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Low Prices on Kumihimo Wire Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee When first learning kumihimo wirework, you'll notice right away that braiding with wire is different than other media you've used before. Wire is firmer and less forgiving than traditional kumihimo materials like silk or leather cording. With that comes a bit of a learning curve. Kumihimo wirework is a craft that requires practice to perfect Fine 30 Gauge Wire for Kumihimo Braiding. Zebra Wire is a beautifully color coated copper wire as called for to make many of the projects in the book above. This wire has been repeatedly covered with enamel and baked, giving a strong, flexible, and glossy finish. 50 yard spools. # 129 - 30 gauge Zebra braiding wire - $ 3.95 /spool

S-Lon and C-Lon beading cord are identical products and are perfect for most applications. However, both of these brands offer beading thread, which is designed for use with a needle and is too fine to be successful in beaded kumihimo Two colour flat wire kumihimo bracelet I also love her two hollow wire kumihimo bracelets. Her clever use of a hook and a dowel helps maintain the hollow core as the wire is braided around the wooden stick. Both bracelets uses proper end caps which makes the finish much nicer and avoids the use of glue as she does for some of her tutorials Since the projects in Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy use fine gauge wire, it isn't necessary to have heavy-duty wire cutters that cut up to 12-gauge thick wire. Basic wire cutters are perfect for the job. Chain-nose and flat-nose pliers - Both types of pliers can be used for bending and gripping wire more easily than using your fingers alone

Kumihimo Threads Choose from a selection of thread and cording for your kumihimo: Fine silk threads, thick silk, S-Lon, rayon floss, cotton thread, satin rat-tail cord, kumihimo wire Wire Round Braid Bracelet Wire is a wonderful material for kumihimo because it produces such different effects to textile kumihimo. In addition it can be manipulated after braiding, allowing unusual shapes and designs to be created Kumihimo braids make great necklaces and bracelets. There are many creative ways to finish the ends. Adding ends caps with a hook & eye or magnetic clasp is one of the easiest and cleanest endings. You will want to use a strong heavy duty thread and you'll want a sewing needle that is sharp enough to easily go through the Kumihimo braid

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  1. Using a Kumihimo disk for braiding is about ten times faster than traditional braiding. And the braid comes out perfect every time! The 5 Best Kumihimo Disks . Below are our top picks for the best Kumihimo disks. We quickly realized that having a good disk is pretty essential to the overall enjoyment of your project
  2. Pru McRae is a kumihimo jewelry designer with some great tips! There is an easy solution if you are braiding with bigger beads like very round 6/0 and don't like the hollow area formed inside. The braided piece becomes squishy! What Pru shows in her tutorial is how to braid around a cord cord. The result is a solid piece which still retains.
  3. https://beadaholique.com/blogs/techniques-guides/kumihimo-101-how-to-kumihimo - A 24 warp Kumihimo round braid can be achieved by using the Double Density 64..
  4. In this tutorial I show you how to make a wire woven kumihimo bracelet. Please feel free to give it a go yourself and I hope you enjoy.This is my original de..
  5. Kumihimo Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Kumihimo Braids With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools [Lange, Amy] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kumihimo Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Kumihimo Braids With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools Best Sellers Rank: #331,491 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #137 in Metal Work.
  6. e strand length needed, multiply desired finished length by 3. Example: If you want a 20-inch necklace, you will need 60 inches of cord

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Kumihimo Wire Jewelry. Photo by Jack Zilker. page 5 Y.COM One of the best classes I took last summer at Bead Fest Philadelphia was Easy Kumihimo with Beads, taught by Jill Wiseman. Easy, fun, and wildly addicting, I returned home with a whole bag of kumihimo supplies and project ideas, an Find Kumihimo braiding disks, bobbins, cord, and more to create braided jewelry. Choose from the Square Disk, Round Disk, cord, Kumihimo Books, and even Kumihimo Projects! 800-355-213 There are many ways you can use Kumihimo in jewelry making. I like to add seed beads to my friendship bracelets.Also see my more traditional Kumihimo Beaded Bracelets and how I set up different patterns for the beads. This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for details Beginner Kumihimo tutorials are typically around 18 to 20 minutes in length due to some helpful repetition. Once you get the hang of it and explore others, they may reduce their time to around 9-10 minutes. Working with gemstone beads has never been so much fun. Here are fifteen sensational Kumihimo bead designs you can try for yourself now

Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy: 20 Braided Jewelry Designs Step-by-Step - Kindle edition by Larsen, Christina. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy: 20 Braided Jewelry Designs Step-by-Step You can use different types of wire for kumihimo. I recommend using a softer wire, such as bare copper, plated copper, craft wire, or sterling silver, because it makes the working process easier and tends to result in a tighter, more even braid. The finished braids are also easier to shape, if the design calls for it No. 4. RMISODO 6 Pieces Braiding Disk Round Square Kumihimo Beading Cord Disc Braiding Braided Plate for DIY Fine Thread Wire Beaded Kumihimo. This kumihimo disk set is a tool for assisting in the editing of bracelets. It is easy to use, and even a novice can make a neat and beautiful bracelet The original is called C-Lon and is available in 108 colors from bright to muted to fluorescent. This size works well for beading, micro-macrame, bead crochet, and kumihimo. C-Lon Tex 400 is a slightly heavier weight cord approximately .9mm in diameter. It is suitable for the same purposes as regular C-Lon

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  1. Incorporating leather into wire kumihimo designs can add more color and also bring in a different texture, which may alter a design completely. It is easy to incorporate round leather into wire kumihimo because it is similar to cord, and mixing the two is like combining the best of both worlds. You get the strength and elegance of wire plus the.
  2. Finishing Kumihimo with Wire Wrap. Hover over image to zoom. 3 product reviews. $0.00: Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Product Description. This no charge tutorial provides diagrams and some basic instruction, hints and tricks to finishing your Kumihimo braids with end caps that have holes (non glue-in).
  3. In this course, discover the Japanese technique of braiding cords, called Kumihimo, to make this 20-inch, eight cord round necklace. The premier place for all your jewelry making needs. The best in wire, tools, cabochons, gemstone beads and more
  4. A while ago I posted some colourful kumihimo braids. Then someone commented how they would like to see a wire version. Here it is! Done in 28g sterling silver with just 8 single strands. For this I used the square braid pattern; to me it is preferable over the round braid which I think is more attractive in different colours
  5. The essence of kumihimo is the evenness of the braid - each strand fitting and interlocking, creating a seamless whole. Using wire for every strand (even dead soft) defeats that. I can see where a thin wire, married with rattail, could result in a very pleasing, albeit stiff, braid, but I'm just not on board with eight strands of stiff wire.

The traditional Japanese Kumihimo uses Silk and Biron threads. But these days, you can use embroidery floss and Super-Lon braiding cord. You can also use your usual crafting yarns, satin rattail, and more to make Kumihimo. For beginners, you may start with cotton or pearl cotton floss The very second I heard about Kumihimo I was online ordering a starter kit for myself. The. Very. Second. When it got here I jumped around the living room like a loon clutching my bubble mailer. I hadn't even opened it yet. When I opened it, I jumped right in. The directions were on the backside of the product card and it was easy enough to follow, though I did get a bit irritated. In my set. Pull warp 17 up and place it into slit 31. Slide one bead up onto warp 1. This bead should be nested under warp 8. Bring warp 1 down to slit 15. Turn the Kumihimo disk clockwise 1/4 turn, or 90 degrees, so that the dot between slots 8 and 9 on the disk is at the bottom Let me share two best-handpicked wire jewellery making books that will help you create intricate braided, crochet wire and weaving art. Take a look. 22. Kumihimo Wire Jewelry. Have you ever heard about Japanese art? This is what Kumihimo wire art is all about, something innovative and exciting craft every jewellery designer would love to learn Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy is a fascinating and elegant contribution to the jewelry designer's library. Whether you are familiar with kumihimo, the ancient Japanese art of braiding fibers, or new to the art, you will want to try these wirework projects, based on the same concept, offered here by author Christina Larsen

