. To change picture resolution on Samsung phone, run the stock Camera app on your mobile, touch the Settings icon on the picture preview screen, a quick settings menu or tool bar displays. From above screenshot, you can see the default photo size is set to 6M. If you like to change it to smaller or bigger size, tap on the photo size icon, you.

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Samsung needs to fix this camera and work on long-term support (and resale value) before we're at that point. Most likely, the Galaxy S20 will go on sale in a few weeks to shave some money off. This is possible because of Samsung's hole-punch camera. On the S10, there is a modestly sized dot in the top-right corner. so apps can't do anything with it. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Your Samsung Galaxy S10 can shoot videos at an even higher resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels or UHD (ultra-high definition), where a full screen image needs 8,294,400 pixels or 7.9MB - more than. The Samsung S10 Plus, like the S10, includes a robust triple-lens rear camera array, comprising a 12MP regular lens, a 12MP optically zoomed telephoto lens, and new 16MP ultra-wide lens. 12.3MP. Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 3 are especially compelling for those who want the sexiest design and most compelling camera, respectively. so you can keep better tabs on what he's.

A DSLR Is Better Than a Smartphone. Dedicated cameras have a lot of versatility and will likely always be able to do things that a smartphone can't. For instance, you can't attach a 200mm telephoto lens to your smartphone, and even if you could, you would probably look kind of ridiculous doing it Samsung Galaxy S10 : How to enable or disable Hide front camera Source: How to turn off mirror photos on Samsung Galaxy A20? why is samsung camera so bad. Why is the front camera so bad??? : galaxys10 - Red Source: How To FIX Camera at SAMSUNG GALAXY A42 5G Problems ? - Hard Reset.. Instagram limits the size and quality of the photo you upload to a maximum of 1080 pixels. This compresses and lowers the size and quality of your image, especially when you have a better camera. So, even if you take a photo that's 4000 x 3000 pixels, Instagram will compress it. This should make uploads faster and minimize data usage

Why your Samsung Galaxy S10 won't charge, and how to fix it When you're troubleshooting a technology problem with a lot of possible causes, you generally want to eliminate simple problems and. Fix Face Recognition not working on Samsung S10Plus and S10. First things first, before digging deep, I'd like to make sure certain factors that could resolve face unlock not working on Samsung phones. Since, to detect Face, the phone uses a front camera, so make sure the camera is not covered by any hard material or dust or screen protector The world-facing camera on most devices is much higher resolution than the user-facing camera as it's intended for photos rather than video calling. This will cause the world-facing camera image to look much more clear and well-defined. However, there are a number of things you can try if the user-facing camera image quality is very poor Camera: As if this phone couldn't get any better, Samsung gives 5G lovers an additional camera for a total of 6 cameras!3 That's an impressive 4 cameras on the back and 2 on the front. While there are many similarities between the S10+ cameras and the S10 5Gs, there are a few differences of note Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 also includes a stylus, while the Galaxy S10 does not. The camera modules on the back are differently-orientated, and are placed in a different spot on these two phones

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On the Samsung Galaxy S10, the feature was disappointingly limited, so much so that you were generally best off ignoring it, as all the potential this feature brings was squandered with a few big. But so was the Galaxy S9. and every time I'm reminded of why Samsung does it best. With the S10+, the camera applies a haze-like filter applied on top. The Mate 20 Pro is way off with on. A fast charger is bundled in the box. In case you don't know, Samsung's a bit chary about fast charging on phones. Its Adaptive Fast Charging maxes at 15W, even for flagships like Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10. So, yeah, the fast charging is moderately fast, but it still counts as an advantage at this price point The Samsung Galaxy S21+ has top-end camera hardware. The selfie camera is the same 10MP f/2.2 ,1/3.24 sensor that we first saw with the S10 series. The primary camera is where the fun is. The main camera consists of a large 1/1.76 sensor with 12MP resolution, a wide 26mm f/1.8 lens, and optical image stabilization

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Samsung Galaxy S20 main 12MP camera samples Resolved detail is on point, so is noise suppression. Auto HDR is kicking in just right and helping with things like the sky Samsung has started rolling out a new feature for the Galaxy S10 camera called Night mode, according to SamMobile.It looks like a replacement for the original Bright Night feature that. Using ultrasonic pulses, it detects the 3D ridges and valleys of your fingerprint, so only you can access your phone. It's secure and convenient — even allowing you to unlock, drag, and hold to open the app you want. Available on Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung S10+. Samsung Galaxy S10e has a Fingerprint Scanner located on the power button The Galaxy S10 has a single front camera which features a 10MP dual pixel auto focus and UHD selfie technology. Triple rear camera. In the rear side you have the following three cameras aligned horizontally: A 12MP telephoto lens (45⁰) with a 2x zoom and OIS anti-blur software. A 12MP wide angle lens (77⁰) with dual aperture and dual pixel

Galaxy s10 front camera too zoomed in - Samsung Communit my snapchat won't even let me get past the camera without immediately shutting off the app. is anyone having this issue too bc it's so frustrating. ive deleted and reinstalled like four times Snapchat, the one-to-one messaging app with more than 150 million daily active users, has earned. Show details. Buy the selected items together. This item: Samsung Galaxy S10+ LED Wallet Case, Black $89.99. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Seaside NY. Casetego Compatible with Galaxy S10 Plus/S10 Camera Lens Protector, [3 Pack]Thin Transparent Clear $6.99. In Stock About this item SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 6.4 inch SCREEN SIZE. WILL NOT work with Verizon Galaxy S10 5G 6.7 inch Device. Innovative adhesive coupled with our unique application method ensures easy, bubble-less and frustration-less installation that will leave the film perfectly contoured to any devic

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Samsung may have stripped out the third telephoto lens from the Galaxy S10e camera, yet this 'Essential' phone still offers some strong photo and video quality in most conditions. Here's our full review after a full week of testing the S10e around London. Get this Galaxy on contract from Vodafone right now in the UK Contact Samsung Support. Contact us online through chat and get support from an expert on your computer, mobile device or tablet. Support is also available on your mobile device through the Samsung Members App. Get support. *Price is reflective of purchasing the lowest price Certified Re-Newed phone with a cracked screen trade in To me its more a software issue, as YouTube when playing LTT videos likes to fill the screen as much as possible so it makes the edge of the camera hole visible on my S10. The only other option is zoomed in so its even MORE visible, it wont let me zoom out to avoid seeing the camera hole

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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs S10: screen. One of the biggest improvements of the S20 is the new display. Not only is it bigger than the S10's (6.2 inches to the S10's 5.8), it also has some natty new. I also recently purchased the S20 and was very disappointed with the quality of pics produced by the front camera. The first fix in the above post resolved the issue for me because the front camera is not set to 32MP by default so this should be changed by selecting the aspect ratio button. Quality of pics on the front camera is now very good Samsung itself has promised a quick fix, though signs of an early rollout have so far failed to materialise for Galaxy S10 and Note 10 users. And until it does, these phones remain highly. The Samsung Galaxy S21+ has top-end camera hardware. The selfie camera is the same 10MP f/2.2 ,1/3.24 sensor that we first saw with the S10 series. The primary camera is where the fun is. The main camera consists of a large 1/1.76 sensor with 12MP resolution, a wide 26mm f/1.8 lens, and optical image stabilization my pictures in my samsung galaxy grand prime are negative .how can i restore it? You should head over to the AndroidCentral forums. iMore is a forum about Apple products such as the iPhone. Just_Me_D and anon(10540011) like this. 08-18-2016 04:50 PM. Like 2.

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