Step 1. To create a flat kumihimo braid, you will need the square braiding foam disk. This disk has upper case letters on the left and lower case letters on the right, as well as numbers on the top and bottom. The different letters and numbers are important to remember when following pattern directions. Step 2 Kumihimo Wire > home > kumihimo > kumihimo-instructions > kumihimo-plate-instructions > basic-flat-braid-1. Braiding Plate Instructions Kumihimo tutorials for making flat braids on a braiding plate. These pages are freely available instructions for making braids on the kumihimo disk and plate. These are instructions of common generic braids Place your Kumihimo loom in front of you with the threaded slots at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions. (Refer to photo.) Count 1 - With one hand, grasp the cord on the left side of the 12 o'clock dot and bring it down, placing it in the slot to the left of the 6 o'clock cords. You will have one cord at 12 o'clock, three cords at 6. I am so cheap that for a good long time I didn't use Kumihimo bobbins. No sirree, I used paperclips because it was so easy. Not really. It was okay but it often wound up being frustrating. Especially when, say, some cat decided to try to walk off with my Kumi project and the clips got all wound up on one another and the other strings. Can you say nightmare? I refused to buy a set simply. Just type make kumihimo disk on Youtube and you'll find dozens of tuts. The two color braid is the easiest one. You can find a great tutorial in Spanish by Creative Craft here and in English, by Crafty Lisa, here: For the 3 color spiral, the process is the same, but with 6 strands

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In the second, also an asymmetrical piece, wire kumihimo encircles a silk strand core. The silk strands are remnants of saris collected by a women's cooperative from a factory floor. The second side of the piece features chains of different metals, each with charms, of different materials, dangling from the chains Kumihimo Tips, how to braid with beads, how to attach end caps, how to finish a Kumihimo braid, how to thread beads on Kumihimo Cord, how to string magatama beads, which size end caps, ho many beads do i need for Kumihimo beaded braid, which cord for which size seed bead, Kumihimo starting in the middle

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Jewelry Making Tools. Find a wide range of professional jewelry making tools to assist you with any beading or craft jewelry project. Shop professional tool kits, pliers, cutters, wire tools, bead looms, and more including specialized beader's tools to help you design and organize. Learn how to use many of the tools we carry with our product. Recommended for securing Kumihimo findings. We hope you now have a better understanding of how helpful specific glues can be for your jewelry pprojects. Using glue that is appropriate for your project can make the difference between a long-lasting piece and one that comes apart the first time you wear it 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Kumihimo Basics and Beyond: 24 Braided and Beaded Jewelry Projects on the Kumihimo Disk (Paperback) by. Rebecca Combs. (shelved 4 times as kumihimo) avg rating 4.34 — 86 ratings — published 2013. Want to Read That is why I have compiled a simple kumihimo guide for you. This guide focuses on using inexpensive tools and materials to create wire jewelry that you can wear and gift to those close to you. Inside this book you will discover: The #1 low-price metal you should use to make your first kumihimo braid Kumihimo is an ancient craft, dating as far back as the 6th century - some say even earlier. Family members and guilds passed on complex patterns and techniques verbally to keep them secret, a tradition some Kumihimo schools still practice today. The first Kumihimo artists made cords entirely by hand, using a form of finger-loop braiding

The biggest mistake you could be making when braiding wire; 10 kumihimo 'hacks', that will make your kumihimo learning curve easier; How to add beads to your kumihimo projects; But isn't wire kumihimo tricky to do? Like any other hobby, kumihimo takes a little bit of time to learn. With practice, you will be sure to become comfortable with. 2021 popular Related Search, Ranking Keywords, Hot Search trends in Jewelry & Accessories, Jewelry Findings & Components, Jewelry Tools & Equipments, Home & Garden with kumihimo and Related Search, Ranking Keywords, Hot Search. Discover over 229 of our best selection of Related Search, Ranking Keywords, Hot Search on AliExpress.com with top-selling Related Search, Ranking Keywords, Hot Search. Blue Kumihimo Bracelet. Engraved compass rose cufflinks Graduation gift for him Groom and groomsmen wedding cufflinks, Floral Jewel on Quartz Rose. 12x10mm Spring Looks Gifts for Her Czech Crystal Octagon Rhinestone Bracelet Wedding Jewelry Bridal Jewels Big Stone Bracelet, Labradorite ring birthstone ring best friend gift stackable ring birthday gift sterling silver girlfriend gift. A variety of materials can be used to make Kumihimo braids from Rattail Satin and Chinese Knotting cord to ribbons, Superlon and even Craft Wire, making Kumihimo braiding a fun, versatile and creative way of making jewellery. There are so many different patterns that you're unlikely to ever run out of inspiration and ideas 24pcs END CAPS Fits 1.5 - 5mm for Kumihimo & Leather Jewellery Cord Wire. $3.36 to $5.48. $18.50 shipping

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Beadsmith Kumi Kumihimo Braiding-Regular Weight, Other, Multicoloured, 2.13x5.08x15.87 cm. . Only 10 left in stock. Set of Three Kumihimo Disks for braiding, two round and one square plate to make round and flat woven braids using satin cords. Supplied with an illustrated instruction leaflet How to add cabochons to your kumihimo projects; The only tools you need to start wire kumihimo; What gauge of wire should you use for your first project? 5 mistakes you could be making when making wire braids; 2 tools essential for creating hollow kumihimo braids; 5 classic and versatile braid designs that go well with inexpensive metals; How. Wire gauges (thicknesses) European wire (coated copper or silver wire) is measured in millimetres whilst the US use gauges. The most commonly used gauges are listed below: 34 gauge wire = 0.16mm ( 0.006) Good for wire knitting and twisting. Too fine for firm shaping. 28 gauge wire = 0.32mm ( 0.013) Good for wire twisting and knitting

Craft Wire and Kumihimo together takes some patience and you want to make sure the wire is orderly while you work. If you wire is trying to get away from you, this is going to be very frustrating. This ring can be made with a single color or you can choose multiple colors for a really fun design Kumihimo Blues 24 ADD(Artisan Design Details) 8 bobbin into 12 bobbin traditional Kumihimo braid on a Marudai, Fiber: Dyed Dreams,com slub rayon, shiny rayon, metallic novelty thread, Focal: lapis, or sodalite pi with my bead, stone pin, glass bead accents in braid Comes with gift box,Receive exclusive offers,Fantastic Wholesale Prices,Best Price,free delivery worldwide,Low price guaranteed. OOAK Kumihimo 8 warp beaded bracelet in White with a silver clasp, perfect wedding gift, ready to ship Measures approx 8 inches Does come with its own pouch, Perfect gift for Birthday / Anniversary / Christmas / Mothers Day / Valentines Day /Special Occasion ET 9094410 The glass pendant is not,Receive exclusive offers,Up to 50% Off 300,000 Products,save money with deals,Incredible shopping.

Pre-requisite: Basic Kumihimo Braiding. Students must arrive at class with their strands pre-loaded with beads; class time does not include stringing. Class Fee: $40 per person + materials of your choice. Average class time: 2 hours. Please Note: Purchasing a class online doesn't schedule the class. You need to call us at 410-956-5529 to set. ON SALE. $5.29 Save 77%. Beaded Kumihimo Jewelry. ON SALE. $2.86 Save 87%. Beader's Guide: Right-Angle Weave. ON SALE. $3.33 Save 83%. Bead lace bracelet Kumihimo Wire Jewelry: Essential Techniques and 20 Jewelry Projects for the Japanese Art of Braiding - Ebook written by Giovanna Imperia. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Kumihimo Wire Jewelry: Essential Techniques and 20 Jewelry Projects for the Japanese Art of Braiding

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  1. Wire kumihimo first try. it is made from 8 peces of scrap flal wire, and a lot of time. this is the resolt and a pare of sore wrists. I use it as an arm cuff but it could be used in other ways
  2. imal materials to get started. All you need is a kumihimo loom or disc, bobbins and some lengths of satin cord or rat tail. Take a look at Jill's YouTube channel for help.
  3. 1. Depending on the thickness of your foam glue a few sheets together to make a foam pad around 1/4″ thick. Leave to fully dry. 2. Draw a circle about 10 cm / 4″ on to the foam and cut out. 3. Cut another small circle out from the middle about 2 cm / 1″. 4. Cut small slits in the foam; north, south, east and west

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  1. Replace your old kumihimo tools with a new set of kumihimo weights and kumihimo discs. Beading boards will help you plan your beaded jewelry design and keep your beads in place while you string them. Make sure to pick up a flocked bead mat or board to keep your beads from rolling away
  2. Japanese Braiding (Kumihimo) Instructions There are hundreds of different kumihimo stitches, some simple and some very complex, using different numbers of strands. A common stitch often taught to beginers is the simple 16-thread rotating stitch (Kongo Gumi)
  3. Kumihimo disk loom: The round disk can be about 4¼ to 6 inches in diameter. The thickness can vary from ¼ inch to 3/8 inch. · End caps—either glue the braid end to the end cap or attach wire to the braid end and make a wrapped loop through the end cap. That's what I like best. Delete. Replies. Reply. Reply
  4. kumihimo aids. Kumihimo is the Japanese art of braid making and can be accomplished with or without using the addition of beads to create beautiful jewellery. Foam kumihimo discs are a lightweight, portable and more affordable option to the traditional marudai. You can still create complex braids using up to 24 bobbins with thin cords or even wire
  5. Jewelery. Beaded Necklace Patterns. Beaded Earrings. Beaded Bracelets. Homemade Jewelry. Jewelry Making Tutorials. Kumihimo y Hoops. Explore Taman B's photos on Flickr. Taman B has uploaded 280 photos to Flickr

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Kumihimo End caps are extremely useful if you have not quite decided how you want to finish off your Kumihimo braid, just the like the Kumihimo toggles set the best thing to use is the zap jewellery gel to securely bond the braid and the metal on your end cap/bell closer together Kumihimo Antique Silver Twisted Toggle Starter Findings Kit. Price: $3.25. More Details Buy. Kumihimo Gold Bow Toggle Starter Findings Kit. Price: $2.75. More Details Buy. Kumihimo Gold Twisted Toggle Starter Findings Kit. Price: $4.25

Jewelry Making Tutorials Beading Tutorials Jewellery Making Kumihimo Bracelet Bracelet Watch Viking Knit Jewelry Beads Direct Beads And Wire Bead Crochet YouTube Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube 7 wire work techniques you MUST get to know ! December 13, 2015. Introducing my wire crochet workshop participants with other wire work techniques, that are different than my Invisible Spool Knitting wire crochet, made me want to write about it here on my blog , so my readers that can't attend my workshops in person can learn about them too. The list is long so probably not all the wire work.

Easy Springtime Kumihimo Bracelet. This light and delicate kumihimo bracelet was made with yellow-green and amber colored tiny round seed beads. Size 8/0 beads braided on cream-colored 8 warps of #18 S-Lon cord created a kumihimo bracelet that's ¼ inch thick. Sized for a 7-inch wrist, I used around 40 beads per warp (20 of each color) Thirty-five years ago, The Beadsmith came into being. From its roots as a one-man operation run from a garage, The Beadsmith has grown to become an 85-employee, family-owned and operated company which is housed in a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Carteret, New Jersey. The Beadsmith is dedicated to providing bead resellers, bead stores, jeweler supply houses, and qualified manufacturers in. Sulis Designs. As well as creating my own jewellery, I also teach Kumihimo braiding jewellery classes at various local bead shops, beading groups and for private individuals. What I can offer -. * Zoom Workshops, In the present situation in person tuition is not really possible so I am planing to replace these with Zoom workshops The Beadsmith Kumihimo Round Braiding Foam Disk with Instructions $4.99 The BeadSmith S-Lon (Super-Lon) Bead Cord Bright Mix - 4 Spools, 77 yards ea. $13.99 Sign up for our newslette Kumihimo Wire Weaving: How to Make Wire Kumihimo Braids With Affordable Metals and Minimal Tools: Lange, Amy: Amazon.com.au: Book

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  1. Step 8. D to 15. Resetting the horizontal strands. The strands at E and F move to D and G on the left. The strands at e and f move to d and g on the right. The horsehair bracelet was finished with sterling silver crimp ends and the horse attached using silver wire. It was much quicker to braid than the spiral design and took about three hours.
  2. BeadSMITH Kumihimo STARTER KIT- KUMI Handle Sale price $24 98 $24.98 Regular price $27 48 $27.48 Save $2.50 BeadSMITH Kumihimo STARTER KIT- Round DIS
  3. The Kumihimo Cluster Bead Kit is super fun and easy. It is available in 5 color ways: Coffee with Black Beads, Royal & Light Blue with Silver Lined Slate Beads, Teal & Plum with Rainbow Teal & Purple Beads, Black with Galvanized Silver Beads and Lt. Beige with Cream Luster Beads. Kit makes one necklace (up to 20). Kit includes stain, beads, 6mm magnetic end cap closure, instructions with.
  4. 20700 Frankie Ln Ste 101 Pflugerville, TX 78660 (Warehouse is NOT open to the public for shopping.) (512) 487-575
  5. Craft Your Own Wire Braided Jewelry With CraftyWire™️ Kumihimo Braiding Disk! Make your crafting easier! Prevents threads from unraveling, create a beautiful braided product in just MINUTES! High resilience and resistance to tension! Strong toughness, good shockproof and cushioning performance, sturdy and will hold the wire firmly as you braid
  6. Kumihimo is an ancient braiding technique, commonly used by the Japanese. Traditionally made with cording, being a bead shop, we had to use beads! You will need a Kumihimo disk, spoolies, and a..

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Book Three. Beaded Kumihimo Jewelry is my third book (2020) and it offers a variety of revolutionary new techniques for utilizing beads that weren't previously possible to use with kumihimo. You'll learn how to modify the size and placement of bead holes using a quick and easy wire wrapping technique Wire Wrapped Sun Catcher. Skills: Intermediate / Fee: $45 includes copper wire (does not include beaded elements) Create a copper sun catcher to add a colorful decoration to any window. You will learn to embellish a copper form with crystals, Czech glass, beads or buttons to make this unique piece your own. This class runs for 3 hours Kumihimo Wire Jewelry: Essential Techniques and 20 Jewelry Projects for the Japanese Art of Braiding by Imperia, Giovanna and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.com

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This pattern is best suited for intermediate crocheters, but there are modifications described in the pattern that can make it more beginner-friendly. This pattern is for private use only. This pattern may not be copied, sold, or otherwise distributed. 7 Awesome Wire Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorials Artbeads Quick Tutorial - Beaded Kumihimo Techniques with Cynthia Kimura 05:08 Watch this Mini Tutorial and learn how to create kumihimo braids with beads. Artbeads Chief Jewelry Designer Cynthia Kimura takes you through every step of the process As a little reminder - Kumihimo Kits make great gifts. If you know someone, young or old, that would enjoy learning Kumihimo give them a Kumihimo Starter Kit. I have a Kids version as well as a Grown Up version. Kumihimo Necklace Kits, whether made up or given as a kit, make great gifts too. Satin cord, disks, bobbins, etc. make great. Best Match Time: ending soonest Time: newly listed Price Save this search. Not finding what you're looking for? Save kumihimo supplies to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Update your shipping location 8 product ratings - Beadalon® Memory Wire End Caps Variety Pack 3mm 4mm Silver Plated 72 pieces. C $13.43. Top Rated.

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Kumihimo Wire Jewelry : Essential Techniques and 20 Jewelry Projects for the New (Other) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 3 product ratings. - Kumihimo Wire Jewelry : Essential Techniques and 20 Jewelry Projects for the C $27.82. From United States. List price: Previous Price Craft Your Own Wire Braided Jewelry With CraftyWire™️ Kumihimo Braiding Disk! Make your crafting easier! Prevents threads from unraveling, create a beautiful braided product in just MINUTES! High resilience and resistance to tension! Strong toughness, good shockproof and cushioning performance, sturdy and will hold the wire firmly as you braid. Lightweight and portable! You can easily take. Kumihimo The 5 Best Kumihimo Disks [2020] - The Creative Folk Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Creative Kumihimo at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Amazon.co.uk:Customer reviews: Page 14/2

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